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We are here with New World Patch Notes update Today. What’s new in this New World Update ? Get all the Latest Bug Fixes and New features. We will list out all.

We also provided the latest new world open beta patch notes and new world alpha patch notes. New World PTR Patch Notes (PTR stands for Public Test Realm) can be seen in this article.

New World Game recently has become one of the fastest-growing MMORPGs on Steam, quickly surpassing Valheim as the largest Steam launch in the history of the platform.

All in all, New World is a massive game with a ton on offer, from PVE to PVP quests, game modes, and even dungeons for players to explore for epic loot.

New World Patch Notes Update
New World Patch Notes Update

Players can also create and customize their characters to limitless freedom thanks to a class system that allows them to respect and swap out weapons at the drop of a button. There’s also a ton of crafting and a trading system for those who want to dominate the market.

However, there’s a lot that needs to be fixed and is being fixed. That said, here’s all of the recent new world game patch notes listed below.

New World Update Patch Notes 1.2.2 (11 January)

  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t gain more than 3 levels of Aptitude when crafting large quantities of items at once.
  • Disabled a short series of work-in-progress quests which were missing some aspects, most notably the rewards. These quests are being disabled for the time being, and they’ll be re-enabled at a later date. Players who have completed the quests in their current state can keep the XP and gold earned, but progress will be reset so you can complete the quests again for the proper rewards when they’re re-enabled. The quests affected are:
  • Edge of the World.
  • Call Beyond the Void.
  • Stirs the Awakened.
  • The Cursed Blade.
  • Sensou no Ko.
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to jump-cancel the bow firing recovery. There is now a .33 second delay from when an arrow is released before a jump can be triggered.
  • Fixed an issue causing permanent disease and slow being applied in PvP.
  • Fixed an issue to players sliding when animation cancelling Void Blade heavy attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong mob could spawn for “Guardian of the Light”.
  • Fixed an issue causing The Surgeon, Pit Lord Daehi, Baines, and Mordici The Mortician to not drop battle trophy materials.

New World PTR Patch Notes (7 January)

The first major update from Amazon Games’ New World for is 2022 is already on its way. Players can get themselves on the New World PTR, and jump into the new content that will launch sometime later in January. In case you’re wondering what to expect from the New World PTR patch notes, we have you covered.

The January update to the New World PTR patch notes features quite a variety of new content. Although, the main selling point of this is the expanded PVE focus on expeditions. There is a new end game system called Expedition Mutators. For those who come from World of Warcraft, this is somewhat like Mythic+.

The New World Expedition Mutators are essentially new ways to experience your favourite end game expeditions. Every week the expeditions will get new challenges and modifiers for the trash and the boss fights. It will require greater strategy as you go in and will make the expeditions feel fresher than the last few months of grinding your watermark and Gypsum.

It is also worth mentioning that taking on harder levels of these expeditions will reward greater rewards. There are a total of ten extra difficulties that you can play through each week, which will rotate mutations on a weekly basis. In order to beat the difficulties, you and your team will get points based on a number of factors. You will gain or lose points based on the number of wipes, amount of mobs killed, speed, and other contributing factors.

The initial New World PTR patch notes are vague on the amount of bonus power you will get from expeditions, but there’s no doubt we’ll know sooner or later when we play through these new expeditions.

New World Mutation Effects

For those interested, we have tabled the different New World Expedition mutators, so you can get an idea of what the different effects are. 

HellfireElemental mutatorGrants enemies affinity with ire damage and grants bosses fire-based skills.
EternalElemental mutatorGrants mobs and bosses infused void powers, similarly to Hellfire.
SavagePromotion mutatorSavage AI grant healing reduction debuffs to affected players. They also cast damaging beams around themselves.
IndomitablePromotion mutatorCreatures get life-stealing capabilities and can summon phalanx to aid them by blocking incoming projectiles.
DesiccatedCurse mutatorDesiccated players are cursed with occasional eruptions of elemental magic. Players need to cleanse the affected player by moving closer to the player affected to remove it.
CensoredCurse mutatorCensored players will find their skills and abilities work against them. After so many spells, silence zones will appear. Eventually, mana regen will stop, and you’ll need to enter these zones to get your mana back at the cost of silence effects.

New World Umbral Upgrade System

The New World PTR patch notes mention the upcoming New World Umbral Shard system. These Umbral shards will allow players to upgrade their gearscore from 600 all the way to 625. The ability to unlock the Umbral Shard feature for a specific item slot is when your expertise for that weapon slot reaches 600 GS. I will more than likely function similarly to how you spend your Gypsum on a specific item slot.

