Top 10 Best Gun in Free Fire for Headshot

Best Gun in Free Fire for Headshot, It’s quite important for the players of Free Fire to understand the fact that proper selection of weaponry plays a very crucial role in claiming ‘Booyah’. Today, we’ll be listing out the best 10 guns that you can use to fight your way toward the glory of hard-fought victories in Garena Free Fire.

Best Gun in Free Fire for Headshot
Best Gun in Free Fire for Headshot

10 Best Gun in Free Fire for Headshot

Please note – the weapons discussed below fall under the following categories: AR, Shotgun, SMG and Sniper Rifle. There are no way one can compare one shotgun and AR or one Sniper and SMG as the usage of the guns are different. So we will not exactly put numbers on the list but talk about the best 10 guns of Free Fire.

Top 10 Guns in Garena Free Fire for Headshot

#1 AK 47

AK47 is the popular and Good Gun in Free Fire for Headshot. You can use this to perform better in gameplay.

Best Skin: Dragon AK

Rate of fire56
Reload speed41


Best Skin: Cupid Scar

Rate of fire61
Reload speed41

Another gun that’s loved by pro players across the globe. It provides medium firepower and goes a little easy on the recoil. The range covered is decent but the best part of this gun is the swift movement offered when carrying this gun. The rate of fire won’t let you down in any way.

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It is arguably the Best Gun in Free Fire for Headshot.

#3 Groza

Rate of fire56
Reload speed48

The perfect all-rounder that deals high damage and offers a high range. Easier to operate than the AK-47. It’s, perhaps, the best choice for a player. Consequently, can be only found in bounty tokens, resupply maps, airdrops.

#4 M4A1

Best Skin: Earth M4A1

Rate of fire56
Reload speed48

M4A1 is beginner’s favourite. This gun carries medium firepower and operates decently in the medium to long-range. Recoil is easy to control.

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#5 M1014

Best Skin: Fiery M1014

Rate of fire38
Reload speed20

To put it simply, M1014 can be called the king of shotguns. It offers enough firepower to entirely wipe out squads. Though it’s also the only fully automatic shotgun, the range happens to be a setback.

#6 SPAS12

Rate of fire42
Reload speed34

A single fire pump-action shotgun that inflicts a little more base damage than the M1014. SPAS12 offers a better reload speed. With the only setbacks being not fully automatic and short-ranged, this gun gives a tough competition to the M1014.

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#7 Double Barrel SG

This shotgun outshines the other two mentioned above, in the aspect of the range. It offers an insane range for a shotgun. Double Barrel Shotgun does lethal damage alright, but can’t stand up to the damage count dealt by the M1014 or the SPAS12. It can fire two successive shots before having to reload.

#8 P90

Best Skin: Phantom P90

Rate of fire75
Reload speed48

P90 comes with a high rate of fire. P90 Can fire 80 bullets at a single go when a level 3 magazine is equipped. It carries decent firepower at medium range. Works surprisingly at a satisfactory level when tried against enemies far out, considering, it’s still an SMG.

#9 Mp40

Best Skin: New Year Mp40

Rate of fire83
Reload speed48

Mp40 can be considered as the SMG with the highest rate of fire. It offers much more damage than the P90 at short range. Works poorly when the enemy isn’t too close. Requires a lot of SMG ammo since it can fire 30-32 bullets within a matter of seconds. Decent reload time and extremely stable.

#10 AWM

Rate of fire27
Reload speed34

There’s literally no comparing AWM to the other sniper rifles out there. It deals very high damage when hit anywhere other than the head while wearing at least a level 2 vest. With this rifle, a headshot means an instant kill no matter what level helmet the enemy is wearing. When equipped with a silencer, this truly becomes the most lethal weapon in the game. Doesn’t take that much time to reload, either. However, AWM can be only found in bounty tokens, resupply maps, airdrops etc.

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  1. Best long range gun in free fire
  • M14 in Free Fire.
  • M82B in Free Fire.
  • SKS in Free Fire.

2. Best short range gun in free fire

  • RGS50 3
  • Gatling 1200
  • CG15 20

3. Which gun is best for headshot in free fire

  • Scar

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