How to Create eBay Account, Sign up, Sign in, login

Signup Ebay Acount, ebay login new account, how to register ebay account, ebay shopping online, eBay Inc. is a multinational e-commerce corporation based in San Jose, California that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website.

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Steps to Create Ebay Acount

1. Visit the eBay homepage. ( To get to the main eBay website, type into your browser’s navigation bar or search “eBay” on a search engine.

2. Click on the “Register” link. In the top left corner of the main eBay homepage, you should see text reading “Hi! Sign in or register”, unless you already are logged in to an account. Click “register” to begin the account set-up process.

Without an account, you can still browse the items for sale on eBay, but you’ll be prompted to make an account if you try to buy or sell anything.

3. Enter your contact information on the next screen. 

Your First Name

And Last Name,

E-mail address, and

Password for your account.

Make sure to enter a current email address that you have access to. This address will be used to retrieve your password in the event that you forget it.
Your password must meet minimum length requirements and use both letters and numbers. You may want to copy this information to a document and save this document in a secure location.

4. Agree to the User Agreement and Privacy Policy by clicking on “Submit”. By making an eBay account, you’re legally agreeing to let eBay use the information you provide for its own purposes. Read eBay’s User Agreement and Privacy Policy for more information.

5. Receive your pre-selected user ID. After you submit your account information, you’ll be taken to a “Success” screen. On this screen, you’ll be notified that eBay has automatically chosen a user ID for you. This is the name that other eBayers will know you as – when you bid, buy, or sell, other users will see this name. Click “Continue” and you’ll be taken back to the home page.

If you don’t like the username you’ve been given, it’s easy to change it to something you prefer. See the section below for information.

6. Start using eBay! Congratulations – your account is now activated and you can start using Ebay. You will receive an email from Ebay with an official “Welcome” message at the email account you provided.


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