Hrithik Roshan- Free Fire New character Jai ability and released date

Hrithik Roshan- Free Fire New character Jai ability and released date. The Bollywood Superstar Hrithik Roshan who has been part of numerous blockbuster hits like Bang Bang!, Dhoom 2 and Krrish will be ported into Free Fire as a character called Jai. It is about time that India gets its unique character in Free Fire like Brazil’s Luqueta/Alok and Thailand’s Kla – as the country hosts one of the biggest Free Fire communities in the world, along with a separate server. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this character, including skills, strategy… and more.

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Garena Free Fire has teased the announcement of a brand-new character which will be added to the game. According to the leaks the new addition will be a character based on Bollywood actor, Hritik Roshan, The inclusion of the character is a part of the company’s ‘Be The Hero’ campaign, however, the company has not been vocal about it. A new Free Fire character named Jai may be coming to the battle royale soon. Jai, who had already been briefly leaked in July, is supposedly inspired by famous Indian Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan.

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Jai is a SWAT agent from the New Delhi branch, trained to operate in high-risk operations and various environments and will be the first character to represent India in Garena’s game. The country has its own battle royale server and hosts one of the Free Fire communities in the world. The appearance of Jai in the trailer is probably based on Hrithik Roshan’s roles in the two movies Kites and Bang Bang!, in which his character is also named Jai. Furthermore, Roshan’s character in Bang Bang! is also a military man.

Free Fire’s social media pages had also been giving tips that a new character related to the changes in Bermuda was coming soon, confirming the suspicions of the new update. Jai will land in the game with the Furious Reload skill, which will automatically reload a percentage of the ammunition of a gun used to kill an enemy. This skill is a time-saver since players won’t have to reload their gun during combat.

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Released date

Free Fire Jai character is releasing on 29th August 2020. Free Fire has hinted the same on various Social Media handles. The social media handles state that a new hero is coming to the game that was last spotted in Delhi, India. It indicates that it is none other than the new character ‘Jai,’ which is based on Indian Bollywood actor ‘Hrithik Roshan.’

The new Hrithik Rohan character in Free Fire update is reportedly said to not come out with the Free Fire OB23 update. This means Indian players and fans have to wait till the OB24 update rolls out. This is due to the latest Twitter update of Free Fire Brazil, the forthcoming character in the upcoming update is Lucas and as we all know Free Fire only introduces one character in each update.

Jai’s ability

Jai’s special skill is called Furious Reload. It allows him to automatically reload his ammo once when his weapon runs out of ammo. This skill would not work on launcher or crossbow but is available on pretty much everything else. After the reload, the skill would go on cooldown for a minute or so.

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