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Vedantu Students Special VQuiz

Quiz NameSpecial Live V Quiz
Quiz TimeEvery Day at 7 pm
Quiz PrizeRs 20000
Lucky WinnersBased on Candidates giving all Correct Answer

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Vedantu Quiz Answers Today | Vedantu Quiz Qnswers Hack :

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Vedantu V Quiz Answers Today-

Vedantu Fastrack Sports Quiz 1 December Questions and Answers 7:00 PM :-





















Vedantu Power-Packed GK Quiz 30 November Questions and Answers 7:00 PM :-

Q1. Who is the known as the “Iron man of India”?

Ans. Ballabh Bhai Patel

Q2. What does WWW stand for?

Ans. World Wide Web

Q3. Which is longest dam in India?

Ans. Hirakud Dam

Q4. Which city is called “White City of Rajasthan”?

Ans. Udaipur

Q5. Which UNESSCO World Heritage site located in the Northern Part of Karnataka?

Ans. Hampi

Q6. Who among the following is longest serving Governor of Nagaland so far?

Ans. L.P. Singh

Q7. Which company was started in Germany in 1945 as Laboratorium Wennebostel?

Ans. Sennheiser

Q8. Which car logo was designed by the inventor of Vanadium Steel Alloys?

Ans. Ford Motors

Q9. In which year did Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill celebrate his 75th Birhday?

Ans. 1949

Q10. Who is not nominated for “ICC Women’s ODI Player of the Decade”?

Ans. Sarah Taylor

Vedantu Ultimate GK Challenge Quiz 28 November Questions and Answers 7:00 PM :-

Q1. Who is the current captain of the Indian Cricket Team ?

Ans. Virat Kohli

Q2. What is the capital of West Bengal ?

Ans. Kolkata

Q3. The French call it “La Tour Eiffel “. Choose which of the following is resembles

Ans. Eiffel Tower

Q4. How many rings are there in the Audi logo ?

Ans. 4

Q5. Which Indian Scientist won Novel Prize for Physics ?

Ans. C. V. Raman

Q6. Which among the following agencies market steel for the public sector plants ?


Q7. When did the 45th President of the United States first host the apprentice ?

Ans. 2004

Q8. Who is the first US senator to chair a standing committee for 24 years ?

Ans. William Allison

Q9. Can you find the odd man out from these 3 best players in the world ?

Ans. Jonny Wilkinson

Q10. Put these players in the right order: a. Sergio Castel b. Messi Bouli c. Roy Krishna

Ans. a-b-c

Vedantu Famous Personalities Quiz 27 November Questions and Answers 7:00 PM :-

Q1. Suresh Raina was the Captain of which team in IPL ?

Ans. Gujrat Lions

Q2. At the age of 19, Raina made his ODI debut in July 2005 against _

Ans. Sri Lanka

Q3. Apart from Raina, who is considered as the youngest player to Captain team India ?

Ans. Sachin

Q4. When did Suresh Raina announce his retirement from international Cricket ?

Ans. 2020

Q5. Against which team, Suresh Raina Scored his maiden ODI 100 in Asia Cup ?

Ans. Hong Kong

Q6. Bruce Lee passed away days ago before the release of which movie in Hong Kong ?

Ans. Enter the Dragon

Q7. Which Martial arts system was started by the famous Little Phoenix ?

Ans. Jeet Kune Do

Q8. For which competition did Bruce Jun Fan Lee won an award in 1958 ?

Ans. Dance

Q9. Which of these actors was not Bruce Lee’s martial arts student ?

Ans. Burt Lancaster

Q10. What is the title of the book written by S. Lee on Bruce Lee ?

Ans. Be Water My Friend

Vedantu The Iconic Sculpture Quiz 26 November Questions and Answers 7:00 PM :-

Q1. Which 14 feet tall statue was carved by famous Artist Michelangelo?

Ans. David

Q2. Which Tomb was commissioned by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb?

Ans. Bibi ka Maqbara

Q3. What is the name of Sculpture in KwaZulu Natal That honors Nelson Mandela?

Ans. The Freedom of Howick

Q4. Often compared with the Buckingham Palace, who designed the Mysore Palace?

