Apex Legends Mobile Apk Download & OBB

Apex Legends Mobile Apk is one of the best battle Royal games. It’s become famous for its unique characters and skills. In this game has very interesting maps. It has high quality Graphics. There are two game play modes inner Apex legends.

Apex legends is very famous in between PC & Mobile gamers. All characters has different skills those gives a unique power to a game player and high level of entertainment. In this game has 3 members team mode it is first time.

We know now many game in the world of internet that playing by online gamers. Now all player are feeling bored from old games so the Game manufactures took advantage and released a new Battle Royal Game. This game is one of them, now you can see about information about Apex legends Battle Royal game. You can then decide, is this the best game for you and your device like PC or Mobile. Let’s see…

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Apex Legends Battle Royal Game
Image : Apex Legends Battle Royal Game

Apex Legends Mobile Apk Overview :

TopicApex legends Mobile Apk
Developer Respawn Entertainment
PublisherElectronic Arts
ProviderNAYAG Team

Apex legends Game:

This game is developed by “Respawn Entertainment.” It is published by “Electronic Arts” Directed of this game Steven Ferreira. You can play this game free. This game is best both PC and Android phone/mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile APK Released Date:

Apex legends surpass 25 million players by the ends of its first week and 50 million within its first month. This game was released for Microsoft window, PlayStation and Xbox one in Feb-2019. And released for mobile and IOS in May-2022.. Apex Legends Mobile released in India at the end of May 2022.

Apex Legends Game for PC:

We know there are many battel royal game on internet but some games are best to play and they have graphics as real, Apex legend is one of them. If you have PC? than For best game play this game required 6 GB RAM and 56 Gb free space In PC And need 1GB CPU RAM. You can download it from google and play store, Size of Apex Legends for PC is 56GB. If you have your PC has that things than you can play it took Entertainment of this game.

Apex Legends Mobile APK Size :

Apex legend first launch for PC but as demand of gamer those have not PC it launched on Feb-2019. The combined size of apex legends mobile apk + obb is 2.9 GB. For batter game play this game required minimum free space 4GB and 2GB RAM in Android.

Apex Legends Characters:

Apex Legends Mobile Apk game has different playable characters with Unique setting. There are 8 Unique characters which can gave you pleasant of next level. Everyone character has very rare power which have not other characters. There are 22 characters in this game you can choose character accordingly. Every character has very different look. Very useful thing is this every character free to play.

Game Mode in Apex legends:

There are total 6 game modes in Apex Legends mobile. Name of game mode are Ranked match , Multiplayer, Tutorial level, Free practice and Limited time mode. Every game mode is very interesting with unique maps.

Apex legends Graphics:

In short: If you’re even semi-serious about the game, absolutely. Though Apex Legends is the best-optimized of the battle Royale games out there right now, save for Fortnite, it’s a heavy lift for integrated graphics solutions, like those in budget desktops or most mainstream laptops.

  1. Normal frame rate – (30 FPS) – This Graphic level is normal it is good for normal phone.
  2. High frame rate- (40 FPS) –
  3. Very high frame rate – (50 FPS) –
  4. Ultra frame rate – (60 FPS)-

Apex Legends Mobile Apk Download:

Beta version:

Beta version was available to download when it was not released. Since now it is available 3d for download using google, play store and apps store. So You can download your suitable version accordingly.

Pre resister androids:

To pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile Visit Apex official website. This will lead you to a page where you can lick to register on both Android and IOS.

Early access:

The Apex Legends Mobile apk was in development and being optimized to run on a variety of devices. The beta specifically is available for phones running Android 6.0 and up. The mobile devices supported by this test do not represent the finally launched version, and we will support more models in the future. Since, Now it is released it can be download freely from Play Store.

Apex Legends Mobile APK :

APK file of this game you can download from Apex Legend page on play store and official website of Apex legend game. Then, You can register and enjoy the game.

Apex Legends Vs Apex Launcher

As we all know Apex Legend is a Battle Royal Game while Apex Launcher is a launcher for Android that is loaded with interesting features that let you customize your home screen on devices with Android 4.4 and up.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Q1. What is Apex legend game?

Ans- Apex legend is a Battle Royal gam?

Q2. Apex Legends Game released date?

Ans- Feb-2019

Q3. When did Apex Legends Game released in India?

Ans- May 2022.

Q4. How many characters are there in to Apex Legends game?

Ans. There are 22 characters.

Q5. How many game modes are there in to Apex Legends game?

Ans. There are 6 game modes.

Q6. What is the size of the Apex Legends game for PC?

Ans- 56GB

Q7. What is the size of the Apex Legends game for Android/Mobile?

Ans- 2.9 GB


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