The three-way mains to get your hand on New World Umbral shards are through the following methods:

  • Expedition Mutators – The higher the difficulty level and the greater the score you earn has a better chance at offering you New World’s Umbral shards. Note, Amazon Games believe this to be the most effecient method way of grabbing yourself Umbral Shards.
  • Gypsum also has a chance to grant you Umbral Shards once when you get to 600 expertise.
  • Crafting 600 GS items for other players allows players to unlock Umbral shards.

New World PTR update

There are a few other prominent feature changes coming courtesy of the New World PTR patch notes. The fast travel cost is coming down, largely down the active player base feeling that end game Azoth cost is racking up. The distance factor in the fast travel cost calculator is getting lowered. It means that fast travelling is much more affordable.

Moreso, there’s plenty of AI balance changes, bug fixes and more to take a look at on the New World PTR. All in all, it is a dramatic change-up in the PVE aspects of New World. Remember to download the New World PTR on Steam if you wish to try out his content and get it ready for the patch that will come in the near future. 

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New World patch notes: Into The Void update (November 18)

The first major new world update patch notes is called Into The Void. It’s been in the Public Test Realm for a while, but now it’s releasing into the main game, introducing a new magical weapon, the Void Gauntlet, and a brand new enemy faction, the Varangian Knights. The gauntlet channels the Void, and is a powerful support/damage weapon that can utilise the magical trees of Annihilation and Decay.

The Varangians on the other hand are sadistic raiders led by Lord Commander Attalus, currently raiding south-east Aeternum. The faction comprises multiple enemies such as the Varangian Hewer, Varangian Scout, Varangian Knight, and Varangian Archer. And no, they bear no relation to that Dark Souls 2 enemy with the same name. 

Alongside that, there are new PvP faction quests, changes to the world, as well as tweaks to combat, AI, weapons, and just about anything and everything. There are way too many changes to list here, but you can see the full patch notes over on the official site.  

New World Update 1.2.1

  • Restricted Coin Lockboxes earned from the Tree of Light to players level 14 and above to coincide with when Event Quests are enabled for players. This change was implemented to discourage bad actors from repeatedly creating new characters in an attempt to exploit the availability of coin.
  • Reduced the amount of characters that can be created per day per account.
  • Fixed an issue causing Azoth balances to not update after fast traveling or crafting. Azoth balances should now adjust to show the amount spent when traveling or crafting.
  • Fixed an issue that caused potions to drop at multiple gear scores resulting in inventory stacking issues.
  • To enable a level playing field for players, we reset the faction cooldown time for all players. Once players choose or change a faction the duration of the cooldown will be set to 60 days.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused the “Weavers Needed” Town Project mission for the Winter Convergence to not be completed if attempting to craft in Everfall.

New World patch notes: Update 1.0.5 (November 3)

Coin Sellers

We know many of you have seen the pesky chat messages from players spamming messages, and we’re continuing to investigate solutions to this issue. We discovered that many coin sellers were creating new characters and transferring money to other accounts. To combat this, we’ve:

  • Banned and suspended many of the reported accounts. Thank you for your reports for players spamming chat.
  • Added restrictions to prevent player-to-player trading and currency transfer from characters under level 10, or whose account is less than 72 hours old. Logging in after your account is 72 hours old will enable your ability to trade and transfer currency once you’ve hit level 10.
  • Redistributed coin value from some early quests to later in the Main Story questline, keeping the total amounts of coin earned the same, just delivered in quests slightly later.
  • Trading Post usage will be restricted until new characters accept the “Introduction to Trading Post” quest in their first settlement.

We will monitor the impact this has on bots and the health of the game, and continue to adjust as necessary.


  • Fixed a bug where players were able to duplicate items via storage sheds and crafting stations.
  • We fixed the issue of gold duplicating on territory projects we introduced by disabling trading and made sure it would not occur in the future should we need to disable trading again.


