Play Vedantu V Quiz Answers Today 2022, KBC Update, Win ₹20000

Play Vedantu V Quiz Answers Today 2022, KBC Update | Win ₹20000. Vedantu V Quiz, vQuiz Vedantu V Quiz Answers, Vedantu Refer Earn Free PayTM Cash, Vedantu Referral Code. The Ultimate IPL Quiz is currently active.

Recently Vedantu has other Quizzes like Fasttrack Sports Quiz, The Big Food Quiz, Ultimate Science Quiz, Harry Potter House Quiz, Wonders of World, KBC Quiz, vedantu menti quiz neet, vedantu cricket quiz, vedantu gk quiz, vedantu young wonders quiz.

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Vedantu Students Special VQuiz

Quiz NameSpecial Live V Quiz
Quiz TimeEvery Day at 7 pm
Quiz PrizeRs 20000
Lucky WinnersBased on Candidates giving all Correct Answer

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1. First of All Download Vedantu App from

2. Open App and Sign Up Using your PayTM Registered Mobile Number

3. Allow all other Permissions and Enter Your Basic Details Regarding your Studies and Select any Courses like NEET or JEE From CBSE.

4. Move to Dashboard and Go to Play Option From Bottom Tab.

5. Now You can See that, Vedantu V Quiz will be held at 7:00 PM Everyday

6. Go to this Page Before 5 to 10 Minutes and Tap on Join the Game Option.

7. You will be asked 10 Questions in Quiz and you will get 10 Seconds Each to Give Answers.

8. You will Get Very Simple Question Based on Quiz Category Mentioned Above Prize Money.

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Vedantu Quiz Answers Today | Vedantu Quiz Qnswers Hack :

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Vedantu V Quiz Answers Today-

Latest Vedantu January 2021 Questions and Answers 7:00 PM :-

Vedantu Celebrate Christmas Eve Quiz 24 December Questions and Answers 7:00 PM :-

Que. What day of the year is Christmas Day in 2020?

Ans. Friday

Que. What is “roasting on an open fire” in the famous Christmas song?

Ans. Chestnuts

Que. In which modern day country was St. Nicholas born in?

Ans. Turkey

Que. When do the 12 days of Christmas start?

Ans. Christmas Day

Que. Which among the following is a 2D animated Christmas comedy film?

Ans. Klaus

Que. In which book of the bible will you find the story of the tower of babel?

Ans. Genesis

Que. There are 365 days in a year what manner days is Christmas day?

Ans. 359

Que. What do you day father Christmas in French?

Ans. Pere Noel

Que. When was Clément’s poem “The night before Christmas” 1st published?

Ans. 1823

Que. Who did the German Nazi regime replace Santa Claus/ St. Nick with?

Ans. Odin

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Vedantu Special Science Quiz 23 December Questions and Answers 7:00 PM :-

Que. Which is a method to prevent rust?

Ans. Galvanisation

Que. Which of the is a chemical change?

Ans. Burning of fuels

Que. Which among the following is a non-renewal source of energy?

Ans. Natural Gas

Que. In which organism flame cells form the excretory system?

Ans. Flatworms

Que. Response of plant roots towards water is called:

Ans. Hydrotropism

Que. Which plant hormone promotes cell division?

Ans. Cytokinin

Que. Which of the following helps in the curling of the leaf surface?

Ans. Bulliform Cells

Que. Which ration is generally constant for a given species?

Ans. G + C/A + T

Que. What is the weight of Sulphur present in 1.5 moles of hydrogen Sulphide?

