How to Delete BeReal Account ? Can you Delete a BeReal Account & Post ?

How to Delete BeReal Account: There are many users of Bereal application who wants to delete his account. Be real application is fun application which notify you for taking a picture and post in 2 minutes after taking picture.

It is a new social media application that’s have a craze right now. In which you only take a one photo daily at randomized time for only two minutes, there is no filter, no any customization or editing in the picture. But you don’t want to take a picture in a rush for 2 minutes and want to delete the post or some time you also want to delete the accounts.

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How to Delete Be Real Account
How to Delete Be Real Account

Delete BeReal Account Overview:

TopicHow to Delete Be Real Account
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How to Delete BeReal Account ?

When you want to delete BeReal account, you can delete it without facing any problem. There are many users who remove their account temporarily, they also delete the account temporarily. Many user who wants to delete their account permanently, they also do it.

In BeReal application you can delete the account as your choice temporarily or permanently. But for the deleting the account the only one way not a another way to remove. If you also want to delete the Be Real account but don’t know how to do. So, keep your eyes very attentively on this article. Follow the below lines without any mistake to remove the account permanently or temporarily.

  • First tap on your profile option.
  • Tap on the three dots menu bar
  • Then tap on contact us.
  • Now you again tap on the delete my account.
  • Give some answers of the Questions which is appear and then click on I’m sure.
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According to the Be Real account privacy policy your account is kept safe for only 30 days for if you changed your mind there is no reason of worry. After 30 days your account is permanently deleted.

How to Delete BeReal Post ?

In the Be Real application the random moment of your life is posted in two minutes window. This post has a not any effect or filter so, it is a real post or you say a original pic. Sometimes the window is captured a unwanted pic and posted which you not want to posted but the some reasons it is posted and you want to delete it.

You don’t know how to delete so, follow these method to delete your unwanted post.

  • On the BeReal application find out which post you want to delete.
  • Tap on the three dots to the right of the location.
  • The location is shown in pop up window, tap on delete my BeReal.
  • There is some Question give the Answers and then tap on the I’m Sure.

Frequently asked Questions:

Q1. Can you delete a BeReal?

Ans. If you want to delete Be Real read the article.

Q2. The BeReal application is available in play store?

Ans. Yes, The Be Real application is available in play store.

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Q3. Is the BeReal application is safe ?

Ans. There is no any risk in use of Be Real application.


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