Ans. Henry Irwin

Q5. Who made a famous Bronze Statue of five-time Ballon d’or winner?

Ans. Emanuel Santos

Q6. Where should you go to see the 148 tall ‘Virgen del Socavon’ ?

Ans. Bolivia

Q7. Can you select the area that’s home to “Garuda the Wisnu Kencana” ?

Ans. Indonesia

Q8. Which among the following Statue was crafted by a Danish-Islandic Sculptor?

Ans. Little Mermaid

Q9. Which 300-Hectare site was added to the world Heritage list in 1998 by UNESCO?

Ans. The Summer Palace

Q10. _ was designed by a 1947 born architect but built by a North Korean Company?

Ans. African Renaissance

UPDATE: Vedantu V Quiz is Started Again. You can continue checking this article for New vQuiz Updates.

Vedantu Fantastic 10 GK Quiz 5 November Questions and Answers 7:00 PM :-

Q1. What is Jantar Mantar ?

Ans. Astronomical Observatory

Q2. Who was the captain of Italy in FIFA 2014 ?

Ans. Leonardo Bonucci

Q3. Which planet has the most moons ?

Ans. Saturn

Q4. Which city is called the ‘White City’ of Rajasthan ?

Ans. Udaipur

Q5. Who is the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh ?

Ans. Pema Khandu

Q6. What’s the square of 105 ?

Ans. 11025

Q7. What was Snapchat originally called ?

Ans. Picaboo

Q8. Which was the first fort constructed by the British in India ?

Ans. Fort St. George

Q9. When was the first World Hindi Day celebrated ?

Ans. 2006

Q10. Since 26 Jan 1950, how many people has served as the Chief Justice of India ?

Ans. 47

Vedantu 4 November Quiz Questions and Answers 7:00 PM for Rs 30,000:-

Q1. Which one of the following is the founder of Alibaba?

Ans. Jack Ma

Q2. In which ocean the ship (Titanic) drawn in 1912?

Ans. Atlantic

Q3. Which of these sport has never been featured at the Olympic?

Ans. Aquash

Q4. Which of the capital of North Korea?

Ans. Pyongyang

Q5. Who has been appointed as be new Secretory General of Lok Sabha?

Ans. Snehlata Shrivastava

Q6. In which year did the Cabinet Mission arrived in India?

Ans. 1946

Q7. How many women have the received Medal of Honor So far?

Ans. 1

Q8. Which Bank signed pacts with Union Cabinet under BRICS Mechanism?

Ans. Exim

Q9. What is Cube root of 68921?

Ans. 41

Q10. Who won the Paris Masters Trophy in 2003?

Ans. Timhanman

Vedantu Top 10 Science Quiz 2 November Questions and Answers 7:00 PM:-

Q1. Which force pulls all the object towards the center of the Earth?

Ans. Gravity

Q2. Why do we need Carbohydrates ?

Ans. To gain energy

Q3. Which of these following makes their own food ?

Ans. Producers

Q4. Which of these X-Y chromosome pair is not possble ?

Ans. YY

Q5. At what Temperature are Celsius and Fahrenheit equal ?

Ans. -40

Q6. Superior Vena Cava primarily a part of which body system ?

Ans. Circulatory System

Q7. How much DNA is roughly shared by human and Chimpanzees ?

Ans. 0.98

Q8. Which body part is a part of the Nervous System ?

Ans. Spinal Cord

Q9. Which Organ in Herbivorous animal helps in Digestion of Starch through bacteria ?

Ans. Caecum

Q10. Saffron is obtained from which among the following parts of the plant ?

Ans. Stigma

Vedantu Sunday Special Quiz 1 November Questions and Answers 7:00 PM:-

Q1. Each year when do we celebrate “United Nations Day” ?

Ans. 24 October

Q2. The United Nation is separated into how many components ?

Ans. 6

Q3. Which UN Body confers the Literacy Prize ?


Q4. How many member are there in UN Security Council ?

Ans. 15

Q5. Which one of the is not a permanent member of the UN Security Council ?

Ans. Germany

Q6. How many official languages does the United Nation have ?

