Best Steps to Add Friend on Facebook | Send and Accept Friend Request



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How to Add Friend on Facebook

Best Steps to Add Friend on Facebook | Send and Accept Friend Request

Best Steps to Add Friend on Facebook | Send and Accept Friend Request. Friends’ feature is a special feature of your Facebook experience. Adding friends gives you the opportunity to talk to more people, and also a rich news feed filled with different opinions and ideas. Facebook has streamlined the process of Friends request faster by making it faster than ever. Read this guide to increase your friend list.

Best Steps to Add Friend on Facebook - Send and Accept Friend Request

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Method 1 Send friend request

  1. Find the person you want to add: Using the Search Bar at the top of the Facebook page, you can find any person using Facebook through their name or email address. Click on the result to load that person’s timeline.
    ♥ You can also find a person’s timeline by clicking on its name in the post.
  2. See how you know them: When you go to a person’s timeline, you can see which shared friends you can share. This will be helpful in remembering how you know a person.
  3. Click the ‘Add Friend’ button: The add friend button is used in two places on a person’s timeline. On the right side of the page you can see this button on the right side of the person’s name. You can see the second button in the “Do you know <name>?” Box at the top of the timeline. This button is green.
    ♥ When you click the add friend button, it will change the ‘send friend request’ button. Click on this button, it will open a menu of action that you can execute, such as canceling friend request or suggesting more friends for a new friend.
  4. Wait until Friend Request is accepted: Enjoy joining a new friend!

Method 2 Accepting Friend Request

  1. Get Friend Requests: When you are sent a friend request, you can get an email according to your Facebook settings. If your email notifications are not active, then you will see a message in your Notification section of Facebook, and a red icon will appear at the top of the page.
  2. To add a person as a friend, click Confirm: Confirm button will change to a ‘Friends’ drop-down menu. You can put a new friend in a designated list, choose which updates you want to receive, or remove them from your buddy list.


If you do not know the person or do not know the person, then the best is that you send a message to them and ask them about their identity. Always look for “shared friends” because they will be friends of any of your friends.

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