Main Reasons Why Carrom is not a Part of Olympics

Today We are going to talk about Main Reasons Why Carrom is not a Part of Olympics. Board games have a special place in our hearts, and when we talk about board games, we have to mention carrom.

It brings back so much nostalgia and is so engaging. If you have been a carrom pro in your childhood or teenage days, it is time to enjoy the game again through the online version.

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Carrom Olympics
Why No Carrom Olympics ?

The virtual version takes you to another world and reminds you of your childhood! What an excellent way to relive your days when life was stress-free and winning a board game used to give you so much joy and happiness? It was so simple yet so fulfilling!

And you know what the most exciting part is? You can invite your old (And new friends), cousins, parents, and people with whom you used to enjoy this board game to play carrom online.

Carrom Games Online

The gameplay is fantastic, and if you choose an authentic site, there is no need to consider safety. The site/app should be lawful and apt for making transactions. Carrom is a fantastic game, and it has several advantages as well. Carrom reflects skills like force, agility, and mental stamina.

It is a fantastic Indian table game that was once in every Indian household. From parties and picnics to clubs and more, carrom was played everywhere and by people of all ages and genders. Experts say that the game has similarities with 8-ball billiards, snooker, etc. 

You might be surprised that different (offline) carrom tournaments occur around the year in other states and cities, and the winners are rewarded handsomely. The table game is famous in India. Like in the real world, carrom tournaments also happen in the virtual world.

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Carrom allows a maximum of four players per game, and you need to strategize every move to win the game. You must be very conscious about the hand tricks and how you want to pocket the carrom men. 

Different carrom men have different points. Like the pink one or queen carries more points. Online carrom can be played from the comfort of your house. The game is quite popular in India. To know how much, read about carrom player Rashmi in this blog by The Hindu. 

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Reasons Why Carrom is not a Part of Olympics

However, this blog intends to find out and talk about why carrom didn’t make it to the Olympics.

1. No Requirement for Physical Stamina

We all know that carrom doesn’t need any physical strength to play. Mostly, games that require physical strength are played in the Olympics. But we beg to differ in this case. Carrom also reflects the use of power in the form of physical ability.

2. Lack of International Popularity:

If you are an Indian, you might think that this point is invalid but to be honest, it somehow is not an available game across the world. Most people still prefer billiards over carrom! However, this fantastic game needs knowledge of rules, maths, physics, and more. If you practice daily, you will become a leading player soon.

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But if you think deeply, it requires mental and physical stamina, which is why it must be grouped with chess and checkers! Not just carrom, some sports have been taken out of this international gaming event such as motorboating, Equestrian Vault, rope climbing, cricket, racquetball, locust, 60-meter dash, tug of war, kite, polo, cricket, etc. The statistics of carrom are way less than what is required at the Olympics.

3. Many do not Enjoy the Gameplay:

It is said that many people do not enjoy the gameplay of carrom that is not as rigorous as that of pool or snooker. The game might not appeal to many individuals. It hardly has any scope of making it to the Olympics in the future as well.

4. Carrom is not Competitive:

Many experts say it is not competitive enough. While it can get competitive at a family level or within a friend circle, it requires additional doses of competitiveness to make it to the Olympics. In addition, it must be validated by the International Olympic Committee.

However, you can still enjoy it at your convenience. Online games are thrilling, and you can play them anywhere and anytime. So you can chill and be in your pajamas while enjoying a game or two of carrom. It will help you unwind your mind after a stressful/eventful day. 

It is still a middle-east game and not played at various places. Many have not even heard of this sport. The lack of media interest and sponsorship are also a few issues that should be considered.

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5. Carrom is Dependent on Mechanical Propulsion:

Apart from the fact that it is not a member of the international sports federation, the game is also dependent on mechanical propulsion. The pocketing of coins depends on how much force you use for a striker! Unfortunately, Olympics doesn’t include games with mechanical propulsion.

Carroms over the ages have been played in cities, villages, clubs, campuses and dorm rooms, local shops, and complexes. It has been a part of Indian sports. The rules are simple.

Now that you know it all, You can play this game and let us know how you like it. You can start with the accessible (free) versions and then If You like, move on to the cash contests.

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