Airtel Mitra App Registration online

Airtel Mitra- What is Airtel Mitra App Registration online? This question stuck everyone’s mind. So, let me explain exact detail of Airtel mitra app. Basically Airtel mitra is for those Airtel customers who want to became Airtel retailer to providing Airtel services.

So, if you want to get the benefits of Airtel services and becoming a part of Airtel Bharti company. It will give you up to the mark earning. So, if you have your own shop. Then, Also try Airtel mitra login portal.

Airtel Bharti company’s Airtel mitra portal is very useful for retailers. In addition you can avail a lots of Airtel services such as Banking service, portability service DTH service and Airtel Xstream fiber services.

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Airtel Mitra App Registration online
Airtel Mitra App

Airtel Mitra App Registration online Overview :-

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Airtel Mitra

Airtel mitra apk is available on play store. So, Download the Airtel mitra application and get the Lapu number and password and start login to avail Airtel services.

This application allows you to get Airtel specific services and get the commission on every Airtel recharge.

Airtel Mitra App Download

To login Airtel mitra app try these steps

  • Download Airtel mitra app via play store.
  • Open Airtel mitra app
  • You need an ID password to login
  • So, fill the Lapu number and password
  • After a while you will login successful.

Airtel Mitra App

This Application designed for Airtel customer to becoming an agent of Airtel Bharti company. In addition these customer might provide the Airtel services to people.

So, This app is very beneficial for Airtel retailer to recharge, selling a Airtel sim card.

Airtel Mitra App Login

First of all you have to need a Lapu Number. Which is provided by nearby Airtel distributive service center. So, you have to go to nearby Airtel service center for this you should have an Aadhar Card and a passport size photo and also a pan card.

Eligibility to get Airtel Mitra App Login

  • Airtel user should have your own Airtel number.
  • Age should be above 18.
  • Need an Aadhar card, a photo and also Pan card.
  • So, these document you have to submit nearby Airtel Center
  • They will provide you a Lapu Number and password

So, this ID and password is for Airtel Mitra application to login

Airtel Payment Bank Mitra

When, you fill Lapu Number and password on your Airtel mitra app. After that, you will login successfully Airtel mitra app. Here you will get a lot of services and features.

And also get a option of Airtel Payment bank service. So, with this feature you can use all the services of a bank. Airtel payment bank is approved by RBI with all the securities.

Airtel Mitra Customer Care Number

So, you may also connect with Airtel customer care at every time. When you find some problem regarding Airtel mitra. So, to get over with your problem you can call on this number 400 or 198. In addition this number is applicable only for Airtel user and other operators user can call on this number 8800688006

Airtel Mitra Portal

Airtel mitra application is for Airtel retailers. They can use it as a portal of Airtel to providing Airtel’s services to people.

Airtel Mitra Apps Services

  • Selling Airtel new sim card
  • Porting service (MNP)
  • Airtel payment bank services
  • Recharge service
  • Also get your lost one sim card with same Airtel number.

Airtel Mitra Registration

Airtel mitra registration is an easy process, First you have to go to near your Airtel distributor service center and for submission provide them required document such as (Aadhar card, a photo and also Pan card etc.)

So, After that process as per your eligibility you will be provided Airtel Lapu number and password. Now, your Airtel mitra registration completed.

Airtel Mitra Retailer

Now, An Airtel user can become an Airtel mitra retailer as per required document and eligibility. So, if you want to be an Airtel retailer as a part time job being at home. In addition you could recharge someone’s mobile phone.

And also, you can offer a banking services to persons such as deposit and withdrawal of money also AEPS service.

Airtel Mitra For PC

You can use Airtel mitra application on your PC and smartphone both. So, to download on PC follow these steps.

  • Install NoxPlayer Android Emulator on your PC (Windows/Mac).
  • Open Google Play Store and Type “Mitra” in the search bar.
  • Click on Install.
  • After installed you will get Airtel mitra app on your PC

Airtel Mitra Registration Online

To register online in Airtel mitra, you have to change your Airtel number into Airtel Lapu number. So, for this first you have to download Airtel mitra app from play store and open Airtel mitra app on your smartphone.

In addition, you have to fill your own Airtel number and fill the OTP After that you will get a message. Where you will see your Lapu number and password.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Airtel Mitra?

Ans. Airtel mitra is Airtel’s portal for retailers.

Q.2 How to login Airtel portal?

Ans. Simply fill your Lapu number and password.

Q.3 Is Airtel payment bank for everyone?

Ans. Yes, Airtel customer or other operators both may avail it.

Conclusion :-

Airtel mitra application basically for retailers. They can provides Airtel’s services via this portal “Airtel Mitra”. We hope that you have read this article carefully and got all the answers of your questions regarding Airtel mitra. So, Like and also do share this article with your friends.

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