G4TV Shutting Down : Why Comcast G4 Shut Down , News esports streaming, Frosk Rant

G4TV Shutting Down: G4TV is an American pay television and digital network own by comcast spectacor. G4 was reintroduce last year because of popularity of gaming field. But now, G4TV is shutting down again due to not achieve sustainable financial result.

Comcast is an America’s one of cable network, largest video and high quality internet provider company. In addition, according to a report from deadlines, the comcast is shutting down after attempting relaunch gaming channel.

David Scott, the CEO of parent company spectacor announced that G4 network is being shut sown. In addition, an email was sent to its staff by David Scott. Because, the company’s investment and efforts are not up to the mark.

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G4TV Shutting Down
G4TV Shutting Down

G4TV Shutting Down Overview :-

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What is G4

G4 was started in 2002 this was the first network dedicated to gaming. G4 was also known as G4TV is an American TV channel. In addition, G4 is a company within comcast corporation. The G4 media produced a lot of programs video games and TV shows.

G4 Streaming

G4 media can be streamed anywhere on YouTube TV, Twitch, TV cable and local network channels. Besides it. G4 is streaming on Verizon Fios, Cox and Xfinity TV as well as streaming TV Philo. So, these are the platform where you can watch G4 media programs.

G4TV Shutting Down

Comcast Spectacor has been announced that G4TV will be shutting down as you know the company was gaming focused. After getting the result of company, G4 has been decided to discontinue the G4 operations. However, We know this is the disappointed news for us.

G4TV comcast has made a decision to shut down its operations. In additions, this is happen because of there is no viewership or network and sustainable achievement of financial investment. So, We know that this is very shocking news for us.

Why Comcast G4TV Shutting Down ?

Dave Scott, the chairmen and CEO of comcast spectacor has announce on 16 October. That G4TV media is being shutdown this is very difficult decision to discontinue G4TV media operation.

Dave Scott says that our team was working hard to generate interest on G4 over 2 months. But unfortunately, we have decided to shut down the programs due to not getting sustainable result of financially and viewership.

Comcast G4TV

Comcast G4TV has been shut down on Sunday 16 October. So, this Comcast G4TV news come has revealed by Dave Scott through email message. Comcast company is the biggest leading company of America that provides incredible technology and entertainments that connect millions of people.

G4 Frosk Rant

Frosk revealed on twitter account that she will leave be leaving G4. Besides it, Frosk even not mentioned about future plan in gaming industry. The esports commentator thanked her coworkers at G4 for their time working.

G4 Esports

G4TV esports is also a YouTube channel of G4TV media. Where they host podcast and tournaments. G4 media is a biggest platform of game esports and it produce TV shows and the series of techno gaming. G4TV Shutting Down

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is G4TV?

Ans. G4TV is an American pay television and digital network own by comcast spectacor.

Q.2 Is G4 media available on YouTube?

Ans. Yes, G4 is available on YouTube nationwide

Q.3 Who is the chairmen and CEO of G4TV?

Ans. The chairmen and CEO of G4TV is Dave Scott.

Conclusions :-

Friends, we have mentioned here the latest deadline news of G4TV shutdown. So, recently Dave Scott has acquainted through email message that G4TV is being shut down because of not getting best results. We hope that you have got the information and do liked our article.

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