4G after 5G coming India, what did the telecom minister say?

4G after 5G coming India, what did the telecom minister say?. Due to this, the country is moving towards the development of the modern age of Digital India, due to this, after the 4G, the country is now preparing for 5G.

4G after 5G coming India, what did the telecom minister say

4G after 5G coming India, what did the telecom minister say?

Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha says that by 2022, North America could lead the world to next-generation technology. Speaking at an industry event on Friday, Sinha said that the next telecom policy of the government will keep in mind future plans, the contribution of data in the increasing use of smartphones will be more than any other medium.
4G after 5G towards India, what did the telecom minister say?
He told that it boosts business, improves banking facilities, improves administrative facilities and empowers the public as a whole. The development of broadband is the basis of Digital India and the beginning of Digital India is to empower every Indian and remote locality. also he said,

Also He said

The telecom minister said, “We need to think about this and be prepared for such ecosystems. Where Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will part of the mainstream. as well as In addition to financial inclusion, smart city. Intelligent Transport System, other things will also helpful. Then ” He said that in the case of the number of industries,The speed of 5G digital transformation increased Will give the government has already started preparing for the launch of 5G technology.

Telecom department has recently sought suggestions from the sector regulator for the initial prices of 5G airwaves between the 3400MHz-3600MHz bands. Which could started in the next auction. Sinha said that it is the demand of the time that the preparation for the digital age should done.
Also He said, “Whether it is broadband spectrum, internet advertising or availability, data protection or cyber security. Which was necessary five years ago. There is no justification for it. In such a situation. The government is working on future policies. “He said that along with this, the country needs to enable itself to face the challenges of the future.

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