Call to Anyone without Sending Your Number

Call to Anyone without Sending Your Number. Today, through this post, you are going to tell people about such an app. By which you call anyone, your real phone number Will not go. And you will be able to talk to that person. But when that person will ask you to call back from that number. You will not be able to call.

Call to Anyone with Sending Your Number
Call to Anyone without Sending Your Number unsing Indycall App

As you may know, sometimes it happens that you have any such information or information. Which is very important. Just like someone is misinforming someone. You can send such information to people around you or that person or their family members by their Phone No. Without sending You can give information from the help of this app. Because no person wants to trap himself in such a case today, in which he is in danger of his life.

Step 1. Then first of all, search the app called Indycall in the Search bar of your Play Store and click on it. Now a new page will open. Install it by clicking on the Install button.


Step 2. When this App is installed, a new Page will open. In which you click on the Open button But now a new Page will open. In which you click on the OK button.

Step 3. Now your Indycall App will open. Any phone number Before dale, you have to code +91 India. Since your phone no Will hide. After this you can click on Call on the green button below. Now your real phone number Will not go. Now you can help anybody. Your Phone No. Keeping secret If you want, you can see this practical through this phone from your phone in your other phone.

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Note: Do not use this app for any wrong purpose. Because using this app in the wrong place you can also fool. And it can also threaten your life. Use this app only for Apo or others’ help. Not to disturb others.

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