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Luqueta Character in Free Fire

How to get Luqueta character in Free Fire

Luqueta Character in Free Fire – Finally the most awaited Free Fire OB23 Update is released and the server maintenance is also closed and Now players can experience the New character of free fire, features, etc.

Get Luqueta character in Free Fire

The Luqueta Character in Free Fire is added to the game and to get the Luqueta Free Fire Character players can check out the details provided in this article. Get the Luqueta Character in Free Fire and experience the new Free Fire OB23 Update. 

Luqueta Character in Free Fire

The main focus of the Free Fire OB23 update is the introduction of a new character Luqueta, which has been added into the game. Each character in the game has an ability that assists the players in getting a Booyah.

How to Get Luqueta character in Free Fire?

In Free Fire, there is frequent addition of events that provide various items in the game to the players. One such event is the Luquetta Top Up event. The event that concludes on August 4th will present the players with an opportunity to get the character ‘Luquetta’ in Free Fire. All the players have to do is top up with the number of diamonds specified in the game. To get the character, the players will have to buy 200 diamonds and 500 diamonds to get the ‘Luqueta’s Soccer Star Bundle. It’s a great opportunity for players who buy diamonds or are willing to buy them in the game because in some way the character is up for free as they get the character just for buying the diamonds.

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In fact, most Free Fire characters take inspiration from real-life personalities and Luqueta is not an exception. If you’re wondering who is Free Fire Luqueta in real life, keep scrolling down to find the answer!

Who Is Free Fire Luqueta In Real Life?

It turns out that Free Fire Luqueta is the game adaption of famous Brazillian Lucas Paqueta, who is no stranger to football fans. The character who was rumored to be Lucas has his official name Luqueta which is the combination of Lucas and Paqueta.

Starting his football career at the age of 10, Paqueta quickly soared into a star of the Brazillian football club Flamengo. At the age of 19, he was the youngest football player to be selected as the alternative for the national football team for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

In the same year, the talented young midfielder also made headlines for the $35M transfer deal between Flamengo and A.C Milan. He officially became an A.C Milan team member one year later.


Sex: male
Age: 20
Birthday: Jun 10th

Luqueta was an exchange student from overseas. He moved because of his dad’s job.His dad wanted him to follow in his footsteps and get an MBA and get into business. But Luqueta saw his dad’s life and didn’t want any of that. He was always an atheletic kid. When he moved he started playing soccer for the school, he knew he was good when he was a kid but in high school he became a star. He didn’t even have to try that hard and was amazing.

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Hat Trick | Every kill increase the max HP, up to 35


  •  UNLOCK AT LEVEL 1Every kill increase the max HP by 8, up to 35
  •  UNLOCK AT LEVEL 2Every kill increase the max HP by 10, up to 35
  •  UNLOCK AT LEVEL 3Every kill increase the max HP by 12, up to 35
  •  UNLOCK AT LEVEL 4Every kill increase the max HP by 14, up to 35
  •  UNLOCK AT LEVEL 5Summon airdrop playcard
  •  UNLOCK AT LEVEL 6Every kill increase the max HP by 16, up to 35
  •  UNLOCK AT LEVEL 7Luqueta’s Banner
  •  UNLOCK AT LEVEL 8Every kill increase the max HP by 18, up to 35

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