  • Life Staff: Orb of Protection
  • Removed the small area of effects (AoE) that were triggering on passthrough from every hit of the base version of Orb of protection.
  • AoE no longer triggers on passthrough from the Aegis upgrade, it will only trigger on impact against an enemy/object now.
  • Reduced attribute respec coin cost by 60%.
  • Reduced weapon mastery respec Azoth cost by 75%.
  • Reduced coin cost of chisels by 20-50% depending on tier.
  • To encourage competition in Outpost Rush, we’ve slightly reduced the Coin and Azoth rewards for the losing team.
  • We have surfaced the War conflict progress bars on the map and the Faction Board when there is an upcoming Invasion, as you can still gain War conflict for your Faction.
  • Identical Weapon Equipping: Players can no longer equip the same weapon type in both weapon slots. We want each weapon slot to have a different weapon type to open up combat diversity. This change also addresses issues which could occur when swapping between weapons of the same type.
  • Group Scaling Passives: Fixed issues which could cause passive effects that scaled on the number of nearby foes, such as Bloodlust (Great Axe), Against All Odds (Hatchet), and Outnumbered (Warhammer), to apply incorrectly.
  • Spell Strike Consistency: Fixed issues which caused several magic spells, such as Ice Storm and Gravity Well, to not hit consistently.
  • Resilient (Item Perk): Fixed an issue that caused this perk to reduce all damage instead of just damage from critical hits.
  • PvP Flagging: Fixed an issue that allowed PVP and PVE players to heal each other.

Outpost Rush

  • Fixed an issue that was allowing players to get out of the starting Fort before the match starts.
  • We now prevent multiple players from interacting with the Altar in Outpost Rush. This will prevent players from getting multiple summon tokens per 500 azoth.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the nameplates of summoned allies to appear hostile.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Battle Bread (the food buff in Outpost Rush) to be twice as effective as intended.
  • Updated the tool tip for Battle Bread and Monster Slayer’s Stew to properly describe the buffs they provide.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to become stuck in a teleport loop if they teleported out of Outpost Rush while using /unstuck.

General bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented some people from joining Outpost Rush because they had a pending group invite.
  • Repair kits should no longer require Coin to use.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused players to use the wrong consumable when using consumables from the inventory screen.
  • Fixed various issues with Invasion status showing before the Invasion was declared.
  • Updated missing English text for on-login pop up explaining housing tax compensation.
  • Fixed an issue allowing magic weapons to animation cancel their primary attacks with weapon swap or targeting spells, causing rate of fire to be faster than intended.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Ice Gauntlet upgrade Pylon Dodge to only work immediately after you placed the Ice Pylon.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a player to lose their house while offline during maintenance. In a future update, we will be reimbursing the players who encountered this issue. Exact details around the reimbursement will be in the corresponding update notes.
  • Fixed an issue with enemy AI duplicating and stacking spawns during the quest “Shivering Timbers”.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to initiate a server transfer if they were in the tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Trading Post to become unresponsive or delayed.
  • Improved server performance when a large number of players congregate in settlements.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some territory influence to not be properly recognized when lots of players turned in PvP missions simultaneously.
  • Fixed an issue causing some player titles to show as <uninitialized>.
  • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck while fishing with lag.
  • Fixed the UI notification for landing in a hot spot while fishing.
  • Fixed a localization issue where bonus crafting percentages for tools were displaying as 0% for non-English languages.
  • Fixed the time in Europe to properly account for the change from CEST to CET.
  • Fixed an issue preventing gear score to increase past 589 from drop rewards.

Speculative fixes

The fixes listed below are tentative fixes and mitigations. Our goal is to get these changes out and see if issues persist, so we can continue to work on them and address in a future update if necessary.

  • Implemented a change to help us dig into the “timed out while waiting for server to describe world” issue, and added a fix to reduce occurrences of this issue while we continue to investigate.

New World patch notes: Update 1.0.3 (October 19)

Server transfers are finally here! Amazon has said that they are going to give all players the ‘Stoic’ in-game title as well as make the ‘Waiting’ emote free in the store to say thank you for people’s patience. Transfers start with the AP Southeast region, and if things go smoothly, will be rolled out to other regions. Here’s the server transfer FAQ:

How do I transfer my character?

  • You need to log into your character, which means waiting in any applicable queues.
  • There will be a new tab in the in-game store to claim your character transfer token.
  • You need to leave your Company.
  • You need to remove any active Trading Post sell orders and buy orders.
  • Your character must be located in a sanctuary (such as a settlement or outpost).

What comes with me when I transfer?

  • You will keep all character progression (level, weapon mastery, titles, etc.).
  • You will keep your inventory and storage.
  • You will keep all of your currency.
  • You will keep your houses and housing decorations.
  • You will keep all quest progress.

What does not transfer with my character?

  • Your Company membership needs to be terminated before transferring, and will not carry over.
  • Active Trading Post sell orders and buy orders must be removed and will not carry over.
  • Your friends list is world specific and will not transfer.

