Jio Juice Beta- Wireless Charging using Tower [Fully Explained]

Jio Juice Beta- Wireless Charging using Tower Radiation [Fully Explained]. Hello Friends, Here Jio is back with new Creativity in the history of Technology. Jio is claiming that “A Jio Sim inserted Phone can be charged wireless using the Radiation from Tower which is Electromagnetic Radiation. Means Now Stop worrying About battery and Carrying Heavy Power banks.” 

So in this article We will be discussing about Jio Juice with Every aspect like what is it, how it works, when will it launch, What will be advantages or benefits, Will it be Free Service or Charged and a lot more. Let’s Go…..

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Jio Juice Beta- Wireless Charging using Tower [Fully Explained]

There is a lot of discussion of Jio Juice as well as Jio Prime. Users are wondering What is the name of Jio Juice? It was said before that the company will offer Jio Juice with the announcement of the Prime Service, but it did not happen. Now the company has accidentally tweeted Jio Juice video and deleted it again and the company has tweeted it again. So let’s tell you today what is Jio Juice and what are the benefits to Jio Juice?

Also:- Jio Prime Renewal at Rs 0 -Prime membership expires on March 31

What is Jio Juice ? 

First of all, let’s tell you that Jio Juice is not an app or drinker juice. It’s a kind of new technology that will charge your phone’s battery without power and power bank. Reliance is also tweeting about Jio Juice. More recently, the company has released a video teaser. You can watch it below.

Looking at the video, it is clear that Jio Juice is a feature that charges your phone with the help of wireless technology. You will not even need a charger for this. Actually the video shows that this feature has been added to Jio’s SIM card. This means that whose phone has a SIM of a live phone, its battery  will rarely end. According to the video, Jio Sim will charge your phone through radiation, however, the company has also deleted the tweet immediately. Now to see when the company makes an official announcement about it.

How Jio Juice Work ?

It’s work on Principal of Faraday law of induction wireless charge by Jio sim with network of Jio. That is via radiation of Tower.

Jio Juice uses the Wireless Jio Notwork to create a electromagnetic field between the Transmitter and receiver. This enables a free transfer of Energy through Electromagnetic Induction turning true 4 G data Packets into refreshing energy packets

When will Jio Juice Launch?

As in the Video The Jio Juice is to be LAunching on 1st April  2018, but since the patent is still pending so it may take Some More time.

Will Reliance Jio charge for Jio Juice Service ?

There is no Official confirmation on this as of now that it will be a free service or chargeable one. however You can Check back to us for more updates

Who are the Person in Video above ?

Head – Project Juice Juice Alex Thomas

Jio Juice Designer – Rupesh Mandal

Jio Juice Advisor – Shushma Anand

Jio Juice Beta Tester – Aarti Mehra

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