Google will kill malware in your MOBILE


Google will kill malware in your MOBILE. Malware is a serious problem in India today. In India, most android mobile phone users do not know about ‘malware’. They install any app without any technical examination. Such app users steal data, they also trouble them. Mobile seems to be hanging. Many unwanted things begin to appear. Google is trying its best to protect users from these. Recently Google has launched a new ‘Panic Mode’ for Android users, which will protect them from such apps and malware.

Google will kill malware in your MOBILEGoogle will kill malware in your MOBILE

Panic mode will work in the background of your Android phone and will bring you back home screen when stuck in a engaging app. If you get stuck in an app, you have to press the back button repeatedly without having to wait. Android will override the app by considering it as a panic, and will bring you back to the home screen where you will be able to uninstall that app.
Google has not officially announced this feature but XDA has found it in the source code of Android. However, this feature is only available in Android Noogga 7.1 and the company can make it the default feature in the upcoming Android versions.

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