How to Activate Missed Call Alert in Airtel?

Do you know, Airtel allows you to Activate Missed Call Alert in Airtel Number. If you are an Airtel user and at the moment your smartphone switch off due to some reason. So, it comes to know. How to receive important calls and messages which all may very important for you. Basically how to alert to never miss your calls.

Either your smartphone is switched off or you are travelling via Airplane active flight mode. Then, you should use Airtel’s service to keep receiving missed call and messages.

So, we will provide you couples of methods regarding activation and deactivation of Airtel missed call alert services.

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How to Activate Missed Call Alert in Airtel?
How to Activate Missed Call Alert in Airtel?

Airtel Missed Call Alert Activation Overview:-

TopicHow to Activate Missed Call Alert in Airtel?
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How to Activate Missed Call Alert in Airtel?

If you have missed any calls and worried about to not miss any calls on your smartphone. Then, you can use the services of Airtel missed call alert on your phone.

To activate missed call alert on your phone you need to download Airtel Thanks app from app store or play store. Where you can get your missed calls alert through messages which all are useful to keep you updated with your family, friends and business.

You can also try another methods given in this article. such as using USSD codes, online, and through the application etc. So, these all methods will help you to activate missed call alert.

Airtel Missed Call Alert Free Subscription

Airtel missed call alert service is provided to you absolutely free of cost. There is no charge of subscription and recharge to activate Airtel missed call service. So, here are the methods to activate Airtel missed call alert absolutely free on your phone.

So, to activate free Airtel missed call alert first of all you have to download Airtel Thanks apps. In addition, you can follow these steps.

  • Open your Airtel Thanks apps.
  • You will see Airtel missed call Alert.
  • At the homepage click on Airtel missed call alert.
  • And press the option Activate.

If your phone’s battery discharged either you turned off your phone to get better focus on other things. So, Airtel missed call alert helps you to never miss your calls and messages.

Airtel Missed Call Alert Number

Here are some other methods to activate Airtel missed call alert using your dial pad or message. So, here are USSD codes to activate this service. Follow the steps.

Airtel Miss Call Alert using USSD codes

  • You have to dial this USSD code on your mobile phone *321*881#
  • Reply 1 to start Airtel Missed Call Alert
  • Shortly, you will receive a confirmation message for activation
  • Now you’re able to get missed call alert messaged.

Airtel Missed Call Alert Through SMS

Now, how to Activate missed call alert through the message. So, keep following these steps.

  • Open your message sender
  • And text START and send to 121
  • Here you might see the list of services.
  • Tap on the Airtel missed call alert and activate.
  • So, your service would on immediately

Process of Airtel Missed Call Alert Activation

Airtel Miss call alert service provides you the facility to notify via message while your phone was switched off or out of the coverage area. With the help of this service, it notifies the caller information who tried to call you when your was unavailable.

Use these methods to subscribe Airtel Missed Call Alert on your smartphone. Such as use USSD code *321*881#, or Through the application which is Airtel thanks apps and you may activate via sending messages on 121 with texting start.

Airtel Missed call Alert Not Working

If you are finding difficulties in order to activate Airtel missed call service with the methods mentioned upwards in this blog.

Then without worrying about to activate Airtel missed call alert. In addition, here are another way to activate this services directly calling with your Airtel customer care representative.

To enable Airtel missed call alert, dial a Toll-Free Number 59500 from your own Airtel mobile number. After that, keep following the instructions of IVR to join missed call alert Airtel service.

How to Deactivate Missed Call Alert in Airtel?

You can activate the Airtel miss call alert service with USSD code, Just dial *321*800# code to activate this service on your Airtel number. Whenever it comes to deactivate for this service. So, you may also use this USSD code *321*883# code.

To deactivate this services you can use your Airtel Thanks application as well as. Here is another method to deactivate just dial 198 and call your Airtel customer care to deactivate the service. They will deactivate shortly this service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):-

Q.1 What is Airtel missed called alert service?

Ans. As you may notice missed calls and messages receiving while your phone switch off.

Q.2 How to Subscribe Airtel missed call alert service?

Ans. Through the Airtel Thanks app

Q.3 How to deactivate Airtel missed call service?

Ans. *321*883# use code

Conclusion :-

So, Airtel users here we have described some methods for activation or deactivation of Airtel’s missed call alert services. We hope you got all your questions answered regarding this service. So, if you find our article helpful. Then, do share with your friends and relatives those who are unable to activate Airtel’s services.

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