Ans. 48 grams

Que. Chloroform reacts with oxygen in the presence of light to give:

Ans. Carbonyl Chloride

Vedantu Ultimate Mathematics Quiz 22 December Questions and Answers 7:00 PM :-

Q. How many sides does a decagon have?

Ans. 10

Q. Which is the biggest number you can make with the digits 4,6,7,2,9?

Ans. 97642

Q. When was genius Srivnivasa Ramanujan born in Tamilnadu?

Ans. 22 Dec 1887

Q. Which Indian monument is a great example of line of symmetry?

Ans. Taj Mahal

Q. How do you write the following number in Roman Numerals: 47?


Q. How many zeroes are in a googol?

Ans. 100

Q. In a code language HAT is 29 then CAT is _

Ans. 24

Q. Which mathematician has not won The Abel Prize till date?

Ans. John Carleson

Q. Multiplying 21978 by what number gives you 21978 in reverse?

Ans. 4

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Vedantu Fastrack GK Quiz 20 December Questions and Answers 7:00 PM :-

Q1. Who is the captain of England Cricket Team (ODI) ?

Ans. Eoin Morgan

Q2. In which state the famous Meenakshi Temple is located?

Ans. Tamil Nadu

Q3. In which sport, the Famous Italian sportsperson Paolo Rossi belongs to ?

Ans. Football

Q4. What is the capital of Cyprus ?

Ans. Nicosia

Q5. Who is the current chairman of World Economic Forum ?

Ans. Klaus Schwab

Q6. In 2019, what was N. Sitharaman’s rank in Forbes 100 Influential Women list ?

Ans. 34

Q7. Which event will make its debut at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris ?

Ans. Breakdancing

Q8. Which Supreme Court judge has been the Chief Justice of Madras High Court ?

Ans. Indira Banerjee

Q9. Who among the 3 is nominated for the Best FIFA Women’s Goalkeeper 2020 ?

Ans. Alyssa Naeher

Q10. Which poem collection won the Grace Leven Prize in 1958 ?

Ans. Antipodes in Shoes

Vedantu Ultimate SpaceX Quiz 19 December Questions and Answers 7:00 PM :-

Q1. Which of these words does not feature in the full-form of NASA?

Ans. Asteroid

Q2. Along with Armstrong, who else was on the Apollo-11 mission?

Ans. Michael Collins

Q3. How many times was Apollo 12 struck by lightning?

Ans. 2 times

Q4. Which space the shuttle accumulated the most career miles?

Ans. Discovery

Q5. What U.S. president announced the development of the space shuttle?

Ans. Richard M. Nixon

Q6. How many space shuttles have been destroyed on mission?

Ans. 2

Q7. What was the name of the 1st Space Shuttle Orbiter?

Ans. Enterprise

Q8. What computer systems did the first space shuttles use?

Ans. IBM 4 Pi AP-101

Q9. On April 12, 1981, which pilot was on board STS-1?

Ans. Robert Crippen

Q10. Which space shuttle was a part of 23rd shuttle mission to the orbiting lab?

Ans. STS-120

Vedantu Special Trail Mail Quiz 17 December Questions and Answers 7:00 PM :-

Q1. Who built Taj Mahal, an ivory-white marble mausoleum?

Ans. Shah Jahan

Q2. Who among these is the son of Shah Jahan, the fifth Mughal emperor?

Ans. Aurangzeb

Q3. Which tomb was commissioned in 1660 by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb?

Ans. Bibi ka Maqbara

Q4. Out of the 52 big gates in Aurangabad, which is the biggest?

Ans. Bhadkal Gate

Q5. Which port is a part of Maharashtra (West Coast)?

Ans. Bharuch

Q6. Apart From Bharuch, where can you find Swaminarayan Temple?

Ans. Nairobi

Q7. Like matatus in Nairobi, Jeepney can be found in which city?

Ans. Philippines

Q8. Which festival is held annually on 19 October in the “City of Smiles”?

Ans. MassKara

Q9. Declared as a city in 1938, when did the Japanese forces occupied Bacolod?

Ans. 1942

Q10. Who received the “Green Light Letter” from Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

Ans. Landis

Vedantu Ultimate G.K. Quiz Challenge 16 December Questions and Answers 7:00 PM :-

Q1. Which place among these is not in India?

Ans. Dhaka

Q2. Can you find the odd man out?

Ans. Albert Einstein

Q3. Who is the Captain of Indian Cricket Team?

