Emanuela Orlandi Documentary : Vatican Girl : The Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi Complete Documentary

Emanuela Orlandi Documentary : A mysterious story which is unsolved from 1983 to current year. This is a story of a small girl who is lost from coming to her music classes. This is most famous unsolved story of Vatican city, Italy. The name of small girl is Emanuela Orlandi, the mystery to the constitution of Vatican city.

Orlandi is only 15 years old when she is disappear. There are many rumors are going to viral related to Emanuela Orlandi but this is not justified by her family and constitution of Vatican city. She is last appear on road when she talk with her sister and this is last talk to her family.

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Emanuela Orlandi Documentary
Emanuela Orlandi Documentary

Emanuela Orlandi Overview:

TopicEmanuela Orlandi Documentary
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Birth PlaceVatican city

Personal Information of Emanuela

Emanuela Orlandi is born in 14 January 1968 in Vatican. Orlandi’s father have 5 children in which she is a fourth child in his family. Emanuela Orlandi have a big brother, two sister and one small sister. Orlandi have a interest in music So, her father allow her to take a lesson of music.

Emanuela Orlandi is going to take a flute lesson in Rome. She is gone by a bus and walk some 160 to 200m to reaching in his music school. Orlandi father is official in Vatican Bank but some peoples says he is official of household in Vatican. Orlandi’s father gave a freedom to his children to walk to Vatican garden.

Emanuela Orlandi is only 15 year old when she is disappear and she is come back from her music class. The music school in which Orlandi is going to take a flute lesson is connected with Pontifical Institution of sacred music. And she is in choir in the church of Vatican.

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Disappearance of Emanuela

You know by the reading of above lines Emanuela is going to take flute lesson in music school of Rome. She is taking a bus for a Rome and after some some stops she is walking to her music school around 200 m.

On that day she is disappear it become late to her music class. She requested Pieotre Orlandi’s brother to drop her to bus stop but he is denied. And she was going her self, she is become late in his class. When Orlandi is coming home after the leaving from music school, she is make call to her sister and talk with her. Orlandi told to her sister that she have a job offer from Avon cosmetics but her sister suggest to take a advice of a family before taking any decision about in this job.

No body known this is a last talk of Emanuela Orlandi to her family. There are some peoples who says she is last appear in long dark colored BMW.

Some Information of Emanuela after Disappearing

After the disappearing of Emanuela Orlandi there are many informers who are tell story about on Emanuela. The day after of disappearing Mr. Ercole Orlandi is call to her music school if she is with her any friend but no any information about on her. She is became lost So, posters, articles and news are come in existence to take some information of Emanuela Orlandi.

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After the Distributing of poster, templates and many types of sources there are some informers are come. After some days of disappearing of Emanuela on call is ringing and there a informer who have a some information about on Emanuela. He said he and his fiancée in pizza Navona in Vatican there have a girl who look like Emanuela but with different look there is no flute, no same haircut and without sunglasses. He describe her in new look with new haircut. When He is asking her name she telling her name is “Barbarla” and she is run way from home. She is also selling the products of Avon company in a restaurant.

There are many peoples who have hear many stories related to losting of Emanuela Orlandi but no anybody confirm these stories are true or not.

Emanuela with Agca

There are many peoples who relates these topic with group of terrorist. They said after some time the family of Emanuela receives a call from unknown person who demanding to leave Mehmet Ali agca a Turkish man who is in jail in crime of shoot in john pope II.

There are many peoples who think Emanuela is prisoner of Terrorist group and making deal of her with the member of terrorist group who is Mehmet ali agca. This is theory not confirmed by any justified officer.

Vatican crime’s theory

In 2011 there are many peoples who says there is person who lends big amount of money from Vatican bank but Orlandi’s father take bribe from this amount. The person is unable to repay his loan amount. So, he is kidnapped his daughter to not pay the his loan. After the case is make stronger the constitution allow to open a tomb for searching the evidence related to Emanuela Orlandi disappearance.

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Vatican Sex’s scandal

In 2012 there some peoples say Emanuela Orlandi is kidnapped by the police officers after some days. She had raped and killed to remove the Evidence of this crime but this story is not also justified by any researchers.

Netflix Documentary Series

Netflix has also created a web documentary series on whole incident of Emanuela Orlandi. It uncovers various mystery linked with her. It present Emanuela Orlandi Documentary very interestingly. The unsolved mystery seems to be solved to a extent in the series. It make easy to understand the whole scenario. They have played it really well. One can get clear insight after watching the said Limited series.

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