Ans. 6

Q7. How often does the General Assembly of the United Nations Meet ?

Ans. Once a Year

Q8. What is the term of United Nation Secretory General ?

Ans. 5 Years

Q9. How many countries were represented at the first session of the UN General Assembly ?

Ans. 51

Q10. Who became the Secretory General of the UN on 1st January 1997 ?

Ans. Kofiannan

Vedantu The Big Food Quiz 31 October Questions and Answers 7:00 PM:-

Q1. Which state is famous for the food “Litti Chokha” ?

Ans. Bihar

Q2. Where did the KFC founder open his First franchise ?

Ans. Utah

Q3. Which Vitamin is only one that you will not found in egg ?

Ans. Vitamin C

Q4. Which flower does the spice saffron come from ?

Ans. Crocus

Q5. Which of these is NOT a type of Mushroom ?

Ans. Tiger’s Tail

Q6. Which of these was called “Food of the God” in ancient India ?

Ans. Yogurt

Q7. Which of these is spiciest chili in the World?

Ans. Carolina Reaper

Q8. Bobotie is the international dish of which country?

Ans. South Africa

Q9. What is the name of the spongy flatbread traditionally eaten in Ethiopia ?

Ans. Injera

Q10. Year 2023 will be International Year of which food?

Ans. Millets

Vedantu Harry Potter House 29 October Questions and Answers 7:00 PM:-

Q1. What are the name of Harry Potter’s two best friends?

Ans. Ron & Hermione

Q2. How many publishing houses rejected Harry Potter Books?

Ans. 12

Q3. What Hogwarts house is Harry in ?

Ans. Gryffindor

Q4. What’s the name of Ron’s owl ?

Ans. Pig

Q5. Who directed the first Harry Potter Film?

Ans. Chris Columbus

Q6. Which Harry Potter has the most Pages?

Ans. Order of Phoenix

Q7. Which Harry Potter was Published in two Different Names?

Ans. Philosopher’s Stone

Q8. Which creature is from Africa?

Ans. Fwooper

Q9. Who is the Voice behind Harry Potter’s Audio Book Versions of UK editions?

Ans. Stephen Fry

Q10 Who translated the Harrry Potter Book in Albanian Language?

Ans. Amik Kasoruho

Vedantu KBC Quiz Update –

(Exclusive) Vedantu KBC Quiz UPDATE :- The Quiz has been finished and There are 1,000 winners Selected in the Quiz. The Winner Details are confidential. If You are selected in the list. you will soon receive a Call from KBC Team. Vedantu has sent all details of selected students to KBC Team.

What’s Next for KBC Quiz Winner:- All the 1000 winners will be called by KBC Team and a Online Test will be organized. Then out of 1000 winners. Best 10 winners will be selected. These 10 winners will be called for KBC Fastest Finger First. This Vedantu KBC Show will be telecasted on Sony TV in December 2020. For more information Please Visit This article again.

Vedantu is giving you once in a life time Opportunity to be own KBC hot-seat! Impossible is nothing, If you try hard Every day increase your chance to reach KBC. Play VQuiz without fail. 

Live online learning platform Vedantu announced its collaboration with India’s popular game show, Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC), as the “co-powered by” sponsor for its on-going 12th season. Vedantu will provide a platform for students to get closer to the hot seat.

The live quiz will be hosted for children between the age of 10-16 years to participate in KBC as well as test their knowledge in a fun and engaging manner.

Answer on Vedantu App at 11 am & 7 pm daily from 5th to 25th October 2020.

Here are 25 October 07:00 P.M. Questions and Answer:-

Booster:- Grand Piano panel has 3 foot operated peddles on the base of which changes the instrument sound in various ways

Q1. Which among the following animal can sleep for 3 years ?

Ans. Snails

Q2. Which bone protect our brain ?

Ans. Skull

Q3. How many peddles does a Grand Piano have ?

Ans. 3

Q4. Who was the 1st Indian director of the IISc Bangalore ?

Ans. CV Raman

Q5. Which female singer is called the “Nightingale of India” ?

Ans. Lata Mangeshkar

Q6. Which planet has the most volcanos ?

