Create Gmail Account – Learn Step By Step for Free


Create Gmail Account – Learn Step By Step for Free.Signup gmail account new, Create gmail account, Create email id, Create a new gmail account, Create account, Create a new email account, Gmail account, Email account kaise banaye, email id banana. Email touches you to many services and updates. G-mail is the world most popular email provider which is widely used by many users for personal and corporate usage. Gmail gives you free mail. Gmail is available and runs perfectly on every platform like Windows, Android, Blackberry. By Creating Gmail Account, you can get many services of Google as Google Hangout, Google Plus, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Play and much more. This article is for those few people’s who are looking to open a Gmail account. How to Create Account on Guide


Create Gmail Account - Learn Step By Step for FreeEasy steps to Create Gmail Account -Beginners Guide

  1. Very first, You need to open the Website by clicking HERE.
  2. Now fill Your First Name and Last Name in the Name field.
  3. Then, Choose your “User Name” which you want like
  4. Then, Create your Password which want to Save and learn this Password Until you do not change this again.
  5. Type again your Password in the “Confirm your Password” option.
  6. Now, Fill your Date of Birth (DOB) in the “Birthday” Field. First Select Month. Fill your Date and at last Enter your Birth Year.
  7. Select Your Gender by clicking below.
  8. Enter Your Mobile Number on which you want to get an One Time Password(OTP). Which number is currently available you have.
  9. If you have any Email Account then fill in the “Your current email address” Option for Recovery. If you don’t have any Email account then leave this.
  10. finally click on “Next Step” Button.
  11. Then, a new Tab will open, on which you watch Terms and conditions or Click on “Agree” Button.

Create Gmail Account - Learn Step By Step for Free

How to Signup or Create Account on -Beginners Guide

Why we need an Gmail Id?

  • Smartphone users need to have a Gmail Account as it is a Google-driven device. You can only get access to any App or Google services if you are a registered user means if you have a Gmail account.
  • Gmail is Important for a student because in these days every college and school ask to fill in the Admission form.
  • Many popular sites have a different log in panel. To minimize log in procedure, they give direct access to their services for Gmail users.
  • Every Bank ask to Gmail Account.
  •  Job seekers also need to have a Gmail account that gives them all updates regarding job openings directly to their email.
  • I think all have a personal bank account. To avail many internet banking services you need to provide your email id to the bank.
  • You can send any document to anyone with using your Gmail Account. You can also chat with your lovely friends.
  • As it is an online and social network age so for any type of Social and Forum sites, you must have to submit your Gmail email id.
  • You can save your contacts in your Gmail accounts.

Advantage of Gmail Account

  • Huge storage capacity.
  • Acess online anytime from anywhere.
  • Require cheap and less workforce to maintain.
  • Cloud-based email service.
  • Easily synchronize with other providers as Outlook, Android, iOS.
  • Gmail for business can store instant messages and video conferencing.
  • You can easily search and organize your emails on Gmail.
  • It is a very secure platform that stores all incoming and outgoing emails.
  • You can integrate with your Smartphones and other devices.
  • It is easy to handle.
  • It loads fast compare to other email services.
  • You can categorically maintain all your emails.

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