Where can I move my character to?

  • You can move your character to any world in your region, except:
  • You cannot move your character to a full world.
  • You cannot move your character to a world in maintenance.
  • You cannot move your character to a world set that you have an existing character in already.

Will there be opportunities to transfer again if I choose the wrong world, the world my friends chose filled up, or I regret choosing the world I transferred to?

  • Transferring again will require an additional token. Our team will continue monitoring world populations, queue times, and will evaluate the need for an additional wave of server transfer tokens to be given out for free. After we are sure players have had plenty of time to find the right server for them, we will later make server transfer tokens available for purchase in the store. We will give notice ahead of time when tokens are changing to a paid service.

Patch notes

  • Implemented final pieces of the server transfer framework.
  • Added improvements to the World selection UI.
  • Added clearer messaging when a player is kicked due to going AFK or violating the EAC.
  • Added clearer messaging when stacked discounts are present, such as territory standing and faction discounts on property taxes.
  • Implemented back-end changes to help our team investigate concerns around the client performance in War.
  • Adjusted the respawn timer on Boatswain Ambrose and various other elite enemies throughout the world.
  • In The Depths, Players must now be in the arena to damage Thorpe.
  • An error message now appears when players attempt to buy their own items in the Trading Post.
  • Reverted a chest/loot change from update 1.0.2 that was causing too many refining reagents to roll from chests.
  • Adjusted the volume on the Amazon Games splash screen.
  • Armor is now limited to 1 weapon mastery perk on a single item. Previously, you could have perks for different weapons. Weapon mastery perks will not be removed from items that existed before this update.
  • Added general performance improvements for visual artifacts and graphics settings.
  • Dyes are now removed from items upon trade with a warning message present.
  • The Time to Declare War” timer now visually pauses to make it clear when an Invasion is imminent but not yet scheduled. Territory remains in a Conflict state after Invasions, and War can be declared.

General bug fixes

  • Fixed issues with the T4 and T5 azoth staffs— go close those high level portals!
  • Fixed an issue causing the abandoning event notification to persist.
  • Fixed a housing UI issue. The UI will now correctly shows that property taxes are subject to the full price of the home, and not impacted by the first time home buyer discount.
  • Fixed issues with early game spawning. The watchtower respawn point is replaced by the Settlement after it has been discovered. Players no longer incorrectly respawn at a Watchtower after selecting to respawn at a Settlement.
  • Fixed various localization issues throughout the game.
  • Fixed an issue where not all items for Town Projects were consumed when completing the mission.
  • Resolved login errors that prevented players from accessing their character.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Arena keys to not drop as intended.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Runic Bear armor to not be appropriately dyed during Wars.
  • Fixed a pet placement issue. Pets placed in an otherwise empty house now remain in the home after the player logs out, instead of returning the pet to the player’s inventory.
  • AP Southeast servers now display the correct time zone in-game.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Company invites to persist after decline/accept.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Rajah spawns to stack forever – one big cat at a time, please!
  • Update: Our team was able to include a few other urgent fixes into this week’s update. The following issues have been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused holding and dragging around the client while in windowed mode to constantly retrigger invincibility.
  • Fixed an issue that caused taxes to not go into the controlling company’s treasury.
  • Fixed an issue that caused penalty length for suspensions and bans to say “Over a year”.
  • Fixed issues with companies not receiving some territory taxes.
  • Additionally, we discovered that our fix for the issue with titles and achievements not always updating correctly will need some additional work, and we’ve removed it from the list. We’ll continue to work on a fix for this issue, and many more, to release in future updates.

Speculative fixes

  • The fixes listed below are tentative fixes and mitigations. Our goal is to get these changes out and see if issues persist, so we can continue to work on them and address in a future update if necessary.
  • Worked to fix an issue where Wars and Invasions kicked off earlier than scheduled.
  • Worked to fix an issue where not all settlement stations upgrade as intended when town projects are completed.
  • Players should no longer become stuck when entering or exiting an instance. If a player reconnects and their character is dead, the respawn screen is open with respawn options available. Players who are currently stuck need to contact customer support to have their character unstuck.

New World patch notes: Update 1.0.2 (October 13) 

Faction Missions

We adjusted the rates of influence gain over time so that it will continue to require significant effort over time to flip a territory into conflict state:

  • Reduced the amount of influence increase over time significantly for attacking factions. This is to account for a bug we found where the increase was multiplied much faster than intended over time.
  • Removed the decrease in influence over time for defending factions.

