Best Free Paytm Cash Earning Apps, Games and Website

I am pretty sure that you are here because you want some Free Paytm Cash. We are going to list Paytm cash earning apps and you can earn paytm cash daily using these. Some of these are Paytm Cash Games which you can play to earn while enjoying the game. You will get real money using the Paytm Cash. You can follow this article to get best out of it.

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Free Paytm Cash
Free Paytm Cash

What are the Best Way To Earn Free Paytm Cash ?

First, you need to create your free account on the Paytm cash earning websites with your name, mobile number, or email address, and password.

Once your account is created, you can enter other profile details and link your Paytm wallet to safely withdraw your earnings.

You can earn free Paytm cash online by participating in surveys, contests, quizzes, etc from the Paytm cash earning website, where you register and earn without investment.

There are so many android apps available to earn free paytm cash online. You can earn 500 paytm cash instantly using our listed applications. We are listing he best out of them. Just install these apps to grab this free money.

For Easy understanding we have divided the earning methods to two section. One of them are Paytm Cash Earning Websites and other are Paytm Cash Earning Apps. So, Read accordingly.

Miss Call and Get Paytm Cash

#1. Missed Call ₹10 Paytm Cash in Wallet

1) First Of All Calling Over This Number From Paytm Register Number 9211903000

2) Call On This Above Number & Call Will Be Disconnected Automatically

3) Within 5 Minutes You Will Get Computer Generated Call Back From This Company

4) Now Listen To Audio & Dial And You Have Press Key In Your Keyboard

  • First Of All Press 1
  • Then Again Press 1

5) Now You Will Listening Congratulations Massage

6) Instantly Call Disconnected From The Company End

7) Boom!! You Will Gee ₹10 Paytm Cashback Within 24 Hours.

#2. How to Get Free PayTM Cash Instantly by Giving a Missed Call

1. First Of All, You Need To Dial/ Give A Missed Call To The Number 9210306000.

2. Then You Will Get A Call Back From It And They Ask You Some Questions.

3. You Need To Answer Those Questions Which They Asked.

Note: To Choose Your Option 1 Or 2 You Need To 

  • Press 1 If Your Option Is 1.
  • Press 2 If Your Option Is 2.

4. Finally Done!! You Will Get Rs.10 PayTM Cash In Your PayTM Wallet Instantly.

#3. How to Get Rs.10 Free Paytm by Giving a Simple Missed Call

1. Hi Everyone We Have Come With A New Missed Call And Earn ₹10 Paytm Cash Scheme For That You Have To Call Call On 9211203000

2. After Giving Call And Ring 1 Or 2 Time Call Will Automatically Disconnected

3. Instantly You Will Get A Call Back From The Another Number Pickup The Call And Follow The Instructions

4. As The Voice Command You Have To Press Key

  • Press 1
  • Press 3
  • Press 6

5. Now You Will Get To Listening Congratulations Voice Command And About Your Winning Amount

6. Boom You Will Get Flat ₹10 Paytm Cash In Your Registered (Calling From Which) Number.

7. You Everyone Know Use Of Paytm Cash, You Can Recharge, Bill Payment Or Bank Transfer.

#4. Missed Call & Get ₹50 Free Paytm Cash Instantly | Hurry Up

  1. First Of All The User Just Call On This Number : 9212116000
  2. Instantly You Will Receive Instant Call Back To The Same Number
  3. Now Dial 1, 1 & 1 Again According To The Question Answers
  4. Now Computer Genarated Voice Ask To Enter The Coupon Code :
  5. 1st Enter – 15XXXXXXXXXX (Dial Any Random 10 Digit After Dialling 15)
  6. You Will Recived An Congrats Message
  7. This Way Grt Instant ₹50 Paytm Cash That Will Be Credited In Your Paytm Wallet Account.
  8. Now Follow 1 To 5 Steps Again To Earn More , But
  9. 2nd Time Enter – 25XXXXXXXXXX (Dial Any Random 10 Digit After Dialling 25)

Some Of The Examples:-

35XXXXXXXXXX (Dial Any Random 10 Digit After Dialling 35)

45XXXXXXXXXX (Dial Any Random 10 Digit After Dialling 45)

55XXXXXXXXXX (Dial Any Random 10 Digit After Dialling 55)

65XXXXXXXXXX (Dial Any Random 10 Digit After Dialling 65)

