How to get Upgrade for Porygon? Is Porygon Rare in Pokemon GO? Shiny Hundo Porygon Evolve, Porygon Perfect IV & more

How to get Upgrade for Porygon : Players who play Pokémon Go said that Porygon Pokémon is a very rare pokemon in among the all other pokemon’s and to find this Pokemon is very difficult. They also said that this is hundo pokemon , I’ll tell you further about this “hundo pokemon” that what is this “hundo” mean.

Now players are searching for Porygon’s upgradation and the main reason of this article is to give you the solution of it. So, today’s article is going to be very interesting and important where we will talk about the Porygon upgradation that how can we upgrade it. I hope that you will like this article and I hope that you will get all the important points regarding this topic.

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How to get Upgrade for Porygon
How to get Upgrade for Porygon

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How to get upgrade for porygon in pokemon go ?

Porygon pokemon is a first artificial pokemon which is created by computer programming. It evolution is like- first evolution is porygon (#137),then it evolve in porygon 2(#233) and then porygon z(#474). This pokemon’s weakness is that it can’t fight, this is basically used for tracing like when it enters a battle, the Pokemon copies an opposing Pokemon’s Ability.

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It is a normal virtual category pokemon, its height is 2′ 07″, its weight is 80.5 lbs and its gender is still unknown. Some people called it “hundo porygon” which means 100% ivs, and which make it rarest pokemon. Firstly this pokemon was introduced in generation 1. This pokemon is from the Kanto region.

Now, if we talk about porygon’s upgradation then it is not that easy task because as you know that this is a very rare pokemon that is why to find this pokemon is also a tough task but don’t worry below you will get some points or tips to upgrade it.

How to evolve a porygon in pokemon go ?

What upgrade is needed to evolve porygon : As you seen that finding this pokemon and upgrading it, is not a piece of cake for any player. But even then here I’ve mentioned some points or you can say steps, which can help you to find it and upgrade it. I hope that you will follow this steps carefully and one-by-one.

  • First steps is that you need to find Porygon in one area of the game.
  • To find it, you need to travers the map until a space-time distortion pops up.
  • But remember that not every space-time distortion have porygon, it may take a while to actually come across one.
  • You also need to remember that you can only get porygon 2 or porygon z as long as you have right evolution items.
  • To evolve porygon to porygon 2 you need to upgrade items.
  • The item can be found at the trading post in jubilife village.
  • In Jubilife village you can exchange 1000 merit points in upgradation.
  • If you don’t have enough point’s then you can get more points by defeating pokemon’s in space-time distortion.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Is porygon rare in pokemon go ?

Ans. Yes this is a very rare pokemon among all the other pokemon’s.

Q2. What is needed to evolve porygon ?

Ans. To evolve porygon into porygon 2, you need to collect 25 Porygon candies.

Q3. Is shiny porygon in pokemon go ?

Ans. Yes this is a shiny pokemon which was released on September 2020.

Q4. Is there any real use of porygon z pokemon go pvp ?

Ans. No! Porygon-Z doesn’t have any real use in PvP.

Conclusion :

Thank you so much for your precious time that you gave us. In this article we talked about the latest update regarding porygon. As you know that porygon is a very rare pokemon among all the pokemon’s in the game, and to find this pokemon is a very tough task. If you want to evolve your porygon pokemon then you should follow those steps which I’ve mentioned above in the article.

Basically, Porygon pokemon is one of the most in demand pokemon. So, this was all about porygon upgradation. I hope that you like this article and I hope that you get every single information regarding this topic which you were looking for.

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