Bigg Boss Voice : BB Voice Person Name

Bigg Boss Voice Person Name: Bigg Boss is the most famous and reality TRP generating show. It’s full of drama, tasks, and suspense with new contestants in every year. Bigg Boss updates every year with new ideas.

This show attracts to peoples with comedy and controversies. The audience are seeing this show from fifteen years. Every contestant is eager to hear the voice that tells them to complete the tasks.

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Bigg Boss Voice : BB Voice Person Name
Bigg Boss Voice Person Name

BB Voice Name Overview

Bigg Boss is a famous reality show which is hosted by popular bollywood superstar Salman Khan. In this article, We’ll talk about BB voice. Nobody knows about this voice. Host Salman Khan also don’t know about this. This voice has become suspense and mystery. So, we explained about this voice in this article.

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Bigg Boss Voice Man

The man who gives the voice for BB. It has been revealed. The person behind the BB Voice is Atul Kapoor. Atul Kapoor is a voice dubbing artist. He started his dubbing career on 2002 in film industry. He has been working of voice for BB for many years. Atul Kapoor keeps himself hidden in Bigg Boss. He works like an intelligence agent. No one can recognize them.

Atul Kapoor Bigg Boss Voice

Today we are going to tell you about that person. Who commands the contestants in Bigg Boss. The question arises in the mind of all audience that whose voice is that which gives instructions to the contestants. This voice makes the contestants complete the task. And sometimes even scolds, Praises too.

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Atul Kapoor is the person who is a voice artist in BB. Who gives instructions to the contestants. He is an actor and voice dubbing artist. Atul Kapoor dubbed many movies in Bollywood. He has dubbed many Movies in Hollywood. He has given the voice in ‘Iron Man’, ‘Avengers’, ‘Captain America’, and many Hollywood movies.

Atul Kapoor has a wonderful coincidence with Salman Khan. Actually, the birthday of both of them comes in a difference of one day. Salman Khan is older than Atul Kapoor by one day. Let us tell you that Salman was born on 27 December 1965, while Atul was born on 28 December 1966.

Bigg Boss Voice Person Name

BB voice is something that is kept secret. No BB member is aware of that voice. The contestants just obey him. That voice name is ‘Atul Kapoor’. Atul Kapoor has hosted many reality show. He has hosted many movies who are in other language. He dubbed these movies in Hindi language. Apart from dubbing movies, he has also worked in many advertisements.

Like every year, About a month before the start of the new season of Bigg Boss, Atul Kapoor come to the secret room. He was not allowed to operate the phone like the rest of the contestants. He could not even talk to his family. None of the show contestant knew about him.

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Voice Behind Bigg Boss & His Salary

The famous Indian reality show Bigg Boss is all set to entertain the show lovers. As explained earlier Atul Kapoor is the voice behind Bigg Boss. Actually Atul Kapoor has been doing voice dubbing ever since BB started. The audience becomes very excited about that voice. The audience becomes addicted to this voice. He controls to the contestants to his voice. His speaking voice is perfect. Atul Kapoor charges 50 lakh rupees every year for his voice in BB.

Bigg Boss Real Voice

There are two people in BB who have given their voice. These men are Atul Kapoor and Vijay Vikram Singh. If you watched Bigg Boss then you must have heard your two voices. Both have given his perfect voice in BB. The Voice you listen in BB is the Bigg Boss Real Voice.

Vikram Vijay Singh Bigg Boss Voice

Vijay Vikram Singh with powerful tone is the second voice in Bigg Boss. He is the Narrator of the show. And most of the people has confused him with BB real voice cover. His voice was also heavy like that of Atul Kapoor. Vijay Vikram Singh had started his career as voice dubbing artist in ‘Dance India Dance Season 1’ in 2006. Both the men are doing best in Bigg Boss reality Show.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Que. What is Bigg Boss voice?

Ans. Bigg Boss voice is a powerful voice who commands to contestants for complete the task.

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Que. Who is the behind of BB voice?

Ans. Atul Kapoor is the behind of BBvoice.

Que. Who is the second person behind of Bigg Boss?

Ans. Vijay Vikram Singh is the second person behind of Bigg Boss?


In this article, we have explained about Bigg Boss voice who never seen in show. This voice controls every contestants. This voice is very powerful who commands to contestants in BB Show. Bigg Boss voice do command every activity you see in the show. If you have any suggestion with this article then you tell us by comment section. We will do our best to answer your question.

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