Tropicana Orange Juice Spray Bottle : Tropicana Mimosa Maker Explained

Tropicana Orange Juice Spray Bottle : Tropicana will be releasing a spray bottle of their infamous juice that is perfectly designed for mimosas.

For those of us who struggle to pour the perfect champagne-to-orange juice ratio, do not fret, as our prayers have been answered to make the ideal brew.

This innovative little spray bottle spritzes just the right amount of orange juice into your glass without making an entire mess and getting sticky.

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Topicana Mimosa Maker
Topicana Mimosa Maker

The ‘ultimate OJ diffuser’ has three settings: whisper, spritz and shower, so you can custom make your drink any way you like.

Additionally, the OJ spray bottle comes with a bottle of Tropicana Pure Premium Original orange juice, two Champagne flutes and two Tropicana red-and-white striped straws to kick-start the party.

Tropicana Mimosa Maker

It is absolutely great idea they came out with. After tweeting about launch of Tropicana Mimosa Maker, Netizen shared their hilarious opinions via twitter. You can enjoy few of them here as well.

I mean, come on, these guys really do think of everything.

“Whether you enjoy a shower of fresh juice or just a whisper of citrus, now you can sip your sunshine your way,” the brand said in a release.

“Tropicana recognises there may never be a one-size-fits-all approach to the perfect mimosa.

“Perfect mimosas are just a spray away.”

Look, we never thought the words ‘spray’ and ‘mimosa’ would be used in the same sentence, but we’re here for this ground-breaking design. Just add talented mixologist to the resume.

The company said: “Tropicana recognises there may never be a one-size-fits-all approach to the perfect mimosa.”

They continued: “What we do know for sure is that the perfect mimosa includes Tropicana orange juice.”

Of course, once news broke that Tropicana’s OJ diffuser would be released later this month, the internet was drooling over it as one person tweeted: “the perfect Christmas present doesn’t exi…”

Another said: “This is everything.”

A third commented: “Finally! Lol.”

While another shared: “I didn’t know I needed this. Maybe I do.”

Just don’t keep it near your Windex, people.

With summer right around the corner, make sure you head to the Tropicana website to purchase one of these bad boys to enjoy a crisp glass of bubbles and sweet citrus of mimosa spray bottle.

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