How to Activate Airtel Sim : New Sim, esim Activation Number

When, you buy a new smartphone yourself. So, you need to take a Sim card number. And also you should know, How to Activate Airtel Sim : New Sim, eSIM Activation Number for your smartphone to call and get access of 4G or 5G internet.

So, Getting a new Airtel E-sim card or Regular sim card is too easy. Now a days, you can’t ignore the importance of Sim cards. Because, you need make a phone call and internet daily use.

To get a new Airtel sim card, you need to have relevant documents. such as Aadhar card photo copy, Email id (optional) etc. So, these all documents provide near Airtel store or Airtel sim selling agent and get your new Airtel sim card.

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How to Activate Airtel Sim
How to Activate Airtel Sim

How to Activate Airtel Sim Overview :-

TopicHow to Activate Airtel Sim
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How to Activate Airtel Sim ?

To activate Airtel sim card you need to have an Aadhar card number. And you have to visit your nearby Airtel store or an agent who provides Airtel services. And ask them an Airtel sim card. They will ask you to provide documents.

After that you will get a new Airtel sim card to daily uses such as make a phone call and internet connection. Although, you can choose your choice mobile number while activation a new Airtel sim card.

Airtel Sim Activation Number

If you are an Airtel agent or have Mitra application. Then, you can activate Airtel sim number yourself. First of all you have login your Mitra application. Where, you will find an option of new activation open that.

After this process, you have to choose ( Digital kyc or E-kyc) and go ahead choosing appropriate options such as ( Document selection, take a picture of buyer and a alternative number of user, finger impressions etc. ) So, this is the way of Airtel activation number.

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Airtel esim Activation

E-sim card is better than regular sim card. Because, if you have an E-sim card. you need not take the card out from one device and put it on another. In addition, This E-sim card is not ejected or be fearless of physical damaging or losing.

How to Activate Airtel Esim ?

  • The initial process to getting a new Airtel E-sim card SMS on 121 with esim<>registered email id
  • In case your email is not valid. Then, a message from 121 will inform you to change email id.
  • After this you will get a QR code on your email id. Which is immediately scanned by your smartphone.
  • After this you will get another message from 121 to receive a call for E-sim activation.
  • It will take 2 hours to activate esim number.

How to Activate New Airtel Sim ?

Airtel New Sim Activation, If your Airtel sim card is not working well and unable to access 4G network. Then, you should upgrade your Airtel sim into Airtel 4G through following these simple steps

  • SMS on 121 with SIM 20 digits of Airtel new sim card number.
  • Reply 1 in confirmation message
  • And listen immediate call and consent reply 1 to upgrade.
  • your new sim activation was upgraded after some time

How to Activate Airtel Sim After Porting ?

First of all, you have to port other operators in Airtel. For this you should have Aadhar card and 90 days complete of activation of other operators such as Jio, Vi, Bsnl. When, you are eligible to port in Airtel.

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Go to Nearby Airtel store or visit Airtel official website to port. Complete the procedure of porting. After that, you should wait 72 hours of getting your number into Airtel. Now you are ready to use Airtel’s best services.

Airtel Volte Activation

Volte stands for ( voice over LTE) is the advance service of calling. Using Volte, you can experience HD voice and fast calling and un-interrupted services 4G of Airtel.

Activate volte service

  • Go to Android or iOS setting
  • Mobile data options
  • Enable 4G or Volte, voice or data

How to Activate Airtel Sim Online ?

To Activate Airtel sim online, initially, you have to visit Airtel official website. Where you will see the option of prepaid in that new prepaid sim click. Where you have to select any plan of your choice and do complete doorstep KYC.

How to Activate New Airtel Sim 59059

When, you complete your new Airtel sim activation through Airtel store or Online. Ensure that you have complete your new activation of Airtel. After that you have to insert Airtel new sim card After 2 minutes.

You should dial Airtel prepaid tele verification number on your phone with Airtel new number. Choose your prefer language and go ahead. Give your document information. Then, your number will be activated after 15 minutes.

How to Activate Ported Airtel Sim ?

First of all you have to generate UPC code typing message PORT and send to 1900. After a while, you will get UPC code to port in Airtel by visiting Airtel agent and Airtel near store.

Ensure, you have completed the process of porting. After 72 hour your sim will be activated. Then, you have to activate by calling 59059.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Airtel Activation number?

Ans. 59059

Q.2 How to Activate Airtel sim online?

Ans. Visiting Airtel official website

Q.3 How to port in Airtel ?

Ans. Generate UPC code and go to nearby Airtel store.

Conclusions : –

In this Article, We have gave you complete information of Airtel new sim activation. You should get a best 4G service provider Airtel sim card for your smartphone. Also you can turn into Airtel by porting service without changing your number. We hope you have liked our article and do share with your friends.

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