COC Clash of Clans New Update, Features, Latest Version, COC New Update Download

COC New Update Download Can Be Done from Google Play and Clash of Clans (COC) receives regular updates to the game throughout the year with a number of smaller updates for balancing in between. Clash of Clans New Update, Features, Latest Version, COC New Update Download

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COC New Update Download
COC New Update Download

The developers of COC introduces 3-4 major updates every year. The developers of COC are expected to release the 4th update this year. Check COC latest version, clash of clans update new version and COC New Update 2021 Download details in this article. Clashers now get ready for Autumn Clash of Clan New Update!

When Will The Clash Of Clans Latest Update Be Released?

Clash of Clans New Update

COC has received regular updates to the game throughout the year consisting of approximately 3 or 4 major updates with a number of smaller updates for balancing in between during Spring, Winter, Autumn and Winter.

Considering the previous release schedules of Clash of Clans updates, the next major update is 2021, which is released today! You can also get Clash Of Clans Free Coins & Gems.

New Features Of Clash Of Clan New Update

The major game changes in this new winter update are listed below.

  • Wars- Can select one or two attacks per player
  • Balance Changes- Scattershot hit speed has been increased from 3.036 to 3.228 seconds and DPS has been reduced by 10.
  • Game Play- If the Hero’s ability remains unused, then he can heal the amount of HP which they would normally recover from using their ability. This will help reduce the Hero’s downtime.
  • Season Challenges- Players can opt to receive 5 Gems instead of a Resource reward if your Storages do not have enough space.
  • Supercell ID- Young players are now able to create a Supercell ID for their account by providing the email address of a trusted adult or guardian.
  • Misc- A new Cosmetics tab has been added to the in-game Shop, where you can browse and purchase any permanently available cosmetics such as Hero Skins when they become available for Gems.

What Will The Clash Of Clan New Update Contain?

The next Clash of Clan New Update 2020 is a major update coming this month. the classic features of COC latest version are given below.

  • New Winter Scenery
  • Christmas Tree
  • New Super Troops
  • Siege Machine- The Log Launcher
  • New Spell- Invisibility
  • New Magic Item- Super Potion
  • Ice Wizard
  • Christmas Tree + The Log: Merry Logmas

What Are The New Levels Of Clash Of Clans Update New Version?

The New Levels in the updated version are listed below. 

  • Spell Factory Level 6
  • X-Bow Level 8
  • Giant Bomb Level 7
  • Air Bomb Level 8
  • Royal Champion 
  • Seeking Shield Ability Level 5

Super Troop Challenges in COC Latest Version

The latest version has supertroop challenges, which is listed below.  

  • Boost Duration Reduced- Duration has been reduced from 7 days down to 3 days. Once if you have boosted the super troop, then you are no longer bound to it.
  • Lower Cost- With a shorter duration, come lowered costs! The Dark Elixir cost for boosting Super Troops has been reduced to 25,000 Dark Elixir for each Super Troop.
  • Two troops at the same time- Players can now boost two troops at the same time. 
  • Regular + Super Troop- The normal version of a Troop can now be trained alongside their Super Troop version, with different attack strategies. 

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