Bayonetta 3 Floor Damage Challenge Survive Flying: Chapter 6 Verse 8, Chapter 12 verse 5 Easy Trick

Bayonetta 3 Floor Damage Challenge: There are many challenges in the Bayonetta 3. Some gamers are complete these missions with their skills but many are confused in the challenges. We talk on train puzzle challenge in earlier post. In this post now we also talked on a challenge, Now the challenge is floor damage challenge.

This is little tough challenge for some gamers. In chapter 6 or chapter 12 at the verse 8 or in verse 5 respectively is present. You will face a some difficulties because in this challenge you have not to touch the ground/floor.

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Bayonetta 3 Floor Damage Challenge
Bayonetta 3 Floor Damage Challenge

Bayonetta 3 Challenge Overview:

TopicBayonetta 3 Floor Damage Challenge
Application nameBayonetta 3
ProviderNAYAG Team
Released date28 October 2022

How to Survive in Bayonetta 3 Floor Damage Challenge ?

Chapter 6 Floor Damage Challenge

In the Bayonetta 3 floor damage challenge pass by survive Flying. The real challenge is not touch the floor/ground and not to take fight in chapter 12. Bayonetta 3 chapter 6 verse 8 there is only a stone which is also destroyed in fight. You can also jump or flying over the floor during the fight.

Bayonetta in chapter 6 verse 8 you can pass this mission while not touching the floor and also defeat the enemies. The portal of this challenge is located on a stone platform located precariously close to the edge of the top floor. There is only one stone in the entire area to stand, but it is also destroyed during the fight.

The whips can create a platform for Bayonetta to stand on after double jumping which will be quite useful here. Through jumping off enemies you can get on extra jump. There is no time limit here. You can stay on the stone platform as long as you can and shoot the flying enemy from there. You also have a demons which is used when Bayonetta stand on the stone.

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Chapter 12 Floor Damage Challenge

In Bayonetta 3 chapter 12 verse 5 there is also a same challenge as chapter 6. The challenge is not touch the ground, there is also a platform in the from of stone to stand for a seconds. The enemies will attack you but you only avoid these attack and not to give any attack on these enemies. We know it is little hard but this is only some time. This is all for some minutes, you should only avoid the enemies till the time out.

These both challenges are little hard for some gamers in the chapter 6 you can fight with the enemies and complete the missions with your abilities. But in chapter 12 you only face the attacks of the enemies in which they can use the canon ball type attack on you. You only avoid the attacks till the timed out and you only stand for some time on the rock platform this is not destroyed during the attack this is advantage.

Frequently asked Questions:

Q1. What is challenge in chapter 6 verse 8?

Ans. In this chapter the challenge is prevent the Bayonetta to touches the floor or fight with the enemies.

Q2. What is challenge in chapter 12 verse 5?

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Ans. In this chapter the challenge is face the attacks from the enemies with no touch to the ground/floor. Or you should not attack on the enemies.

Q3. What is difference in both challenges?

Ans. The difference in both challenge is in the chapter 6 the rock platform is destroyed in the fight but in chapter 12 the platform is not destroyed. Or in chapter 6 you will be attacked on the enemies and in chapter 12 you can attacked on the enemies.


Thank You for reading this article. We hope this article is helpful for you. In this article we telling you about on floor damage challenge in Bayonetta 3. The floor damage challenge is actually prevent the character from touching the floor.

This challenge is presented in two chapter of this game, there is minor difference in the challenge which is affected to your gaming. In the chapter 6 verse 8 you can fight with the enemies and in chapter 12 verse 5 the enemies attacked on you but you can’t gave them answers of his attacks you only avoid the attacks, wait for the time out.

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