Free Fire OB26 update date in India | OB 26 Advance Server Download | Patch Release Date | Elite Pass Reward

Free Fire OB24 update date in India | Advance Server Download | Patch Release Date | Elite Pass Reward. Know confirmed Free Fire OB26 update date in India. How to free fire ob24 update download and free fire ob 26 update release date.

What is new in Free fire OB26 advance server download. Know New Characters and more.

Free Fire OB26 Update Patch Release Date and Elite Pass Reward. Finally, Garena Free Fire provides a leak about the latest OB26 Patch, which will replace Patch OB23 later. Lots of chatter about the new patch which is still a rumor coming out in 2021.

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The OB23 Patch, which came out on July 29, 2020, has been running for about 2 months, and it’s time for Free Fire players to be given info about the new patch.

Lots of updates were released in the previous patch, Luqueta Character, Mr. Waggor Pet, AUG Weapon, and other interesting events. The next update is the  OB24 Update which we will discuss in this article, what are the leaks that have come out, and the release date.

Free Fire OB26 update Patch release date and Elite Pass Reward

The new Free Fire OB24 update date in India should release soon globally, and the leaks for the same have also been surfacing online. The latest update will bring a ton of new features and additions to this battle royale game. As per reports, Free Fire will receive a new pet, weapon, mode and much more upon release of the OB24 update. Also, the release date of the upcoming Free Fire OB24 update has been leaked. Here’s a look at the same, and all its accompanying features.

Free Fire OB26 update date in India

The Free Fire OB24 update is expected to release on 26th September 2020, but an official confirmation is yet to come. The latest update will be available to download from both Google Play Store and Apple Store.The size of the update is not known yet, but is expected to be around 600 MB and will require about 800 MB of free storage space. Additionally, the servers will be taken down for maintenance before the update hits the global servers.

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Free Fire OB26 update release date features

As we all know, Halloween is just around the corner and to celebrate this occasion, Free Fire will launch a Halloween theme. The upcoming Free Fire OB24 update date in India update is completely going to be based on this celebration, which will bring a fresh lobby, UI, and pumpkins lying all around on the map.

Pumpkin Pet

Garena will also add a new pet into the game, expected to be known as Pumpkin Pet. However, its final look and abilities haven’t been revealed yet. The developers will introduce this pet as part of the upcoming Halloween celebrations.This pet looks like a pumpkin. It seems to be a special pet in the upcoming Halloween celebration. With a special appearance, this pet will help you draw attention and look cool on the battleground. It’s not a real-life pet like the Kitty or Simba. It’s a kind of fruit. So, it’s hard to imagine how it works on the battlefield. Just equip and play with Pumpkin.

This new pet is coming to Free Fire in the next update OB24 that is scheduled to be released on September 22nd. Like most of the other pets in this game, this pet will also have a special ability. There are some leaks revealing the unique skill of this Pumpkin pet.

According to these leaks, this pet will help players reduce the cooldown time of your skill. The higher level your pet is, the less cooldown time you need to wait to use the skill. Then, you can use the skill more frequently. For example, if you use the character DJ Alok, you have an active skill of “Drop the Beat” with a long cooldown time of 45 seconds. Thus, you will get more advantages over other players.

Parafal Weapon

The ParaFAL is a Brazillian made rifle from a company called IMBEL. It is a lightweight version of a 30 years old Brazillian gun model, with more focus on a lower-cost design. Currently, the gun is commonly used by the Brazillian Military.

With the ammo type of the ParaFAL being 7.62mm, similar to most ARs, its damage is going to be about that range. However, with the gun being pretty cheaply made, it is likely that the FAL would be a lower-tier option, similar to the FAMAS and SCAR. Furthermore, it is going to spawn normally on the map and not an airdrop weapon.

A medium-tier weapon, which is going to be called Parafal weapon, will be added to the game come the release of the Free Fire OB24 update. Like the other features, no further information has been revealed yet.

However, one thing is confirmed, that this firearm can easily be found at any location, and will spawn as a standard weapon.As soon as Garena opens the Advance Server testing for the OB24 update, the confirmed leaks about the upcoming update will start coming out.

