Free Fire Alok Character Unlock Free in October 2022, How to get Free Fire Character DJ Alok Photo

Free Fire Alok Character Unlock Free October 2022, How to get Free Fire Character DJ Alok ?. Want Free Fire Character dj Alok. DJ Alok free fire is one of famous character in game. We will tell everything about Free Fire DJ Alok.

How to get Free fire alok to Features of free fire dj alok character. And Steps for Free fire alok character unlock free. Process for free fire alok character free download. What is Free fire dj alok real photo. Also is there any dj alok free fire hack to get free fire king dj alok. Everything Explained

We have covered some legit tricks to get this character. Let’s know the key highlights first, then dive to the points.

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Key Highlights:-

  • Free DJ Alok Character Tricks
  • Use Redeem Code Method To Get DJ Alok Character
  • Get DJ Alok Character By Online Survey & Earning Methods
  • Top-up Airdrop Offers To Get DJ Alok
  • Diamonds Hack Method To Get Free Diamonds

Free Fire Alok Character Unlock Free in October 2022

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free fire alok photo
free fire alok photo

DJ Alok also has an exclusive character set that the users can acquire from the in-game store. The name of the set is Beat Composer. Characters are an essential part of Garena Free Fire.

The game has over 30 characters, and each one of them, except Adam and Eve, has special abilities. The players choose characters based on their gameplay style and purpose.

DJ Alok is one of the most commonly picked in-game characters, credits to his ability – Drop the Beat. In this article, we discuss what makes DJ Alok so popular and what is so special about his ability.

free fire dj alok photo
free fire dj alok photo

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All you need to know About DJ Alok character in Free Fire

As mentioned above, his ability is called Drop the Beat. When used, it creates a 5m aura that increases ally movement speed by 10% and replenishes 5 HP for 5 seconds. As the level of the character increases, his ability enhances too.

At the maximum level, it creates an aura of 5m that increases ally movement speed by 15% and restores 5 HP for 10 seconds.DJ Alok also has an exclusive character set that the users can acquire from the in-game store. The name of the set is Beat Composer.

dj alok free fire photo
dj alok free fire photo

How to Open Alok Character Free Fire or Free Fire Alok Character Unlock Free 2022?

Users have several free ways to get diamonds, which in turn can be used to get Free Fire Alok Character Unlock Free. Google Opinion Rewards, FF Redeem Code and Google Play Redeem Codes are one of the easiest ways to get diamonds for free.

All players are required to download the App from the Play Store app and enter all the necessary information. The number of surveys, rewards vary per survey from user to user.

Some players may think of it as a slow way to get diamonds and uses free fire diamond hack app, but this is legit and the fastest way to get the currency. Users can also use different GPT sites such as SwagBucks, ySense, and PrizeRebel.

However, the withdrawal process on these pages is slightly longer because they do not have Google Play Giftcards for all regions, and players will have to cash out as PayPal money.

Steps to get a free DJ Alok character in Free Fire:

Best Tricks To Get DJ Alok Character in Free Fire

Here are some ways by which you can get DJ Alok In Free Fire for free:

Step 1: Go to the official Facebook page of Free Fire.

Step 2: Find the Anniversary event post on their timeline or click here.

Step 3: Share the Facebook post by hitting the share button.

Step 4: Login to unlock the DJ Alok character in Free Fire.

Trick 1: Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the most popular ways to earn diamonds to use on Garena Free Fire. Install the application of Google Opinion Rewards from Google Play Store, and on the app, you can complete short and simple surveys. On completing these surveys, you will receive Google Play Credits, the payout varying from survey to survey. 

After receiving enough Google Play Credits, you can use them to purchase diamonds in Garena Free Fire and buy the character of DJ Alok In Free Fire. There are other available tasks on the app as well as downloading some apps or reviewing some of your recent visits to malls or restaurants. This can make you earn about Rs. 20-200 per survey.

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Trick 2: Free Diamond Airdrops

Sometimes at special events, Free Fire offers a bunch of Diamonds for free by either completing a few challenges such as a particular target-based action in-game or by sharing some content on your social media profile. You can collect this Airdrop and then use that to buy DJ Alok in Free Fire for Free.

You can even sometimes be asked to purchase the Diamonds for a hefty discount of 90% and buying Diamonds for as low as Rs 10 could get you 500 diamonds on some special occasions. Although this is not completely free, if you are really desperate you can spend a little to get DJ Alok, it’s worth it.

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Trick 3: GPT – Swagbucks and Poll Pay

GPT sites are Get-paid to sites and are a great alternative to Google Opinion Rewards. Users are allowed to take surveys, get paid for ads, and perform other easy tasks in order to earn some money. There are several GPT sites out there, but the most trusted ones are Swagbucks, Ysense, Poll Pay, and Treasuretrooper. 

On Swagbucks, players like you can complete certain tasks such as surveys, quizzes, daily searches, etc., and you will be rewarded with Swagbucks. You can use these to buy diamonds on the Fire Free game and buy DJ Alok In Free Fire without spending any real money. However, the payout of the tasks on this website depends upon your geographic location, which means that it differs from country to country. 

