How To Get Free Carlo Character In PUBG – PUBG Character Voucher

Trick To Unlock PUBG Carlo Character

How To Get Free Carlo Character In PUBG – PUBG Character Voucher

PUBG Mobile Carlo Character is a new Game Character. Now this Character is used by so many users. But this Character is not free. You have to buy it for 25 UC. But in this trick, you will get it for free. In this post, we shared how to get character voucher PUBG free.

All you guys may know little about PUBG’s Different Characters & Must have an idea about Character Voucher. If you don’t know then read this article you will clear all how to use character voucher in PUBG & how to unlock a free character. So don’t late dive into the point.

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Get Free Carlo Character In PUBG

PUBG Mobile Free Carlo Character Voucher Unlock Trick

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Recently PUBG Mobile has the new update of version 0.17.0 & a new Game Season 13. In this new mega updates, Pubg has rolled out there new Player Character Peter Carlo or Only Carlo.

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Carlo is an English Comics Character and it’s similar to Sara’s Character & more handsome than Victor’s Character. Let’s understand about the new character & also know the trick to get the character absolutely free without paying any PUBG UC. 

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Hello, Guys, This is our new article about Gaming related. In this article, we talk about PUBG Mobile Carlo Character. At the end of PUBG Mobile season, 12 PUBG has introduced its new premium character on its 0.17.0 updates. PUBG Carlo Character is the most handsome male character & totally paid or premium character of PUBG mobile. In this post, we analyze How To Get Free PUBG Mobile Carlo Character?.

What’s Carlo Character of PUBG Mobile?

Carlo is a new and most popular of PUBG. We all know Pubg Mobile is the most popular & leading multiple players online action game. You can see s many characters in this game. Carlo Character is a new character in this game. This character is similar to Old Pubg characters like Victor & Sara. In season 12 PUBG Mobile has introduced this Carlo Character after it’s new 0.17.0 updates. You Only able to Play with this Character on TDM Warehouse & Evoground mode only. But in season 13 you can get permanently this character for all playing mode or maps like classic or training mode. But you have to buy this Carlo Character by PUBG UC.

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This Character cost is around 100 UC. Now Pubg Mobile is giving this Carlo Character Collecting Voucher in absolutely free. But this offer may be for a limited period you can grab it earlier before it expires. Let’s dive into offer how you will get PUBG Mobile Carlo Character Voucher For free without Spending any UC Coin.

Trick To Unlock Carlo Character in PUBG Mobile

This is a very amazing trick to get Free Carlo Character worth 100UC. In this trick, you don’t have to collect any PUBG Character Voucher to unlock Carlo. Carefully follow the below steps to get free Character.

  • Goto PUBG Mobile Event Option
  • There you will see Event Missions. When you complete a mission that offers to collect you some rewards.
  • In Event Section, you will find Exchange For Reward Option
  • You can exchange your mission complete rewards to get Character Voucher
  • When you got the Character Voucher Then Goto Workshop Store
  • Open Character Option & Choose Carlo To Unlock & Enjoy

How to Get PUBG Free Carlo Character Voucher?

Pubg Mobile Carlo Voucher Unlock Trick. Get most wanted Carlo Character Voucher Absolutely Free. Follow bellow step to get PUBG MOBILE Carlo Voucher

  1. Open PUBG Mobile Game
  2. Tab On Events Section
  3. Click On “Limited Time” Option
  4. There you able to see Carlo Voucher Option
  5. Click On Share Button
  6. Then Tab to save it in your phone
  7. Now you will successfully collect the Character Voucher Coupon worth of 100 UC
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Follow this step to get Free Voucher For PUBG Mobile UC tricks to visit our site regularly.


I hope this article is so helpful to of all you. You can used PUBG Character Voucher On over all premium PUBG Mobile Character. Likewise, Andy & Sara as well as Carlo Character. If you have any query related Carlo Character & Character Voucher then comment on bellow.

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