Best Battle Royale Games Online for PC, Android

Best Battle Royale Games: In present time there are many Best Battle Royale games. Every those person which connected with internet who know about Battle Royale games. Now there are many Best Battle Royale games on Internet. It is very joyful to play Battle Royale game. Feeling of play Best Battle games is very pleasure.

Now there are many Best Battle Royale games so we are confuse which game is best for ourselves and which games is suitable for our Android and PC. For recover this issue we must done Hard work for make list of Best Battle games, where you can choose Best Battle Royal game according yourself. Let’s see….

We have to list of Best Battle games according PC and Android. Where you get full knowledge about Best Battle Royal Games….

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Battle Royal  Games
Battle Royal Games

Best Battle Royale Games Overview:

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Battle Royale Games for PC

Here, we are going to the best games of this genre. These are widely played and gain enormous amount of popularity. We are very much sure that you will like the list of top 10 battle royale games of this year.

1. Z1 Battle Royale

This Battle Royale GAME developed by “DAY BREAK COMPANY”. It is know the name of “The king of kill”. It has Multiplayer game modes. Player can choose to play Solo, Duo and in Group of five . Some methods of play similarly other games. Only for PC, Released first time for Microsoft window on 28-Feb-2018. In this game 100 players coped against each other.


This GAME developed by “PUBG Studio” . The idea of making PUBG came from Japanese film, “Battle Royale”. In this game has multiplayer game mode. This game has many World Record like The largest numbers of players playing same time. Released on 20-dec-2017 for PC, and Mobile version on 19-march-2018. It is available in India as BGMI.

3. Call of duty

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game based on id Tech 3, and was released on October 29, 2003. Latest released version comes with many interesting features. There are two OBB files, and their file size is roughly 2 GB and 500 MB. This very extensive game.

4. Free Fire

Developed by “111dots studio”. Publisher “Garena”. Released on 23 August, 2017. In this game has multiplayer game mode like other battle Royale games. This game is very Popular among child and low end PC. Because this game gave clarity in and it is download approx in 857 MB. YOU can play this game in 2 GB Ram mobile phone.

5. Apex legends

Developed by “Respawn Entertainment” and Published by “Electronic Arts”. Released for PC, 2019 and for mobile May, 2022. Apex Legend surpass 25 million player by the ends of its first week. In this game has different playable characters with unique setting. In this game has two play game mode, and there has three member game mode it is first time.

6. Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite is the one of the best battle Royale games for every types of game player. In this game has 220+ skin and characters Even game concept is same. A wide range of weapons. In this game multiplayer game mode like Solo, Duo, squad and other fun mode. Unique graphic design.

7. Battle Royale 3D

Battle Royale 3D was one of the game which got popularity as it released. Launching in Category “Adventure action” Released on, “July 1, 2022”. Battle Royale 3D Developer is LQ- Game. Game time 20 minutes . This game has great Graphics and good community of player. License- Free to play.

Best Battle Royale Games for Android

Are you Smartphone lover, and want to enjoy the latest games straight from your mobile device. Then, why you are leaving behind the PC users. Although, I will say that Smartphone has got its hold on gaming industry at a very fast pace.

Android is nowhere left behind the PC and Windows Platform. That’s the reason developer are also focusing on Mobile Gaming to develop latest games.

  1. PUBG:
    PUBG is known as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. It is Developed by Krafton. It is multiplayer game. Available in India as BGMI.
  2. Free Fire
  3. Apex legend
  4. Call of Duty
  5. Fortnite
  6. Rules of Survival

Battle Royale Games for low end PC

We can understand that the gaming love can’t be diminished if you are not having a high end specs PC. There can be lot more reason just than Finance to not upgrading to the latest config system. They are plenty of games available for Low end PC.

Not only that, you can also play Powerful and Popular games on your Low end PC in Low graphics settings. However, You can to sacrifice a bit on the graphics quality front. but at the same time you will able to enjoy the Popular games which your system can never play at those specs. It is definitely a way to go for if you are a low end PC owner.

  1. Rules of Survival
  2. Cyber Hunter
  3. Knives Out
  4. Line of Sight
  5. Creative Destruction
  6. Battle Royale Survival
  7. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
  8. Survival Frenzy
  9. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  10. Ride Out Heroes

Online Battle Royale Games

Life without Internet can’t be imagined in today’s world. Where everything is depending on the Web, people are hunting for best online battle royale games. Considering the fact, that almost 90% games which we mentioned in this article are actually the online games only.

These can be played with your friend with an active internet connection. It makes fun x100 when are enjoying it ith your friends. So, Absolutely Choose one the Battle Royale of your choice and give it a try to play.

Top 10 Battle Royale Games

We already described more than 10 games for each platform whether it is Android or Windows PC. These game are worth a try. You can use any game of your choice. Checkout them if they match your taste. As, Everyone choice is different no can say that a game is prefect for all.

For all Gamers, who are interested in Gaming. I recommend keep checking the new Games as they released. New games comes with better Graphics quality and a unseen Story. Making the Gaming experience mind blowing. Since, New games are released every a month it is hard to compare them all. You can play and decide whether you like it or not.

World’s Best battle Royale Game

It is one the most controversial question, that which game is the best. Each Developer claiming their Game best. But definitely Final Decision makers are the users. The more the users playing the game, bigger the community and Hype. So, User shift from one game to other when a new game is released.

A game holding the crown today for being the best battle Royale game can be nowhere in the next month. So, user’s interest make the world’s best or world’s worst game. However, seeing the current demand PUBG seems to be holding the crown for World’s Best battle Royale Game as of now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Which is the best battle Royale game for PC?

Ans. Fortnite

Q2. Which is the best battle Royale game for low end PC?

Ans. Free fire.

Q3. Which is the best battle game for android?


Q4. Which is the game that one can play in 2 GB RAM mobile?

Ans. Free fire


Gaming Industry is getting more and more popularity day by day. Battle Royale Games are the most popular game in the industry. With the availability of tons of games in the industry, it makes difficult to choose the best of them. However, we tried our best to help you decide the best game for you.

Whether you are a High end PC user or a Smartphone user, we tried to list some of the best games available for now. Since, Games industry is highly volatile the list can be changed anytime. So, Keep coming on this page to get the latest information about choosing the best BR game.

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