Made in India app Explurger will give a tough competition to Facebook

Made in India app Explurger will give a tough competition to Facebook. The Made in India app Explurger is going to be launched on the special occasion of Independence Day 2020. Apart from this, this app will also be offered in the US, UK, Germany, England, South Africa, Australia, Iraq, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, France and Kazakhstan. At the same time, this mobile app will give a tough competition to social media apps like Facebook. So let’s know in detail about Swadeshi App Explurger …

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Made in India app Explurger will give a tough competition to Facebook

Hello Friends, Welcome to Nayag Tricks, You are disappointed with facebook social media app and want to use new made in India app. Then, this article is for you. So, read complete

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Explurger App

Makers has created this mobile app under the special Self-reliant India campaign. This mobile app supports AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence technology. Along with this, many such features have been given in this app, which will improve the experience of users.

Explurger features

According to the company, users will be able to share their fantastic life events with friends and family members through this app. Along with this, users will get facility from sharing photos and videos to check-in in this app. The special thing is that with the help of Artificial Intelligence technology, this app automatically creates travel-logs for users. Apart from this, users can also plan for future travel in this app.

Explurger app founder gave statement

Jatin Bhatia, the founder of Explurger App has said that as a software developer, I have always wondered about the fact that some of the best apps in the world, despite being driven by Indian minds, are not in the top class, which are truly It can be called Indian app. He has further said that I want to see PM Modi, Mark Zuckerberg and America President Trump using Explurger app.

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Elements App Information

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu launched India’s first social media app Elements (Elyments) in July last month. In this app, features like end-to-end encryption have been provided to keep the data of the users safe. Apart from chatting in this app, services of e-commerce have also been provided.

Elements app supports 8 languages

For your information, let us know that this app has been prepared by IT professionals. This app supports 8 languages. In this app, users will soon get the facility of video and audio calling.

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