75XXXXXXXXXX (Dial Any Random 10 Digit After Dialling 75)

85XXXXXXXXXX (Dial Any Random 10 Digit After Dialling 85)

95XXXXXXXXXX (Dial Any Random 10 Digit After Dialling 95)

#5. How To Get Free Rs. 20 PayTM cash Instantly

  1. First Of All Open Your Phone Calling Dial Page
  2. There Put The Number 9212505000
  3. Then Give A Missed Call From Paytm Reg. Number
  4. Within 5 Minutes You Will Receive Call Back
  5. There First Press 1
  6. Then Press 3
  7. And Then Press 4
  8. Done !! Everyting Is Done
  9. Within 24 Hours You Will Get A Cashback Of Rs. 20 Free PayTM Cash
  10. Try Above All Step 2 Time From Same Number
  11. You Will Get Cashback For Two Time
  12. This Way You Can Earn Free ₹20 PayTM Cash

#6. How To Get Free Rs. 20 Free PayTM cash

  1. First Of All Open Your Phone Dialer Pad
  2. Now Enter This Number Now & Call With Paytm Registered Number – 9696900500
  3. You Will Receive A Call Back Within 5 Secounds To 5 Minutes
  4. Press 1
  5. Then Press 3
  6. And Then Press 2
  7. Your Job Is Done !!
  8. Enjoy Instant Rs. 20 Free PayTM Cash
  9. Try Again. This Offer Works 2 Time Per Account / Per Number
  10. Free ₹20 PayTM Cash

#7. Missed Call ₹20 Paytm Cash for Everyone

1️⃣ First Of All, Give A Long Time Missed Call On This Number


2️⃣ After Giving The Missed Call, Call Connection Automatically Disconnected

3️⃣ Wait 2-5 Minute From Given Missed Call & You Will Receive A Call Back

4️⃣ Received The Incoming Call And Computer Generated Voice Ask You Few Question

5️⃣ Put The All Answers By Pressing Below Number

  • First Question – Press 1
  • Second Question – Press 1
  • Third Question – Press 2
  • Retailer Code – 68839

6️⃣ Now It Will Congratulations To You And You Are Eligible To Win ₹20 PayTM Cash. Missed Call Two Time Get 10 + 10

7️⃣ As A Confirmation You Will Receive A Massage Also

8️⃣ Within 72 Hour’s You Will Received ₹10 PayTM Cash In Your Calling Number

9️⃣ Remember – Calling Number Should Be Registered On Paytm To Receive Cashback

#8. Red and White Cigarette Free ₹10 Paytm Cash Offer

This Is A Cigarette Offer. Red & White Provide This Free Recharge For Promotion & Promoting Their Brand. This Offer Is Basically For Those Who Smoke Cigarettes.

But Everyone Can Participate On This Offer & Can Take It. So Let’s Get See How To Get Rs.10 Free Recharge.

Missed Call Win Recharge Prize

Free ₹10 Paytm Cash

First Of All Call On = 9667733734

Reply = 1,1,1

Then Received Message Click The Link Then Enter Paytm Number.

#9. Paytm Loot : Miss Call And Get Rs.10 Paytm Cash

1. Dial 7428644444

2. You Will Receive A CallBack And And They Ask Some Questions.

3. When They Ask To Dial 1,2,3 Etc. Then

1st – Press – 1
2nd Press – 4
3rd Press – 1

You, Will, Get 10 Rs. Paytm Cash Instant

#10. Get Free Rs 20 Paytm Cash via Missed Call from What’s Your Club

1] Give Missed Call On 9773666044

2] You Will Receive A CallBack,

3] Just Lift The Call And Don’t Cut If You Don’t Hear Any Sound!

4] Just Wait For 30-40 Secs As It Is Taking Some Time For Computer Response Due To The Server Being Down!

5] After That Press 1 & Again Press 1 & Then 5

6] You Will Get Paytm Wallet Cash Or ₹10 Recharge Instantly!

7] NOTE:- Offer Is Once Per Mobile Number And The Mobile Number Must-Have PayTM Account So That You Get Cashback!

