Is Wink a Dating App ? Wink App Review : Is Wink app Safe?

Wink a Dating App: Wink is a social media application in which the strangers are come here to make a new friend or soul mates. There are many users who understand that the Wink is dating application but it is only depends on the using of the application for many users it is only a social media application and for some peoples it is dating application.

This application is not suitable for the kids. There are many accounts which have some nudity and are fake accounts. Keep eyes on your child to the stranger they talked who is not a criminal or any bad person.

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Wink a Dating App
Wink a Dating App

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Wink App Review

For making a new friend there are many applications in social media but we talk about on a wink. From sometime it is topic for discussion. The Wink app is safe or not for kids. On social media there are many application which is used for making friend from the world wide.

Like Tinder, Bumble, OK cupid etc. these are very famous application for tinder. It is easy to use just swipe right to see the new friend. Just swiping on left right you can see new faces from the world wide. There are many users who is in trouble to using a wink app and there are many parents who is thinking this question in his mind for his child. We would talk on some points to discuss the problems.


On reddit there is many comments, you can see in the wink community. You also hear the news, the Childs make a fake accounts with some irrelevant words like nudes, horny and porn. This indicates the using of wink app is not a safe for kids. Everyone is can exploit the rules of wink.

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The users is used this app is not for making a good friend also making a soul mates. On the Wink there are many fake accounts in which they only make people fool. And get the personal information like bank account details, Credit card pin etc.

Inappropriate Content

This is application of social media in which you met with the stranger in only application not in real. There is no idea what is share with you some time it is inappropriate content like nude photos, unwanted messages and some times the users use the weapons to blackmail you.


There are many parents is claiming that there are many profiles in Wink is purely made for nudity. one time there is user who is write the words in their profile is “do not add me for nudes”. This is topic of concern.


The Wink app is offers points to login daily to teens and sharing their snap. One parent is complained his daughter is all time stick in this app and not take the seriously her study. The using of every thing in limit is good but over the limit it is harmful for your health.


There are many users who is also get in this situation. The problem is make by when any stranger wants your nude photos and you send it with trust. But the stranger is blackmailed you to give the money or else he is uploading this picture on social media. It is cyberbullying.

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Frequently asked Questions:

Q1. Is Wink app safe?

Ans. For the kids is not safe but for adults it is safe to use.

Q2. The friend is real on the wink?

Ans. Yes, if you have friends on the wink is real there is no bot accounts.

Q3. What is alternative of the Wink?

Ans. The Tinder, Bumble, Ok credit is some examples of its alternative.


Thank you for reading this article. We hope this article is helpful for you. In this article we telling you about on is wink a dating app. There are many users who is in trouble to using of this application.

There is no any problem for adults, it is only problematic for kids. Wink is easy to use, no any stuffs are present in the app. There is some irrelevant profile which is not suitable for child or under 17.

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