Free Fire Tips and Tricks- How to get Famine Felon Bundle


Free Fire Tips and Tricks- How to get Famine Felon Bundle in July 2020. Players can get the Famine Felon Bundle in Free Fire via the Rampage event.They have to win Rampage Points and Carnage Points to claim it.

Free Fire is a go-to game for many mobile users as it has unique features and lower device requirements. The game, like any other battle royale, has impressive skins, emotes, characters and other exclusive items.

Players are, however, expected to spend diamonds to get a hold of these items. An alternative way to procure them is by participating in the in-game events as they provide players with a chance to get these items for free.

One of the most popular of these events is the Rampage Event. One of the rewards that have caught every player’s eye from the event is the Famine Felon Bundle.The event began on June 25 and will conclude on July 9. Here are the details of the event from the news section of the game:

How to get the Famine Felon Bundle in Free Fire

To claim the Famine Felon Bundle in Free Fire, players have to complete the Carnage mission to get ‘Carnage points’ and the ‘Rampage Token’. The Carnage missions are updated every day.

Players are required to collect 50 Carnage Points to unlock the Executioner section of the faction store. They can then claim the Famine Felon Bundle using the Rampage Token.

Players require a total of 50 tokens for the entire bundle and another 30 if they wish to get the ‘Pin’ of the respective faction. The top 100 players based on the Carnage Points will also get bonus rewards after the conclusion of the event.

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