Ans. Virat Kohli

Q4. When is Vijay Diwas Commemorated every year in India?

Ans. 16th December

Q5. Which is the 2nd country to unfurl the National flag on the moon surface?

Ans. China

Q6. Which country is declared as the host of 2023 Indian Island Games?

Ans. Madagascar

Q7. _______has been selected as ‘Top Word of 2020’, by Merriam-Webster

Ans. Pandemic

Q8. In the Sakhir grand Prix, which racer secured 15th position?

Ans. Lando Norris

Q9. Which Japanese Spacecraft recently landed in the remote Australian outback?

Ans. Hayabusa-2

Q10. Who won the silver medal in World Table Tennis Championship 1996?

Ans. Astrid Krebsbach

Vedantu Guess The Country Border Quiz 14 December Questions and Answers 7:00 PM :-

Q1. Which country does not share its border with India?

Ans. Australia

Q2. What’s the land border Afghanistan and Pakistan called?

Ans. Durand Line

Q3. Which country has the longest coastline in the world?

Ans. Canada

Q4. Which country has the most neighboring nations along its borders?

Ans. China

Q5. Bir Tawil, an unclaimed land area lies on the border of which 2 nations?

Ans. Egypt and Sudan

Q6. Which of these countries is not double land-locked?

Ans. Albania

Q7. Which state of India shares the maximum boundary length with China?

Ans. Arunachal Pradesh

Q8. With a total height of 82m, lguazu Falls partially sit along the border of

Ans. Argentina & Brazil

Q9. Among 80% of the world’s enclaves, how many India enclaves are within Bangladesh?

Ans. 111

Q10. Which Chinese province does not share border with Sichuan?

Ans. Hebei

Vedantu Mind-boggling GK Quiz 13 December Questions and Answers 7:00 PM :-

Q1. What is the national animal of India?

Ans. Tiger

Q2. What is the capital of Portugal?

Ans. Lisbon

Q3. How many stripes are there in the US flag?

Ans. 13

Q4. Which artist pained the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome?

Ans. Michelangelo

Q5. How many keys does a classic piano have?

Ans. 88

Q6. What was the clothing company Nike originally called?

Ans. Blue Ribbon Sports?

Q7. What’s the first name of the doctor who invented the Heimlich manoeure?

Ans. Henry

Q8. Who won the Formula One World Championship less than 3 times?

Ans. John Surtees

Q9. Who among these has never been a player of England cricket team?

Ans. Dave Gregory

Q10. Who won BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award twice?

Ans. Henry Cooper (ENG)

Vedantu Celebrate UNICEF Day Quiz 11 December Questions and Answers 7:00 PM :-

Q1. Which of these words does not feature in the full-form of UNICEF?

Ans. National

Q2. When do we celebrate ‘International UNICEF Day’ every year?

Ans. Dec 11

Q3. What’s celebrated on 20 November every year?

Ans. Universal Children’s Day

Q4. When did UNICEF receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

Ans. 26 October 1965

Q5. Who is regarded as the founder of UNICEF?

Ans. Ludwik Rajchman

Q6. Which famous football player is a Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF?

Ans. Lionel Messi

Q7. In how many countries the United National agency, UNICEF is present?

Ans. 190

Q8. Which fund raising program for children was sponsored by USA for UNICEF?

Ans. Trick-or-Treat

Q9. How many countries are home to UNICEF Regional Offices?

Ans. 7

Q10. Who did set up an org called ‘Save the Children’ to send relief to children?

Ans. Eglantyne Jebb

Vedantu The Iconic Sculpture Quiz 26 November Questions and Answers 7:00 PM :-

Q1. Which 14 feet tall statue was carved by famous Artist Michelangelo?

Ans. David

Q2. Which Tomb was commissioned by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb?

Ans. Bibi ka Maqbara

Q3. What is the name of Sculpture in KwaZulu Natal That honors Nelson Mandela?

Ans. The Freedom of Howick

Q4. Often compared with the Buckingham Palace, who designed the Mysore Palace?

