If you use WhatsApp then read this news


If you use WhatsApp then read this news. If you too use WhatsApp too, then you must read this news. Recently a report has been presented which will shock you completely. It has been reported in this report that all data for WhatsApp claims end-to-end encryption is in the government’s reach. That is, the app’s policy is very weak to protect the user’s privacy from the government.
Despite the adoption of end-to-end encryption by Billionaire for hundreds of millions of users around the world. Instant Messaging app policies are so weak that they can not save the privacy of their users. This is said in the new report of the Digital Rights Group.

If you use WhatsApp then read this news5If you use WhatsApp then read this news

The annual ripper titled ‘Who is behind you’ of the Electronic Frontier Foundation said that even Apple. Facebook and Google can stand up to the privacy of their users. It has reported in the report that the WhatsAap clearly does not make it clear that it prevents the access of third parties to the statistics of its users. nor does it say that for the purposes of the Monitoring of Whatsapp app user data for third parties. The electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is investigating many technology companies. In this age of unprecedented surveillance that they What to say about Customers policy.

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