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If You want Jio caller tune and to know how to set caller tune in jio, then you are at the Right place. We Will tell you every working method for jio hello tune including jio caller tune number or jio hello tune number. The jio caller tune set number is jio caller tune set toll free number, So you will not be charged for call.

I recommend you to set it using JioSaavn (Jio Music) App or SMS as it gives jio caller tune song list for selection. After This Article You will understand how to set jio tune or how to set caller tune for jio. We will also tell how to set caller tune in jio phone. Also, how to set jio caller tune from youtube is available. So Just read till the end to know everything about it.

JioTunes is a Value Added Service using which you can set your favourite song or music as your caller tune that all callers calling your number will be able to listen to till the time your number is ringing. You can select your JioTune from our large collection of songs ranging from Bollywood to International, devotional to Regional music and many other genres.

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Activate JioTunes- Subscribe Free Dialer tone or Caller Tune 0

How do I activate JioTunes on my smartphone?

You can activate JioTunes using one of these three easy methods-
• Through JioMusic app Download JioSaavan Music App For Android|| Download JioSaavan Music App For iOS
• By SMS
• By copying the JioTune from another Jio customer  

Note:- JioTunes services will get auto-renewed for you during the free period.

How To Set Other’s CallerTune as Your Jio CallerTune

1. first of All Just Call Any Jio User You Wish to Copy Callertune

2. Now When Your Call Getting Connected , Just Press ” * ” From Your Keyboard

3. Suddenly You Will Receive Confirmation Access Message From Jio

4. Just Reply With ” Y ” Within 30 Minutes

5. Done !! You Will Receive another Message From Jio Saying Your Caller Tune Activated Successfully From Jio For 30 Days.

6. Done !!

JioSaavan Music app :

How to Set Caller Tune in Jio Jio Saavan

1. To set a song as a JioTune , you can download JioSaavan Music from App Store/Google Play, browse the app & set the selected songs of your choice as your JioTune. You can set your JioTune in two ways –
• On the song categories page, at the right hand bottom, click on the three dot dropdown menu and select ‘Set As JioTune’.
• Alternatively, you can open your selected song in the player mode and click the ‘Set As JioTune’ button beneath the player.
If you are unable to find the ‘Set As JioTunes’ button in your JioMusic app, then your app needs to be upgraded to the latest version by visiting AppStore/Google Play.
All songs available as JioTunes will have ‘Set As JioTune’ button enabled.

How To Activate Free Jio CallerTune With SMS

How to Set Caller Tune in Jio with SMS

With This Method , You Can Activate & Change Free Jio Caller Tune Unlimited Times Despite Having Limit Of 3 Tunes Per Month

  1. First of All Just Open Your Messaging App

If You Have VoLTE Supported Phone Then Use : Default SMS App

If You Have Non VoLTE 4G Phone Then Use : Jio4GVoice App

2. Now just Send The New Message As Like Below

Write  :  JT and Send it to 56789

If You want to Specific your favourite Song Then Write like Below

Write :

MOVIE <movie Name> send it to 56789

SINGER <singer Name> send it to 56789

ALBUM <Album Name> send it to 56789


3. In Just Few Second You Will Receive Another Message in Your Inbox With ” Full Songs List ”

4. Just Select Any Your Favourite Song with Number and send

5. You will Get Another SMS for Final Confirmation

Just Reply ” Y “ To That Message

6. Congrates !! You have Activated free Callertune In jio SIM for 30 days

7. You can Follow Same Steps to activate again After 30 Days

By copying the JioTune of another Jio customer: • To set the same JioTune as another Jio customer, press ‘*’ before the call stops ringing.
• You will receive a SMS from 56767 to confirm your consent.
• You need to reply to this consent SMS with “’Y ‘and the selected JioTune will be activated on your Jio number.

How to Deactivate Jio CallerTune In Free Jio 4G SIM

For Any Reason You Didn’t Liked the Recent Caller Tune And You Want to Change it Or Deactivate It from Your Jio SIM then Follow Below Procedure

Just SMS  As : STOP and send it to 56789


By This You can Change Unlimited Free callertunes In Your Jio SIM


How to set caller tune in jio or jio hello tune ?

You can follow the above steps to Set Jio Caller Tune using any of the three methods available.

What is jio caller tune number or jio caller tune set number?

You can’t activate Jio Caller Tune by Call or dialing Number. But You can use SMS or any other method available.

What is jio caller tune set toll free number ?

As mentioned above, there is no Toll-free No. But You can use SMS or any other method available.

Jio caller tune kaise set kare ?

Aap upar diye gaye kisi bhi tareeke se jio tune set kar sakte hai.

How to Set caller tune in jio phone ?

The Steps for activating jio tunes in Jio Phone is same as Smartphone and you can also use above Steps.

How to set jio caller tune from Youtube ?

You can See in YouTube Video Description to check link for Activating Jio Tune or You can also search the song in Jio Saavn or Jio Music app.

What are the charges for JioTunes?  JioTunes is currently being offered to Jio customers free of cost. You can also change your JioTune any number of times. Should JioTunes be made available on a chargeable basis in the future, you will receive communication accordingly.  

Will the JioTunes service automatically get renewed?  Yes, JioTunes service will be auto-renewed for our users every month (30 days) free of charges.  

How will I receive a communication for continuing the service when the free period expires?  You will receive SMS & email communication from us once the free period expires. To continue enjoying JioTunes thereafter, you will need to subscribe to the available tariff plans.  

How can I renew the subscription of JioTunes service?  JioTunes services will get auto-renewed for you during the free period.

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