8] Total 20₹: After You Get 10₹ Click: Enter Number By Which You Called & There You Will See 1 Scratch Card

9] So Scratch It & Get Extra 10₹ Website Is Down So Keep Trying

Red & White New Brandi Buttons Cigarette Survey

Do You Smoking Red & White Cigarette. Test Brandi Buttons Cigarette That Comes With Brandi Flavour That More Testy To Smoke. Today This Company Is Back Again With A Cool Offer Where Everyone Has A 100% Chance To Win ₹10 Free Paytm Cash & Free Recharge Tricks + Refer Your Code With Your Friends Get More + 30 Paytm Cash.

Also, There Are Opportunity To Win Amazon Eco, Fitness Bands, Headphones, Speakers, Etc If You Are Selected On Red & White Lucky Drow. So Why You Are Wasting Your Time Get Ready For ₹40 Paytm & Additional Prize.

Red & White Refer & Earn – After Participating On Brandi Buttons Cigarette Servey Company Will Provide A 6 Digits Refer Code. Tell Them To Follow The Below Instructions. You Also Follow For Joining On This Missed Call Offer.

#11. How to Get Rs.10 Free Paytm Per Missed Call 

1) First Of All Open Your Phone Dailer PAD 

2) There Put 7827407407 Number 

3) Missed Call On The Above Number 

4) Instantly Call Will Cut Automatically 

5) You Will Receive A Call Back & Pickup The Call 

6) Press 1 

7) Instantly You Will Get Rs.10 Paytm Cash Into Your Paytm Number 

#12. How to Get ₹10 PayTM by Giving a Missed Call

Per Number ₹10

1)Call:- 9210603000

2) They Will Call Back To You

3) Now Precess 1111

4) When Asking For Retailer Code, Enter:- 54329

6) Instantly Your Paytm Wallet Will Be Credited With ₹10

7.. Try This Offer Two Time Get 20 PayTM Cash

  1. You Can Share Your Referral Code In The Below Comment Section

#13. How to get 20Rs PAYTM

Give A Missed Call To 9211074000

They Will Call U
Step 1:- Press 2 For The Hindi Language
Step 2:- Press 1
Step 3:- Press 1
Step 4:- Press 1
Step 5:- 92147 Or 12345

Instant Paytm Coming

Do The Same Process 2 Times ( Total ₹20 Milega )

If The Code Does Not Works Then Try Any Random 5 Digit Number.

#14. Loot ₹10 Paytm Cash On Giving Miss call

Steps To Get 10Rs PAYTM

Give A Missed Call To 9210903000

They Will Call U
Step1:- Press 1
Step 2:- Press 3
Step3:- Press 1 Then Enter (Random 5 Digit Numbers)
Step 4:- Press 3
Step5- Done

Instant Paytm Coming

If Not Work On The First Attempt Then Try 2-3 Times

#15. Give a Miss Call & Get 10₹ Paytm #Free?

Miss Call No. – 9210903000

1) Dial Above Numbers

2) Automatic Call Will Be End & You’ll Get A Call Back From Another No

3) Now Press ” 1 ” Next ” 3 ” Then ” 2 ” Finally ” 3 “

? Congratulations You Will Receive 10rs Paytm Or Mobile Recharge. #Loot_Loh?

** Jitna Paytm Number Hain Sabhi Se Try Krna

#16. Get Free Rs.20 Paytm

Steps :

  1. Miss Call On 7428440440
  2. Attend Call Back
  3. Press 1 For 18year Above
  4. Press 5 For Crush
  5. Then Press 2 For Not Having Retailer Code
  6. Press – 1 Or 2 For Male Or Female
  7. Tell Your Name
  8. Then Dial Any Number Between 1 To 9
  9. The Call Will Be Disconnected And You Will Get Paytm Cash If Got Lucky (Did On 3 Number Got In One).

#17. Missed Call Free Paytm

Paytm Loot: Miss Call And Get Rs.10 Paytm Cash

1) First Of All Dial 08061970484

2) You, Will, Receive A CallBack

3) Press 1 ~ 4 Times

4) Now Enter Any Random 6 Digit Number

5. You, Will, Get Instant 10 Rs. Paytm Cash

#18. Get Free Rs.30 Paytm Cash Or Recharge

1. Miss Call –7428440440
2. Wait For Call Back
3.Press 1> 5 > 1
4. Enter Retailer Code – 6xxX4
5. Press – 1
6. Tell Your Name
7. Now Press Any Number B/W 1 To 9
8. Now Wait For Call To Get Disconnected
You Will Instantly Get Rs.20 Paytm Cash / Mobile Recharge
9. Now-Again Call At – 7428440440
10. Press 1 And Then Enter 6xxx2
11. Now Press Any Number B/W 1 To 9
You Will Instantly Get Rs.10 Paytm Cash / Mobile Recharge
Note: Call Back Coming Instantly As Of Now.