Ans. Venus

Q7. Which one is the only movable bone in human skull ?

Ans. Mandible

Q8. Who was the only player from Jammu and Kashmir in IPL 2020 ?

Ans. Abdul Samad

Q9. Which of these was called “Food of the Gods” in ancient India?

Ans. Yogurt

Q10. Who honored with Asia Game Changer Award 2020 and only Indian among six honorees?

Ans. Chef Vikash Khanna

Here are 25 October 11:00 A.M. Questions and Answer:-

Booster:- Bengaluru has highest climate

Q1. In which medium sound travels faster ?

Ans. Solid

Q2. What do you call a group of Jellyfish ?

Ans. Smack

Q3. Which City is known as ‘Silicon Valley’ of India?

Ans. Bengaluru

Q4. Which of these fruits is not considered a citrus fruit ?

Ans. Cranberry

Q5. After which mythological figure did Sri Lanka name its 1st Satellite ?

Ans. Ravana

Q6. Who designed the 1st Smartwatch in 1998 ?

Ans. Steve Mann

Q7. What was the 1st registered domain name ?


Q8. How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites are there in India ?

Ans. 38

Q9. Who was the first and only US President to serve more than two terms ?

Ans. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Q10. Which operation was launched in the Gulf for Indian vessels Security ?

Ans. Operation Sankalp

Here are 24 October 07:00 P.M. Questions and Answer:-

Booster:- Wakanda is fictional home country of Superhero black Panther

Q1. Who was the First Mughal emperor in India ?

Ans. Babur

Q2. In Which Fictional Country Black Panther set ?

Ans. Wakanda

Q3. Which Mobile Manufacturer has the Tagline “Stay New”?

Ans. Samsung

Q4. Who is the only bowler to take three hattricks in a Single Season of IPL ?

Ans. Amit Mishra

Q5. Which of the Mughal Structure known by the name ‘Rauza-i-Munawwara’?

Ans. Taj Mahal

Q6. What is Singer Kishor Kumar’s Real Name ?

Ans. Abhas Kumar Ganguly

Q7. Who won the AIFF women’s Footballer of the Year Title in 2019?

Ans. Ashalata Devi

Q8. Which country has the highest number of Museum per capita in the world?

Ans. Israel

Q9. When was Radhakrishnan elected as the chairman of UNESCO’s executive board ?

Ans. 1948

Q10. Who received the Young Career Award in Nanoscience and Technology for 2020?

Ans. Saurabh Lodha

Here are 24 October 11:00 A.M. Questions and Answer:-

Booster:- Nestle tagline good food good life

Q1. What is the National Bird of India?

Ans. Peacock

Q2. From which state does the river “Godavari” originate?

Ans. Maharashtra

Q3. Who was the Captain of Mumbai Indians in IPL 2012?

Ans. Harbhajan Singh

Q4. Which Company uses the Tagline “Good Food, Good Life”?

Ans. Nestle

Q5. Which World Cup saw the least no of Centuries Scored?

Ans. 1979

Q6. Where was Mayurakshi Project Taken up for execution in 1951?

Ans. West Bengal

Q7. Which Day is observed as “World Patient Safety Day”?

Ans. 17 September

Q8. Where is the Leo Nardo Da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport Located?

Ans. Rome

Q9. Who was the 1st Woman to appear on the front of US Paper Currency?

Ans. Martha Washington

Q10. Which British Indian Yoga Champion has won the Global Child Prodigy Award?

Ans. Ishwar Sharma

Here are 23 October 07:00 P.M. Questions and Answer:-

Q1. What is the human body’s largest organ?

Ans. Skin

Q2. Which Nation will host the 2023 Cricket World Cup?

Ans. India

Q3. What is the world’s oldest currency?

Ans. British Pound

Q4. Which Portuguese explored and the first European reached India by sea?

Ans. Vasco da Gama

Q5. In September 2020, which brand has signed Suresh Raina as it’s Brand Ambassador?

Ans. 9stacks

Q6. Which IPL team become the First Team to hire a Woman in Support Staff?

