How To Get K Character In Free Fire – Captain Booyah Character For Free

Get K Character In Free Fire

How To Get K Character In Free Fire – Captain Booyah Character For Free

Character plays a crucial role in the Garena Free Fire game. Every character has a unique ability & appearance, why players are attracted to it. There are a total of 35 Characters in Free Fire. “K” or Captain Booyah is one of them. Captain Booyah or K Character is based on American musician DJ KSHMR. It’s also known as Free Fire K professor. This character has two different modes; those are Jiujitsu Mode and Psychology Mode. In the Free Fire game, K is featured as a professor and jiu-jitsu expert.

Get K Character In Free Fire
Get K Character In Free Fire

Earlier, we have shared the trick to get DJ Alok Character for free. In this post, we explained how you could get K character in Free Fire for free. Let’s dive into the point.

K Character in Free Fire: Free Fire Collaborated with the American artist KSHMR and introduced a character named K. It is one of the unique characters that has two special abilities. How To Get K character in Free Fire? K character in Free FireThis is one of the most asked questions by the Free fire lovers in India. Free Fire is a battle royale game which was developed by 111 dots developer and published by Garena. The Free fire game is available on both android and iOS. The game became popular among many gamers. And More Related information about K Character Ability, skills, Real Life read this article thoroughly.

Get K Character In Free Fire

K Character In Free Fire

On 16th October 2020, Garena Free Fire has announced to K Character as a new game character. Since that K character has gained more popularity at all in-game characters for their unique style & ability, this character is based on the real-life of DJ KSHMR, an American Musician. In-game description K is featured as professor and jiu-jitsu expert. So you can play this character in two modes Jiujitsu Mode and Psychology Mode. In both modes, you can increase your EP by more than 100. Max EP increases by 50. Jiujitsu Mode: Allies within 6m get a 500% increase in EP conversion rate. Psychology Mode: Recover 2 EP every 2.8s, up to 110 EP. Mode switch CD: 20s.

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To unlock the K character in Free Fire, you have to spend 599 diamonds in-game, which is not easy to purchase for all. You can try some alternative methods to get this character free as the Redeem Code method, Lucky Royal Method, Free Diamonds method & Google Play Redeem Code method. Learn all; we have explained all those methods in detail. However, you can obtain Captain Booyah or K Character for free.

Method 1:- Free Fire Redeem Code

You can try Free Fire Redeem Code to obtain K Character for free. To promote a new event and on completing every million followers on the social media platform, Garena giveaways these redeem codes. You can check your email & follow the Free Fire social media platform to get these codes. However, you need a K Character redeem code; you can check our latest collection or try the Booyah app to get it.

Method 2:- Free Diamonds Generator

If you want to get Captain Booyah or K character in Free Fire, you need to spend 599 diamonds. This means you have to spend real money o get this character. But there are so many ways to get diamonds without spending money from your pocket.

Method:3 Lucky Royal

Lucky Royal is a in-gaming option of Garena Free Fire. This a free spin & rewards option of he game. You able to win Free diamonds, character, outfit, gun skins from Lucky Royal.

Method 4:- Google Play Redeem Code

Google Play Redeem Code allows you to get free Credits in your Play store account. You can utilize those credits to purchase any app & game from Play Store. If you have a valid redeem code for Google Play, you can use it to get free Diamonds in Free Fire & obtain the K Character without spending any money.

K Character in Free Fire in Real Life

Who is the K Character in Free Fire? Is K Character in Free Fire is more potential than other characters? Players can find the answer to these questions by reading this article. Free Fire is finally ready to unleash its new K character or Captain Booyah character. The character was produced by Free Fire and American Dj KSHMR as a joint project. With an exclusive song and music video, the partnership was revealed. A new character that will imitate KSHMR in Free Fire is Captain Booyah or K. Even though the character looks identical to the DJ, the skills it brings to the game are immense.

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Free Fire New Character K Ability

Free Fire New Character K is Master of All, which has two modes: Jiujitsu Mode and Psychology Mode, is called the skill of the K character. Like any character in Free Fire, K also has a specific character set that can be accessed by players, called ‘Heightened Awareness Set.’ Only the Psychology Mode is improved compared to that of the base at the maximum level. One can retrieve 2 EPs per 2 seconds, up to 150 EPs.

How to get K Character in Free Fire?

Free Fire has various characters for the players, but now if any of the Free Fire Players whoa re in search of How to get k character in Free Fire or wanted to k character redeem code, can refer this article. To get K character in Free Fire users have to spend diamonds on the Faded Wheel which is available as Grand Prizes. In this wheel, there are a total of ten rewards available, and players must choose two rewards that they wish to exclude from the prize pool. Here are complete steps on How to get k character in Free Fire.

  • They will draw one reward at a time after picking them out, depending on their luck. It is not possible to replicate the prizes won by players, 
  • and thus, this increases their probability of receiving the Grand Prize.
  • The cost of each draw also rises subsequently. For each draw, the prices for drawing these incentives are: 19,19,19,39,69,99,199,399 diamonds. 
  • Therefore, gamers will be able to get 862 diamonds or less for the K character and its professor pack, which is quite the bargain compared to other characters in Free Fire.
  • It is neccessary to remember that this k character in Free Fire can only be used by users until 22nd October via the Faded wheel. 
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Abilities of K

Character K is also known as Captain Booyah has two abilities. All the characters have at least one of the active or passive ability but K character will have the combination of these two. Captain Booyah or character K is also known as a “professor and jiujitsu expert” The two abilities of the K are given below:

Passive: An EP boost of 2 EP/2 seconds or 1 EP/sec will be allotted to the K character. A Normal character will have 200 EP but K has an additional EP of 50.

Active: An active toggle switch is activated by the ability when players EP reaches the mark of 150, a. K will be surrounded by a red-coloured circle when this skill gets activated, It regenerated HP for himself and the allies.


K is the most powerful character in Free Fire. In every 2.6 seconds, it recovers 2EP, which helps to recover lost health in-game. In this article, we have shared all the legit methods to unlock this character for free. Thanks for reading our post.

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