Ans. Henry Irwin

Q5. Who made a famous Bronze Statue of five-time Ballon d’or winner?

Ans. Emanuel Santos

Q6. Where should you go to see the 148 tall ‘Virgen del Socavon’ ?

Ans. Bolivia

Q7. Can you select the area that’s home to “Garuda the Wisnu Kencana” ?

Ans. Indonesia

Q8. Which among the following Statue was crafted by a Danish-Islandic Sculptor?

Ans. Little Mermaid

Q9. Which 300-Hectare site was added to the world Heritage list in 1998 by UNESCO?

Ans. The Summer Palace

Q10. _ was designed by a 1947 born architect but built by a North Korean Company?

Ans. African Renaissance

UPDATE: Vedantu V Quiz is Started Again. You can continue checking this article for New vQuiz Updates.

Vedantu Fantastic 10 GK Quiz 5 November Questions and Answers 7:00 PM :-

Q1. What is Jantar Mantar ?

Ans. Astronomical Observatory

Q2. Who was the captain of Italy in FIFA 2014 ?

Ans. Leonardo Bonucci

Q3. Which planet has the most moons ?

Ans. Saturn

Q4. Which city is called the ‘White City’ of Rajasthan ?

Ans. Udaipur

Q5. Who is the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh ?

Ans. Pema Khandu

Q6. What’s the square of 105 ?

Ans. 11025

Q7. What was Snapchat originally called ?

Ans. Picaboo

Q8. Which was the first fort constructed by the British in India ?

Ans. Fort St. George

Q9. When was the first World Hindi Day celebrated ?

Ans. 2006

Q10. Since 26 Jan 1950, how many people has served as the Chief Justice of India ?

Ans. 47

Vedantu KBC Quiz Update –

(Exclusive) Vedantu KBC Quiz UPDATE :- The Quiz has been finished and There are 1,000 winners Selected in the Quiz. The Winner Details are confidential. If You are selected in the list. you will soon receive a Call from KBC Team. Vedantu has sent all details of selected students to KBC Team.

What’s Next for KBC Quiz Winner:- All the 1000 winners will be called by KBC Team and a Online Test will be organized. Then out of 1000 winners. Best 10 winners will be selected. These 10 winners will be called for KBC Fastest Finger First. This Vedantu KBC Show will be telecasted on Sony TV in December 2020. For more information Please Visit This article again.

Vedantu is giving you once in a life time Opportunity to be own KBC hot-seat! Impossible is nothing, If you try hard Every day increase your chance to reach KBC. Play VQuiz without fail. 

Live online learning platform Vedantu announced its collaboration with India’s popular game show, Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC), as the “co-powered by” sponsor for its on-going 12th season. Vedantu will provide a platform for students to get closer to the hot seat.

The live quiz will be hosted for children between the age of 10-16 years to participate in KBC as well as test their knowledge in a fun and engaging manner.

Answer on Vedantu App at 11 am & 7 pm daily from 5th to 25th October 2020.

Here are 25 October 07:00 P.M. Questions and Answer:-

Booster:- Grand Piano panel has 3 foot operated peddles on the base of which changes the instrument sound in various ways

Q1. Which among the following animal can sleep for 3 years ?

Ans. Snails

Q2. Which bone protect our brain ?

Ans. Skull

Q3. How many peddles does a Grand Piano have ?

Ans. 3

Q4. Who was the 1st Indian director of the IISc Bangalore ?

Ans. CV Raman

Q5. Which female singer is called the “Nightingale of India” ?

Ans. Lata Mangeshkar

Q6. Which planet has the most volcanos ?

Ans. Venus

Q7. Which one is the only movable bone in human skull ?

Ans. Mandible

Q8. Who was the only player from Jammu and Kashmir in IPL 2020 ?

Ans. Abdul Samad

Q9. Which of these was called “Food of the Gods” in ancient India?

Ans. Yogurt

Q10. Who honored with Asia Game Changer Award 2020 and only Indian among six honorees?

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