Ans. RCB

Q7. Which holiday in India falls on 2nd day of the 10th month of the calendar?

Ans. Gandhi Jayanti

Q8. Which Fast Fashion Retailer has filed for bankruptcy ?

Ans. Forever 21

Q9. Who became the first Indian to receive the Richard Dawkins Award?

Ans. Javed Akhtar

Q10. Which country has launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based cop “Ella”?

Ans. New Zealand

Here are 23 October 11:00 A.M. Questions and Answer:-

Q1. In which month is “Lohri” celebrated by Sikhs and Hindus?

Ans. January

Q2. Which Computer manufacturer has the tagline “Think Different”?

Ans. Apple

Q3. Who has won the most gold medals in the Olympics?

Ans. Michael Phelps

Q4. Which city is known as the “World’s Capital City”?

Ans. London

Q5. Vodafone and Idea rebranded themselves under which new brand identity?

Ans. Vi

Q6. Which is the World’s 1st Granite India?

Ans. The Brihadeeswara Temple

Q7. Where the world’s tallest flagpole is located?

Ans. Saudi Arabia

Q8. Who was the first Women External Affair Minister of India?

Ans. Indira Gandhi

Q9. A blue colored ‘Bal Aadhar Card’ was introduced for what age of children?

Ans. Below 5 Years

Q10. Which Company has become the1st member of India’s gas trading Platform?

Ans. Manikaran Power

Here are 22th October 07:00 P.M. Questions and Answer:-

Q1. How much does a typical brain weighs?

Ans. 1400 g

Q2. Which is the 3rd-highest civilian award in the Republic of India ?

Ans. Padma Bhushan

Q3. In India which of these is not a toy-train track?

Ans. Jammu- Dehradun

Q4. Name the Instrument that is associated with Lord Shiva?

Ans. Damaru

Q5. What country uses a currency called the ‘Cordoba’?

Ans. Nicaragua

Q6. Which family does the flute belong to ?

Ans. Woodwind Family

Q7. Who does not have a chemical element on the Periodic Table named after him?

Ans. Thomas Edison

Q8. Which Publication has the Slogan ‘Capitalist Tool’ ?

Ans. Forbes Magazine

Q9. In Which Year All India Football Federation (AIFF) gained FIFA affiliation ?

Ans. 1948

Q10. Machu-Pichu is known as “The Lost City of The Incas” located in which country?

Ans. Peru

Here are 22th October 11:00 A.M. Questions and Answer:-

Q1. In What Year was the 1st Harry Potter book published?

Ans. 1997

Q2. Which Indian Scientist won Nobel Prize for Physics?

Ans. C V Raman

Q3. What is the Commonly known as Hypertext Markup Language?


Q4. Which state was left devastated by Super-Cyclone in 1995 ?

Ans. Odisha

Q5. Which City in India you be in if you are visiting the Victoria Memorial ?

Ans. Kolkata

Q6. Which country hosted and won the 2019 Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship?

Ans. Iran

Q7. Who is the author of the book ‘The Perils of being moderately Famous’?

Ans. Soha Ali Khan

Q8. How many languages does the WhatsApp support on Android?

Ans. 60

Q9. Which Indian Classical Musician honored with a Planet Name after him?

Ans. Pandit Jasraj

Q10. Who was the first Female Teacher of Indian’s First Women’s School?

Ans. Savitribai Phule

Here are 21th October 7:00 P.M. Questions and Answer:-

Q1. Not Available

Ans. Not Available

Q2. Out of the seven color of rainbow, which one is the middle?

Ans. Green

Q3. Which city is a Union Territory and also the capital of two Indian states?

Ans. Chandigarh

Q4. Which among the following is the lightest metal?

Ans. Lithium

Q5. Whose face appears on every denomination of Turkish coins?

Ans. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Q6. Who is the author of the book “Punjabi Century”?

Ans. Prakash Tandon

Q7. When did the Great Fire of London take place ?

Ans. 1666

Q8. Which European country is divided into departments?

Ans. France

Q9. Who wrote “Why I am Atheist” in jail?

Ans. Bhagat Singh

Q10. The Longest Dussehra celebration in the world is celebrated over in 75 days in…..?