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Free Fire OB26 update date in India Rewards for Season 29 Elite Pass

The rewards are divided by the no. of badges required to be unlocked. As you keep on collecting badges, you can earn better rewards through the Elite Pass.

0 Badges

Fire Pass Reward: 50 Gold

Nothing much appealing will the players get right after the new season gets introduced. Well, something is better than nothing!

Elite Pass Reward: Female Jacket + Fire Pass Reward

Elite Pass holders will immediately get the female jacket right after the new season rolls in. Though, it’s not something that’ll please the eyes of yours or your enemies. It’s just going to be a simple jacket.

10 Badges

Fire Pass Reward: Veteran Challenges Unlocked

Veteran challenges are those challenges that offer players additional badges post the completion of specific tasks. These challenges aren’t that difficult and if you keep on grinding regularly, you’ll end up with 200+ badges by the end of the season. Hence, very helpful if you want to unlock rewards fast.

Elite Pass Reward: Pan Skin + Fire Pass Reward

Elite Pass holders will feel really lucky to get a rare item right at the starting of the season 29 at just 10 badges. The Pant skin looks pretty vibrant and is quite visually appealing to the eyes.

15 Badges

Elite Pass Reward: Pickup Truck Skin

It’s not quite known if the Pickup Truck has ever gotten a skin before but in this Elite Pass, you’re sure to get one once you claim 15 badges! The skin looks cool with a lighter shade of golden all over it.

40 Badges

Fire Pass Reward: Male Shirt

Post claiming 40 badges, Fire Pass Holders can unlock the male shirt. In terms of the standards of the Fire Pass.

50 Badges

Fire Pass Reward: Diamond Royale Voucher

One Diamond Royale Voucher awaits at 50 badges. This voucher can be used to spin in the Diamond Royale to try your luck. You never know when you might get something valuable out of the Royale.

Elite Pass Reward: Female Bundle + Fire Pass Reward

The female bundle looks really cool in the Season 29 Elite Pass. From top to bottom, including the clothing animation seems top notch. The golden wink outfit compliments.

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80 Badges

Fire Pass Reward: Pet Food

One packet of pet food for your pet, that’s it. As we’ve mentioned before, something is better than nothing.

Elite Pass Reward: G18 Skin + Fire Pass Reward

100 Badges

Fire Pass Reward: 1 Scanner

You can earn one scanner through the Fire Pass once you have reached 100 badges!

Elite Pass Reward: Surfboard + Fire Pass Reward

The surfboard forms a very crucial part of the player’s attire. This surfboard with its animation looks pretty legendary!

125 Badges

Elite Pass: Grenade Skin

This awesome looking grenade skin is one of a kind. It is styled after a Eagle and looks great!

150 Badges

Fire Pass Reward: Banner

A banner to make your profile look trendy and up-to-date with the ongoing season.

Elite Pass Reward: Lootbox + Fire Pass Reward

Every Elite Pass offers a Lootbox at certain badges. The Lootbox this time is a pot like , not quite hard enough to spot either.

180 Badges

Fire Pass Reward: 3 bonfire

You can earn the bonfires through the Fire Pass once you have reached 180 badges!

An Evolution Stone + Fire Pass Reward

Evolution Stones are one of the rarest items in the game. The stones along with blueprints are necessary to exchange for Incubator Outfits/Skins.

200 Badges

Free Pass: Backpack Skin

A decent Backpack Skin, this one does not have a different shape, just a different colour and pattern. This is still a good Backpack Skin, regardless of the fact that it is only a different colour and pattern.

Elite Pass Reward: A bag + Fire Pass Reward

As is customary, the Elite Pass offers a cool bag at 200 badges. The bag changes appearances as the inventory space is increased.This is a great Elite Pass Backpack Skin. Garena has really made an effort to make a beautiful Backpack. At level one through three, it doesn’t fail to amaze us.

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225 Badges

Fire Pass Reward: 1 Awakening Shard

A rare item that is required to upgrade a character. Hence, quite a crucial material.

Elite Pass Reward: Male Bundle + Fire Pass Reward

The male bundle in this Elite Pass is going to be one of the best male bundles seen so far in Elite Pass Rewards. The hair looks really unique and the outfit with its animation is a total killer. This bundle is amazing and will be sure to please the community!

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