Airtel, Vodafone improve internet speed, Reliance Jio still number 1

Airtel, Vodafone improve internet speed, Reliance Jio still number 1. Hello friends, We are back with a new tech news in which provide you information on internet speed of Jio, Airtel, Vodafone. You can read our latest create new account, online script and mobile articles.

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Airtel, Vodafone improve internet speed, Reliance Jio still number 1

Airtel and Vodafone’s 4G download speeds have improved. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) recently released data for July 2020, which calls for an increase in 4G download speeds of these two companies. The performance of these two companies was better than in June, but Idea’s 4G download speed has come down. If you talk about 4G download speed of Reliance Jio in July 2020, then there was no change in it and it remained the same as June 2020.

There was no change in Reliance Jio’s 4G download speed in June and July. It still remains at the forefront with 16.5Mbps speed. Talking about upload speed, there was no growth in the service of any telecom operator.

Vodafone, Airtel’s 4G speed improved

Vodafone has shown good growth in its 4G download speed in July. The company’s download speed was 7.5Mbps in June, which increased to 8.3Mbps in July. On the other hand, if you talk about Airtel, its 4G speed was 7.3Mbps in July which was 7.2Mbps in June. As far as the 4G download speed of Idea is concerned, it was reduced to 7.9 Mbps in July, which was recorded at 8Mbps.

No change in upload speed

The month of July saw a drop in upload speeds of all telecom companies. Airtel was offering 3.4Mbps upload speed to its users in June, which came down to 3.3 in July. Similarly, Idea’s upload speed came down to 5.7 Mbps in July from 6.2Mbps in June. Reliance Jio saw a difference of 0.1Mbps in the upload speed. The company was offering an upload speed of 3.4Mbps in June, but fell to 3.3Mbps in July. At the same time, speaking of Vodafone, it was reduced to 6.1 Mbps in July as compared to 6.2Mbps in June.

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