How to draw Among Us Character with Halloween & Christmas skins – simple and easy guide

Creativity & Among Us have been going hand-in-hand since the game’s rise in popularity 2 months ago. Hilarious memesgreat video clipsHalloween Costumes, nothing has been off the table. So, it’s only natural that fans will also want to sketch their favourite little pea-shaped selves to add to the trend. So, here’s our simple guide to help you draw your favourite Among Us character with ease.

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draw Among Us Character
Draw Among Us Character

Among Us Character: Very easy to draw with the right steps, here’s a guide on how to draw Among Us Character with special Halloween & Christmas skins.

Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game that has taken on a life of its own. Word has it that it was not popular at first, but now it seems that kids of all ages are finding it just the right mix of humor and skill.

At first, I thought the bodies were so simple that it would be hard to turn them into any kind of a meaningful project. After seeing all the colored variations of them though, I realized a very basic color shading lesson could be applied. Their two tone look adds so much to their character, and it’s really not hard to do.

In a perfect world, students could use quality markers and add layers to get the simple shadows shown. But that’s hardly fair these days when the best you can hope for is that everyone has access to crayons.

The solution? Teach students about analogous colors (those that are next to each other on the color wheel) and have them color their character with two of the same shade. Example: light red + dark red, light yellow + dark yellow, light green + dark green, and so on.

The only catch may be in finding two shades of gray. I found my light one in Crayola and my dark one in Prang, but using different pressure with one color would work too.

How to draw Among Us character?

Drawing an Among Us character is a wonderful way to give back to the community. And the simple and small 2-D builds are also some of the easiest to draw.

The basic steps to start with stay the same as with any other drawing. Use pencils as a beginner. Then, once the pencil sketch is complete, outline with a black sketch pen or a marker. Avoid using watercolourpen or any permanent medium for starters. Of course, we state this keeping the average Joe in mind. If you’re great at drawing, skip whatever’s mentioned here by all means.

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Use a simple model, follow the shortcut steps.

Next up, always begin with a simple model before you. By this we mean, do not try to recreate the picture from your mind’s eye or look up a super complex 3D adaptation of the model on Google. Use any normal in-game animal for a start and keep it before you.

Secondly, use the shortcut steps. There are “hacks” to every drawing and using them helps achieve better results. We’ll link some handy general hacks & models to drawing Among Us characters in the videos below.

#1. Normal Red with shaded colouring.

#2. Knife Skin, Pumpkinhead and normal yellow.

#3. Masked Imposter Special.

#4. Among Us Halloween Costume special.

How to draw special Halloween costumes & Christmas skins?

The general steps for this remain the same as above. As far as the models are concerned, you can get them using the tricks in this article. Once you find a model, use the hacks and sketch away. Be careful with the head, however, because that’s where most of the customisation occurs.

To add to the Halloween costumes, you can also make Pumpkin Carvings & Among Us Cookies for Halloween. Just look up the steps from this article and rock away. Best of luck!

Note: We’ve kept the article short and simple because, let’s face it, Among Us Characters are quite simple. So, complicating things for no reason would be futile.

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