[Create Skype Account Signup]- How to Set up a Skype Account?


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[Create Skype Account Signup]- How to Set up a Skype Account.

How do I create a New Skype Account ?

  1. Open Skype’s website. Go to https://www.skype.com. This will take you to the Skype home page.

2. Click Sign in. It’s in the top-right corner of the page. Doing so prompts a drop-down menu.

3. Click Sign up. This link is at the bottom of the drop-down menu, just right of the “New to Skype?” message.

4. Enter your Phone Number. Type your phone number into the “Phone number” text field.

  • You can also click Use your Email instead to enter an email address here. If you have no Email Id then read our this article (Create Microsoft Account).
5. Create a password. Type a strong, memorable password into the “Create a password” text field.
6. Click Next. It’s a blue button near the bottom of the page.
7. Enter your first and last name. Do so in the “First name” and “Last name” text fields, respectively.
8. Click Next.
9. Select a country or region. Click the “Country/region” box, then click your current country or region.
  • Skype will usually detect this from your browser’s location information.

10. Add your birth-date. Select the month, day, and year in which you were born from the MonthDay, and Year drop-down boxes.

11. Click Next.

12. Verify your account. Enter the code that Skype sent to your phone number or email address into the text field in the middle of the page. To retrieve this code:

  • Text – Open your phone’s Messages app, open the text from Skype, and note the four-digit code in the message.
  • Email – Open your email inbox, open the email from “Microsoft account team”, and note the bold, four-digit code in the email.


13. Click Next. Doing so will submit your code and create your Skype account. You can now use your account to log into Skype on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

  • If Skype prompts you to enter another code that’s displayed on-screen, do so and then click Next to finish creating your account.

14. Your Account is created Enjoy #Skype 🙂

[Create Skype Account Signup]- How to Set up a Skype Account 1[Create Apple ID] -How To Sign up Apple ID Account Steps

How do I close my Skype account?

Your Skype account is the same as your Microsoft account. If you close it, you’ll no longer be able to sign in to other Microsoft products or services such as Outlook.com, Office Online, OneDrive, Xbox Live, or Windows.

Before you close your Skype account, let’s make sure you aren’t leaving anything important behind:

  1. Sign in to your Skype account. (Create Microsoft Account)
  2. Follow the steps in this article to verify that:
    • Important information such as files and contacts are saved.
    • Your Skype Credit balance has been used. Once your account is closed, you can’t get it back.
    • Active subscriptions have been cancelled so you don’t continue to get charged. If you have Auto-recharge enabled and cancel your account without first cancelling your subscription, you will continue to be charged until your account has been permanently closed in 60 days. Learn how to disable Auto-recharge.
  3. Go to our account closure page. You may be prompted to sign in or verify your password.
  4. Make sure you are signed in to the account you want to close and select Next. 
  5. In the Select a reason drop-down list, choose the reason you’re closing the account.
  6. Select Mark account for closure.
  7. Your account will be closed in 60 days. We wait 60 days before permanently deleting accounts in case you change your mind or need to access something before it’s gone. You can change your mind any time during the 60 days, just sign in to cancel the closure.

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