Bug fixes: General

  • Fixed an issue where players could respawn as a corpse.
  • Fixed an issue where the tier 3 fishing treasure chest wouldn’t fight back after being hooked.
  • Fixed various localization issues and text fields.
  • Fixed an issue causing players kicked, suspended, banned, or removed from the game by Easy Anti-Cheat to receive unclear communication. Additional messaging has been added so players can better understand the penalty they received.
  • Fixed an issue causing territory influence to be reset after an Invasion.
  • Fixed an issue where players attempting to take a split amount of stacked items from a different settlement their faction owns, they were charged for the entire cost of the items in the stack.
  • Fixed a game crash caused by a player targeting another player with a healing effect at the exact moment they fast traveled or teleported away.
  • Fixed an issue reducing variety and potential quantity of loot obtained from game modes and chests within the world.
  • Fixed an issue causing some crafting bonuses to not provide the minimum intended values.
  • Fixed an issue where overflow items in storage transferred to a different territory.
  • Fixed an issue where petting Barkimedes caused the camera to jitter.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Ice Pylon ability to not cooldown appropriately.
  • Fixed an issue where settlement storage can become massively overflowed by expired contracts.
  • Fixed an issue where player’s movement could stutter after becoming encumbered from logging.
  • Fixed an issue where there were not enough chests at Hapless Homestead to fulfill Faction quest requirements.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to randomly teleport.
  • Fixed an issue where players disappear if standing still when a campsite turret blueprint is being held.
  • Fixed a visual issue causing repeater turrets to appear as if they were firing projectiles at an angle that did not align with the turret.
  • Fixed miscellaneous game crashes.

AI Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Marshjaw respawned slower than intended at Flatfish Fishery.
  • Fixed an issue causing certain bears to respawn faster than intended.
  • Fixed an issue causing twice the intended number of Boars to spawn at the Boarsholm POI in Restless Shores.

Store fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where players could be prompted to purchase an item they had previously started the unlocking process on in the in-game store when trying to unlock another item immediately after.
  • Fixed an issue causing store previews for skins to not work correctly when the player was actively wielding a weapon.
  • Fixed an issue where the Righteous Guardian armor skin would not change color in War
  • Fixed an issue where the Runic Bear armor skin would not change color in War
  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect poses when previewing store items

New World Open Beta Patch Notes

This page lists all information on the Open Beta patch notes for New World. Read on to learn more about the patch note’s release date, including changes to the game’s World Experience, AI, combat, economy progression, and rewards!

New World released their Open Beta on September 9, 2021. The Open Beta patch notes fixed several issues and bugs and adjusted Combat, Economy, Progression, and Rewards.

New World Open Beta Patch Notes Summary

Patch Notes Highlights
World Experience・Fixed issues and bugs across multiple expeditions.
・Fixed various quest and open world issues.
・Fixed town mission exploits.
AI・Adjusted HP and Damage values and scaling for bosses, elites, and expedition enemies across the board.
・Fixed certain skill interactions against bosses.
・Adjusted certain enemy behavior in Arenas.
・Fixed various enemy-related bugs from Expeditions.
Combat・Reduced PvP Scaling
・Adjusted several skills and perks across the board.
・Adjusted equipment load and stats across all armor types.
・Adjusted certain combat-based buffs, consumables, trophies, and gems.
・General bug fixes across mutliple weapon skills and types.
Economy Progression & Rewards・Nerfed several town-board mission XP rewards.
・Adjusted Azoth Staff upgrade progression.
・Nerfed faction XPs in select regions due to their shorter travel times.
・Removed endurance potions from the game completely.
・Adjusted drop rates on named items from Expedition bosses.
・Adjusted default perks on named weapons and faction gear.
・Increased the cost of faction gear.
・General bug fixes.

New World Alpha Patch Notes

New World released this Alpha patch on June 22, 2021. The June Alpha Update Part 2 Update focused on polish, balance, and bug fixes as they prepared for the launching for their Closed Beta test.

General Updates

  • Added two new types of PvE Faction Missions: Assassinate and Elite.
  • Assassinate missions challenge players to take out specific high-threat foes.
  • Elite missions send players to take on Aeternum’s most dangerous villains and their minions. These missions are higher difficulty with a higher reward. It’s recommended that you bring a friend.
  • Polished Territory quests with updates to tracker text and map pins.
  • Reduced weight cost for Azoth fast travel by 20%.
  • Invasion rewards are now tied directly to a player’s scoreboard score.

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