#19. Free Rs.20 Paytm Cash Or Recharge Instant

1. Miss Call – 7428440440
2. Wait For A Callback
3. Press – 1 & 5 & 1
4. Enter Code – 86095
5. Press – 1
6. Tell Your Name
7. Then Dial Any Number 1 To 9
8. Wait For The Call To Cut

Server Slow Call Will Come May Late?

(5 December) Get Free Rs.40 Paytm Cash Per Number

1. First Of All User Call On Mobile Number – 9210903000

2. Within 15 Minutes You Will Received A Call Back On Seme Number

3. Press 1, Then Again Press 1, Again Press 1

4. Then Enter Code – 202667 / 828816

5. Voila U Will Get ₹10 Wallet Cash

6. Refer & Earn ₹10 Upto ₹30

#20. Get Free 30 Rs Paytm Wallet Per Number

1. Call 9667771772. It Will Get Disconnected.

2. You Will Receive A Call From The Full Flavor Company

3. Press 1 Allowing You Are 18

4. Then 1 Of Cigarettes Brand

5. You Will Get A 10 Rs Reward

6. Do Those Steps Again And Again 3 Times. And 30 Rs Paytm Wallet Per Number

#21. New ₹10 Paytm Cash / Missed Call

Rs10 Rupee PayTM Cash Free In 2 Minutes.

Free 10 Rs Paytm Cash

1. Give Miss Call: 9211503000

2. Now Press 1 After It Press 2

3. Now They Asked That You Have Tried Entering 1 And Then They Ask To Refer To Code

Refer Code: 546359

4. You Will Get Instant Get Rs. 10 Paytm Cash.

5. Old Users Can Also Avail Of This Offer Again. (Try)

Now Coming Instant Call So Loot Lo

#22. How To Get Rs.10 Paytm Cash

1) Firstly You Have To Give A Missed Call On This Number

❤️ MissCall Offer

✴️ 9738888884

Press 1 and then Press 2

❤️10rs Wallet Cash

Credit In 24hrs To 48hrs

Free ₹40 Paytm cash For everyone

Call At 9211503000

Your Call Is. Automatically Disconnected And U Get A Callback

Follow Voice Recorder
1- Press – 1
2- Press- 1
3- Press-1
4- Press -1

And 5 Times She Told If U Have Referred Code Then Press 1

Now Press 1 And Enter Refer Code

Referral Code 321210
Note – You Can Share Your Refer Code In Below Comment Section

After Entering The Refer Code You Will Get Rs.10 Free Paytm Or Recharge Within 48 Hours.

First, Get The Referral Code Then Call

After That, U Also Get A Refer Code.
Send You To Refer Code In The Discussion Group And Get ₹30 Extra

#23. How To Get ₹40 Free Paytm + Win Amazon Eco, Fitness Band, Speaker, Headphones Etc

1. Firstly You Have To Give A Simple Missed Call On Below Number To Participate On This Contest

2. Within 5 Minutes You Will Receive A Survey Call From The Company

3. Receive The Call & And Complete Survey As Below


  • Agar Apka More 18 Sal Se Aadik Hai – Press 1
  • Ap Konse Brands Ki Cigarette Petay Hai – Press 1 (Red & White)
  • Apka Favorite Flavour Konsa Hai – Press 2 (Brandi Bands)
  • Apka Pass Dukandar Ya Dost Duwara Diya Gaya Refer Code Hai – Press 1
  • Enter 5 Digits Code Is 543551

4. Within 48 Hour’s You Will Receive ₹10 Paytm Cash

5. Also Instantly You Will Get A Refer Code In Your Mobile Number Via SMS

6. Note – 10 Lucky Winner Will Get Amazon Etc, Fitness Band, Headphones Etc

Refer & Earn ₹30 Paytm Cash

1. After Getting The Code. Share Missed Call Phone Number & Yout Refer Code With Your Friends

2. Tell Them To Missed Call Above Number & Complete Short Survey

3. Also, Tell Them To Use Your Refer Code

4. Share With Your 3 Friends & Get ₹30 Paytm As By ₹10/ Refer

5. You Can Try This Offer By Self By Using Different Paytm Number

6. In That Case, You Don’t Have To Refer To Earn Paytm From The Offer

Disclaimer Of The Cigarette Offer

This Only For Share Paytm Offer We Are Not A Promoter Of Any Brand Or Cigarette. Also, We Cannot Suggest Or Motivate To Smoke Or Drink Any Type Of Alcohol Or Cigarette.

