Facebook’s big step, no one can fool anyone with fake reports

Facebook’s big step, no one can fool anyone with fake news. Social media giant Facebook has taken a big step to deal with Fake News. Under this, publishers will not able to share any article with the wrong heading on Facebook.

GIFs file can now be made from the Facebook app's camera (2)

Facebook’s big step, no one can fool anyone with fake news

At present, publishers can edit a link, description, and headings before sharing a news story on Facebook. But Facebook is now disabling it
After this, publishers can change the headings while sharing articles on Facebook, but can not change the link preview.

read GIFs file can now be made from the Facebook app’s camera
The link preview looks downward during the Facebook article article, which contains information related to that article. It lets users know what the shared article is about.
Facebook says that this new feature will help in the closure of the channel which is constantly being accused of posting fake reports.
Generally, the Facebook page is shared by writing incorrectly about any article. Most of the posts are such that are disputed and misleading, and sometimes it is also provocative. Not only this, the click bet means that any news is also promoted by promoting it. This is also done to bring more likes and hits at times.

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In such a situation the user does not want to open that article. After the Facebook link preview option is disabled, the publisher will not able to do this now. That is, whatever Dee-tel will appear on Facebook in the same article.
The publisher who posted the right news from this step will not harmed, so Facebook has added a new tab under the page publishing tool. Link can be applied for links from here.

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Publishers with News, Entertainment and Sports can still promote Facebook link changes and promote them on Facebook. For this, they have to apply to Facebook, because soon the Facebook link preview is the removal of the feature from all the publishers.

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