Poll Pay is another such GPT app that you can install on your smartphone from Google Play Store. In this app, much like other GPT sites and apps, users have to participate in surveys, quizzes, and other tasks in order to get rewarded with points. Players can only withdraw their earnings in the form of PayPal money which they can later use to buy diamonds on Fire Free and then get DJ Alok In Free Fire. 

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Trick 4: Money-paying Android Apps

There are many apps on Google Play Store that Android users can download through which they can earn. Apps like Snack Video and Chingari offer their users money for using their apps. Through apps like these, users can earn credit points by playing games on them or participating in events and tasks. 

There are Free Paytm Cash Earning Apps and money earning apps in India which help you make money. You can use this Paytm cash to buy Free Fire Alok character.

There are also ways to earn money on some android apps by Best Refer and Earn Apps. You can refer these apps to your friends. When your friend installs the app by following your referral link, both of you can earn points. So, you can use the earned money and points to buy DJ Alok in Free Fire for free.

Trick 5: Online Tournaments

Gamers are often participating in online tournaments which can be a great way to earn some money. There are various online gaming tournaments on the internet, or you can also join a Free Fire tournament. If you win any of the online tournaments, you can win great rewards. These rewards will be directed to your bank account or Paypal

You can find online gaming tournaments on websites such as GamingMonk, Game TV,, etc. On these websites, you can find tournaments that you can enter for free. Therefore, you need to enter one of these tournaments and win rewards through them to get DJ Alok In Free Fire and other items on Free Fire for free.

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DJ Alok Free Fire Additional Tip:

All of the above ways are completely legal, but players are not recommended to use illegal tools like the Free Fire Diamond Generators or Websites that offer random codes to redeem to earn Diamonds for Free. We have personally tried all these methods and non of these work. Moreover, If the players are found guilty of using such tools, they can be permanently banned from playing Garena Free Fire.  

Can you get DJ Alok for free in Free Fire?

The straightforward answer is, no. But this doesn’t mean you can’t get him for free! Well, keep reading and you’ll know.

DJ Alok is a premium character priced at 599 diamonds in the store. It goes without saying that he the most expensive character in the store and has never been made available in any in-game events so far.

Many YouTubers and discord servers host tournaments and Free Fire giveaways which include DJ Alok character, as a reward. Participating in those events and tournaments can get you the character for free.

Though, this depends on luck. Many local tournaments also claim to offer diamonds as rewards to the winners, but the veracity of such claims remains obscured.

In case you plan on performing a top-up to purchase ‘DJ Alok’, you can always head over to Gameskharido to get exciting offers for first-time top-ups through that portal. It might be of interest to note here that it’s a completely safe portal and affiliated with Garena Free Fire which assures credibility.

Dj Alok Character For Free

DJ Alok is the famous and most using paid character in Garena Free Fire Game. This character has charming looks and a unique style, so why like it by all. DJ Alok has the most “Drop The Beat” skills, which is attractive to gamers.

Drop the beat is the most exponential ability of DJ Alok’s character to recover health. This skill help survivor to increase health and gaming strength. Along with that, DJ Alok has unique styles of weapons skills from all the existing characters in-game.

There is no doubt to said that DJ Alok is the most demanding character in-game. If we talk about supplying, then it’s not easy to get. You can’t unlock DJ Alok by reaching the achievement. For this, you’ve to spend real money. Dj Alok character available in the marketplace for 599 diamonds, which is not easy to purchase for all. This article has shared some tricks that help you get DJ Alok Character in Free Fire.

How To Get DJ Alok Character

This is procedure to get DJ Alok character in free fire. In this steps by steps guide you will know how to unlock DJ Alok by legitimately.

  • Open Free Fire Game
  • Click On the Character option.
  • On the character page, you will find DJ Alok Character and tap on that.
  • Now click to spend 600 diamonds to unlock this character.
  • Once you click, you will unlock DJ Alok Character in Free Fire.

How To Get Free DJ Alok Character

To buy DJ Alok Character, You have to spend 600 diamonds in the Free Fire game. But there is some method to get the free character in Fire Fire. Today I’ve disclosed some tricks in this article. However, you get Dj Alok Character for free; you need to follow the tricks.

Get Free Dj Alok By Redeem Code Method

There are so many Redeem Code available to get free rewards in Free Fire. You can try Dj Alok Redemption code to redeem it for free. Follow the all steps to get it.

  1. Firstly Open Free Fire Redeem Codes post, and copy the Dj Alok code.
  2. Click here to go to Free Fire Rewards Page.
  3. Now login to your account on the FF rewards page.
  4. After you log in, you will see the redeem code box there.
  5. Now enter the valid code for DJ Alok Character and hit on Redeem button.
  6. You will be successfully redeemed Dj Alok Character for free

Airdrop Or diamonds Top Up Offer Method

Some time Free Fire has provides a special Airdrop offer, or Combo Diamonds Top up offer to players. You will get diamonds & some material like emotes, characters, and gun skins for free in this offer. There are high chances to get Dj Alok Character for free. Sometimes you have to spend Rs.10 for Dj Alok. You can see this offer notification on the starting page of the game.

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