This Is Not A Promotion Post It’s Just A Only An Offer Post. Out User Read The Offer Become Eligible For Free Paytm, Prize Like Fitness Band, Amazon Eco, Etc. I Hope You Everybody Participate On This Offer & Earn Paytm. Thank You.

#24. Missed Call ₹10 + Refer & Earn 30 Paytm Cash

Update Call Twice Get ₹10 + ₹10 = 20 Paytm Cash Also Get ₹10 + 10 = 20 Free Recharge , Paytm Loot Four Square Offer.

Four Square 20 Paytm Cash Or Free Recharge

1. Firstly All You Have To Dial 9773506507 Number

2. Then Missed Call On That Number Instantly You Will Get Call Back

3. Dail 2 Then Record Anything For 30 Second & You Will Get Instant 20 To 100 Free Paytm Cash

Badhayi Ho! Apopka Referral Code Hai 45722516. Apne Doston Ko 9773506507 Number Par Call Karwa Kar, Apke Code Se Participate Karwayein, Our Jeetein Assured Wallet Cash Ya Talktime. Cool Wala Tashan Program Mein Bhaag Lene Ke Liye Dhanyawaad.

#25. Missed Call Win & Free 50 Paytm Cash, TV, CAR, BIKE Etc

Badhayi Ho! Apopka Referral Code Hai 29552433. Apne 3 Boston Ko 9667854855 Number Par Call Karwa Kar, Apke Code Se Participate Karwayein, Our Jeetein Rs 10 Ka Wallet Cash Ya Talktime. Garam Cool Program Mein Bhaag Lene Ke Liye Dhanyawaad.

#26. How To Get Missed Call Free Recharge Of Rs.10 :


2) After Giving Missed Call You Will Get A Call From Red & White Cigarette Company Simply Received This Call & Give Answers Of 3 Questions. All Questions & Answers Mentioned Below:-

  • First Question: Kiya App Cigarette Pitay Hai? Agar Apka Sawal Ha Hai To 1 Dabaye & Nahi Hai To 2 Dabaye
    • Answer: 1
    • Second Question: Agar App Red & White Cigarette Pitay Hai To 1 Dabaye & Other Brand Kelea 2,3 Dabaye
    • Answer: 1
    • Second Question: Agar App Red & White Cigarette Pitay Hai To 1 Dabaye & Other Brand Kelea 2,3 Dabaye?
    • Answer: 1
    • Second Question: Agar App Red & White Cigarette Pitay Hai To 1 Dabaye & Other Brand Kelea 2,3 Dabaye?
    • Answer :
  • Answer – 65785 (You Change Last 3 Digits Numbers)

3) After That, You Will Call Will Be Disconnected Automatically & You Will Received A Massage Where You Will See About You Will Get Recharge With 24 Hours

4) Now Wait For Few Minutes & You Will Received Rs.10 Free Recharge From Red & White Company.

Daily Paytm Cash Earning Websites

If you’re wondering about how much you can earn, let me tell you. You can earn up to ₹700/- per day of Paytm cash. You can manage your day-to-day expenses such as food, mobile recharge, cabs, etc.

All you require is a little bit of free time and a smartphone with internet connectivity, and you are good to go.

So without any further ado, let’s take a closer look at all these best daily Paytm cash earning websites.

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Instant Paytm Cash Earning App

Best Paytm Cash Earning Games

These are also apps but you can earn free paytm cash by Playing these Games. So, you will have two benefits from a single item 😉

We have grabbed the best working games from 3 patti paytm cash to the ludo game paytm cash. You get everything You want.

Some of these are the best paytm cash earning games without investment. So, You don’t need any money to play these games. You only need a Android Mobile with working internet connection and a little bit of brain. Which I think You would have 😉

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