Ans. Bastar

Here are 20th October 7:00 P.M. Questions and Answer:-

Q1. What was Kanyakumari known as during the British Rule ?

Ans. Cape Comorin

Q2. What was the name of 2nd Harry Potter Book ?

Ans. The Chamber of Secrets

Q3. Which of the following world is correctly spelled ?

Ans. Dictionary

Q4. What is the capital of Lakshadweep ?

Ans. Kavaratti

Q5. Which of the following is known as Ramanuja’s Number ?

Ans. 1729

Q6. Who was the 1st Recipient of the ‘Padma Vibhushan’ ?

Ans. Satyendra Nath Bose

Q7. What does ‘D’ stand for in the Global Network UNDP ?

Ans. Development

Q8. Who is the oldest goal Keeper to play in a Football World Cup ?

Ans. El Hadary

Q9. In Which of these fields is the ‘Borlaug Award’ given ?

Ans. Agriculture

Q10. Which Festival is called the ‘Month of Merits’ ?

Ans. Saga Dawa

Here are 20th October 11:00 A.M. Questions and Answer:-

Q1. In Which City of India National Police Memorial is located ?

Ans. New Delhi

Q2. Who has Developed the Polio Vaccine ?

Ans. Jonas Salk

Q3. Which of the is a type of tooth present in the human body ?

Ans. Wisdom

Q4. I’m loving it, is the tagline of which food chain company?

Ans. Mc Donald

Q5. Which of the Following award was conferred on Mrs. Kiran Bedi ?

Ans. Magsaysay

Q6. Which capital city is nearest to the line of equator ?

Ans. Quito

Q7. Which Soccer World Cup did not have a Final ?

Ans. Brazil 1950

Q8. In Periodic Table, which chemical use the symbol ‘Sb’ ?

Ans. Antimony

Q9. Who is the first wicket Keeper to hit a century in a Test in Australia ?

Ans. Rishabh Pant

Q10. Who is the First Person to complete 100 m event in under 10 Seconds ?

Ans. Jim Hines

Here are 19th October 7:00 P.M. Questions and Answer:-

Q1. In Which Year 1st ever IPL was played?

Ans. 2008

Q2. Where was the first Indian Institute of Management established?

Ans. Calcutta

Q3. Which Metropolitan in South India has the famous landmark Char Minar?

Ans. Hyderabad

Q4. Which among these films is based on real life sportspersons?

Ans. Dangal

Q5. Who is the 1st Indian Woman to win Olympic Medal ?

Ans. Karnam Malleswari

Q6. Who is the youngest CEO in the world?

Ans. Suhash Gopinath

Q7. Who was the most expensive player at the 2015 IPL auction ?

Ans. Yuvraj Singh

Q8.Which is the Second most spoken language of Nepal ?

Ans. Maithili

Q9. Who is the Youngest player to score a century at the World Cup ?

Ans. Paul Stirling

Q10. Where was the BRICKS Summit held in 2014 ?

Ans. Brazil

Here are 17th October 7:00 P.M. Questions and Answer:-

Q1. Song Lyrics from “Kabhi Kabhi……”?

Ans. Khayal aata hai

Q2. Sum of State & UN Territory of India ?


Q3. Which device is available in market capacity such as 8/16 GB etc?

Ans. Pendrive

Q4. In our National Anthem what word follows next: “Punjaba-Sindhu-Gujrata-…..?

Ans. Maratha

Q5. Which member of Ravana Family Allied with Rama and Lakshmana ?

Ans. Vibhishana

Q6. What will you get you add the number here : “Nau Do gyarah Hona” ?

Ans. 22

Q7. Which Company did Kiran Mazumdar Shaw found in 1978 ?

Ans. Biocoin

Q8. Physicst Charles Ritcher’s name is associated with a scale to measure what ?

Ans. Magnitude of earthquake

Q9. Which Player from the 1983 Cricket WC team is the son of Former’s Bihar CM ?

Ans. Kirti Azad

Q10. On which radio channel did the show Binacca Geetmala run from 1952-1988 ?

Ans. Radio Ceylon

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