Looks like a smartphone, this device has 16 cameras, know the specialty


Looks like a smartphone, this device has 16 cameras, know the specialty. The trend of two cameras has started growing rapidly in a smartphone. There are many such smartphones which have two cameras in front of them, apart from this.

Looks like a smartphone, this device has 16 cameras, know the specialtyLooks like a smartphone, this device has 16 cameras

There are several such devices, where two or two cameras are being provided both back and forth. But today we are going to tell you about such devices in which the number of cameras is more than two. This device looks like a popular smartphone but it is a camera called Slick DSLR and the number of cameras in it is 16.

Best quality to photos
It take the wire years to create this device and it was make by Light Dot. The name of this device is LIGHT L16 whose booking has already complete 18 months which is now made available. This device is not a common device, its photos from 16 cameras to 52mp can captured. With this, it has the ability to zoom up to 5x. as well as This camera also manages the depth op field in a much better way. This camera can also done with great photography in low light. Through this you can get quality like DSLR.

Co-Founder has done studies from Delhi
Let us know that Dr. Rajiv is involve in co-founders of Light Dot Company. He done his Bachelor’s studies with IIT, Delhi. Information about the price of Light L16 is not available yet.

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