Latest Virat Kohli Hairstyle, Beard Style

Today, we will talk about Virat Kohli Hairstyle, and beard style. Kohli looks very handsome in own hair style and beard style. Virat Kohli’s beard is very charm and dashing. Hair Style is one the most important part of one’s personality.

Virat Kohli being a glamourous star never take a step back when it comes to Fashion. He always seen inspiring youth with latest hairstyle and Tattoo. He is very fond of different beard style. There are rarely times when you have seen him without beard. So, Lets take a look at different Hair cuts and beard styles which accompany Virat’s Look.

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Latest Virat Kohli Hairstyle, Beard style
Latest Virat Kohli Hairstyle, Beard style


Virat’s beard is immaculately trimmed with sharp cuts that give his face more definition. The thick and medium sides quiff hairstyle of the Indian cricketer is surely a trendsetter. Virat Kohli used to be spotted with a fade hairstyle with sparks.

TopicLatest Virat Kohli Hairstyle, Beard style
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Virat Kohli Hairstyle

Pompadour, His pompadour hair went from short at sides and bottom, and long at the top. Virat Kohli just loves the mid high fade hair. Virat Kohli have many hair styles. In the initial days, Kohli was seen with a fade hairstyle with spikes

Virat Kohli Beard Style

6 Beard style of Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli.

The Classic stubble:- It looks the short spiked hairstyle which perfectly complements the simple beard. This beard style is simple as a classical boy. The classic beard is a classic beard style and the classic way. A full beard has a very distinct shape.

Full Moustache & Beard:- Virat Kohli’s full moustache give a look and notice now much finesse it has. Full Moustache beard is very good looking on face. The moustache is a bold style statement in its own right.

Trimmed Sidelines:- While we have usually seen him in full fledged facial hair. However, there have also been times when he has taken it a notch higher and experimented with versatile beard style. The French beard style, Dense around the chin and the moustache area with trimmed sidelines. This one is classy.

Light Goatee:- For a smart professional look, A light goatee, when accompanied by the right hairstyle, can definitely go a long way.

Light Faded Beard:- Virat clearly knows that with his face shape. He can sport any beard style. Be it a rugged, unkempt beard or a Simple one. A beard fade is the same idea as the fade on your head, just, you know, on your face. It’s a gentle blending of longer to shorter hair to create a smooth graduation of length.

Full Goatee with Detached Moustache:- The Cricketer was also acing the faded hairstyle, sometimes with a full goatee. he also tried a detached moustache, to add a bit of charm to it and may we say, it looked Totally on point.

Virat Kohli Hair Cut

7 Hair style of Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli

Fauxhawk hair cut:- The sides and a little part of the hair in the middle head are hashed. The hair remains in a line in the center portion of the head. 

Side slick back hairstyle:- Everybody loves and remembers Kohli in the Manyavar Advertisement. It’s one of the most loved Virat Kohli haircuts. For this one need to have enough hair on the head to scoop it up and slick it back.

Low fade with tall thick spiky hair cut:- This haircut is very similar to the fade haircut. In this haircuts, the side are kept short while the middle of the head has longer hair. It is one of the most liked haircut.

Super short Crop hair cut:- Short crop is undoubtedly the most stylish haircut for short hair. It is different from other haircuts. The hair in the top is slightly spiked while the sides are very short.

Thick quiff with thick beard haircut:- In this haircut, the hair is short throughout except on the top. the part longer hair is then gelled and spiked up complete this looks.

Side part undercut haircut:- Side part undercut haircut is the crowd’s favourite. This haircut look pretty cool on an average Indian male. The side are cut short while the middle is side parted.

Taper fade haircut:- In this look, the undercut buzzes all the sides and trims the hair in the same length. After that the undercut fade Tapers the cut and blends the entire look. it is one of the most liked hair cuts for men.

Virat Kohli New Hair Style

Virat have many hair styles. Kohli took to Instagram to unveil his first haircut of 2020. After returning to India ahead of the series against Sri Lanka, Kohli visited hairstylist Aalim Hakim’s salon for a new haircut, but people on social media weren’t very impressed by it.

Virat Kohli Without Beard

Virat Kohli looks great with or without a beard. Before his amazing transformation, Virat Kohli did sport a non-bearded look and he looked dashing even without it. However, after getting in shape and working hard to get that sharp jawline.

The cricketer has always sported a beard and if not a full-grown one, he at least has a stubble beard which makes him look really hot. For a fresh look during the quarantine, Kohli trimmed his beard and went for a French beard with a little stubble.

Kohli Hairstyle Name

There are many hair style of Virat Kohli. Given below a list of hair style.

  • Fauxhawk hairstyle
  • Side slick back hairstyle
  • Low fade with tall thick spiky hairstyle
  • Super short crop hairstyle
  • Thick quiff with thick beard hairstyle
  • Side part undercut hairstyle
  • Taper fade hairstyle

Virat Kohli Beard Style Name

There are many beard style of Virat Kohli. Given below a list of beard style.

  • The classic stubble
  • Full moustache and beard
  • Trimmed sidelines
  • Light goatee
  • Light faded Beard
  • Full goatee with detached moustache

Virat Kohli Hair Transplant

Hair transplant surgery is a procedure used to treat hair loss. A change in his hairline! Yes, Virat had been experiencing a receding hairline and like every other celebrities in the business, he probably decided to go incognito to get his hair transplant procedure done.


Hello friends, If you like this post. This post is about Virat’s hair cut and beard style. And many peoples want his beard like Virat Kohli. So, read this post and Don’t forget share this post to his friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Que. What is Virat hairstyle called?

Ans. Pompadour, His pompadour hair went from short at sides and bottom, and long at the top.

Que. What is taper fade hair cut?

Ans. A taper fade haircut features hair that gradually changes from long to short, with a fade down the skin.

Que. What is faded undercut?

Ans. The undercut fade haircut is awesome haircut when the long hair on the top of the head (the undercut) layers over the faded sides of the head.

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