Apex Legend Golden Ticket : What does the Golden Ticket do in Apex Legend, How To Get ?

Apex Legend Golden Ticket : Apex Legend has announce the future home of the Apex Games, in which you will get very interesting things to explore. Here I’m talking about Apex legend Golden Tickets which is now available in Replicators across the Apex Games.

And in this article we are going to find that what this Golden ticket is all about and how can we use it. So, I hope that this article will be helpful for you and I hope that you will get every single information regarding Apex Legend Golden Ticket.

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Apex Legend Golden Ticket

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What is the golden ticket in apex legends ?

apex legend golden ticket : As we know that Apex Legends’ Season 14 battle pass is just 20 days away from expiring, but no Apex Legends season would be complete without a good teaser for the upcoming season. That is why Apex given a hint to the player for upcoming mysterious item called “Golden Ticket”.

So, Apex legend has announce its latest update regarding Apex legend Golden Ticket. Which will going to be active on October 18 2022. Now so many people are confused that what it this golden ticket, how it works. That is why I came here to tell you about this.

Basically, this Golden ticket is nothing but just a pass to get a tour of the “future home of the Apex Games”, or we can say it is a craftable item. When you get one, the logo will change from green to gold to indicate the presence of Golden Tickets. If you want to get one, you have to join a battle royale match and make it to a replicator, and then you can print Apex Legends Golden Tickets in Replicators in exchange for 125 Materials.

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What does the golden ticket do in apex ?

apex golden ticket use : This golden tickets is a very useful thing to use. It will be release by Apex games. The main use of Apex legend golden ticket is for crafting and after October 18 this feature will be enable and you then can craft your material in the game.

The golden ticket will help you to craft the materials in the game like weapons and costumes and some other things. If you want this ticket then you can get this golden ticket in exchange of 125 material.

How to Get Golden Ticket in Apex Legend ?

As you seen that what is this golden ticket and what does this do in apex. Now we are on the main point that how can be get it. So, to get this golden ticket you have to follow some steps which I’ve mentioned below now take a look on those points and apply them one-by-one and carefully.

  • Select the button on the bottom left portion of the screen that allows you to switch game modes from the main lobby screen.
  • Now take a look at the upper right corner, where you’ll see a small image of a Golden Ticket floating in space.
  • Now you see a image which says “A New Home” and is accompanied by a countdown timer that seems to indicate the Golden Tickets.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. How to get golden ticket in apex legends ?

Ans. . To get Golden Ticket, you’ve to join a battle royale match and make it to a Replicator.

Q2. how much golden ticket can I get in this game ?

Ans. There is no any certain answer of this question.

Q3. What is golden ticket in apex game ?

Ans. Golden ticket is a pass to get a tour of the “future home of the Apex Games”. Or we can say it is a craftable item.

Q4. Is it free to get this golden ticket ?

Ans. Yes it is free to get golden ticket in that game.

Conclusion :

Thank you so much for your precious time that you gave us through this article. In this article we find out about Apex Legend Golden Ticket that what it is, what is the use, and how can we get it. So, as we know now that apex legend golden ticket is a craftable item. And to get this item, we’ve to approach the replicator and select the Golden Ticket at the top of the crafting menu.

The ticket comes with a fully-kitted, legendary weapon, which will improve our game in Apex legend. So, this was all about Apex legend golden ticket and we find out that how this new thing works and we also find out that how can we use it. So, I hope you like this article, and I hope that you get every single information regarding this topic which your were looking for.

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