How to Block or inactive SBI ATM Card

Your SBI ATM card has been stolen or lost, Then, this article can help you to protect your money, You just need to read this article and follow the steps to block your SBI ATM Card is seconds. So quick let’s start.

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Block SBI ATM Card
Block SBI ATM Card

We have 3 different Method to Block SBI ATM Card From any where.

  • Using Net Banking
  • Using Mobile Banking
  • Using Phone Call

How to Block SBI ATM Card Using Net Banking?

Using Online SBI Service, you can easily block your ATM card. follow below steps:

  1. Very quickly open
  2. Enter your User Name and Password to Log in to SBI Net Banking Portal.
  3. Go to “E-Services” tab and click on “ATM Card Services” Option.
  4. Click on “Block ATM” Card option.
  5. Chose the account that is linked to the ATM Card which you want to block.
  6. You can see all your card that are active and blocked. This list will show first and last four digit of the ATM Card.
  7. Select your card and provide the reason if it’s Lost or stolen and click “Submit“. Verify the details Required and confirm.
  8. Choose the mode to authenticate the request. The account holder can either opt for an OTP number or use the Profile Password.
  9.  Enter OTP or the profile password, as selected, and click on confirm.

The account holder will receive a ticket number via an SMS alert once the SBI ATM cum Debit Card has been blocked. The account holder should make sure that he/she saves the ticket number for any future reference.

The account holder can also check the ATM cards already blocked or inactive through the SBI net banking portal. This can help them in checking the status of their ATM cards by just signing in to the SBI net banking portal.

Note: Once the account holder has blocked SBI ATM card using net banking, he/she will not be able to unblock it through internet banking.

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How to Block SBI ATM Card Using Mobile Banking?

SBI account holders can block their SBI ATM Cards by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Log in to ‘SBI Mobile Banking’ application on Android or iOS smartphone.
  2. On the home screen of the SBI mobile banking app, select ‘Services’ option.
  3. Under ‘Services’ menu, select ‘Debit Card Hotlisting’ option to block SBI ATM card in minutes.
  4. On the next page, the account holder should select the debit account linked with the ATM card that he/she wants to block.
  5. In the next menu, the account holder will be required to select the debit card which he/she wants to block.
  6. In this step, the account holder will be required to select the reason for the blocking of SBI ATM card. The account holder can only select between options ‘Lost’ and ’Stolen’.
  7. To validate SBI ATM card block, the account holder will then have to provide an OTP (One Time Password). After this step, SBI ATM card will be blocked.

The account holder can prevent blocking of their SBI ATM card in case they do not want to use it. SBI account holders can easily ‘Turn off’ the domestic and international usage of their ATM card to prevent any fraudulent activities as well. This makes it convenient for SBI account holders to save their card from any fraudulent activities. This functionality saves time as well, as the account holder will not be required to unblock the card in case he/she wants to use it in the future. The account holder can simply ‘Turn on’ the domestic and international usage option to use the card again.

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How to Block SBI ATM Card Using Phone Call?

Account holder also has the option of calling customer care to register a complaint and block SBI ATM Card quickly and with immediate effect. Once the account holder has noticed that the ATM card is missing, he/she can call SBI ATM card block number 18004253800 or 1800112211. This is a toll free SBI ATM card block number IVRS option where the account holder will be guided by IVRS on how to block SBI ATM Card. Just follow the instructions provided and the ATM card will be blocked immediately.

If any SBI account holder is still wondering how to block SBI ATM card and none of the above options are suitable for him/her, then he/she also have the option of visiting the nearest SBI Branch to block SBI ATM card.

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