All Whatsapp Mods by HeyMods November 2022, GB Whatsapp, Yo Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, Unclone, Hey Mods

All Whatsapp Mods by HeyMods November 2022

Hey mods whatsapp plus is famous version of yo whatsapp plus mod apk. Here is update of gb whatsapp. We will provide heymods whatsapp plus 2022 developed by heymods team whatsapp plus heymods com whatsapp plus are much similar to heymods yo whatsapp.

The only difference is package name. gbwhatsapp heymods atualizado 2022 has gbwhatsapp heymods theme which is good. whatsapp plus heymods atualizar and heymods whatsapp unclone hey is also available to download below.

Hey Everyone, We are here with a new Latest article of Whatsapp Mods. In this article You will know about a New Whatsapp Modding Team known as Hey Mods. So let us read what they do in their development of Whatsapp. You will get Universal WhatsApp Mods by HEYMODS.

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Who is HeyMods ?

Provide Best & Latest WhatsApp Mods Like GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus by HeyMods Team. HeyMods Team is a mod-lover team, we wanna make Whatsapp better, just like FM , Yo , GB or Coocoo did, however, GBWhatsApp is no longer being maintained.

HeyMods Team pay tribute to the developer of GBWhatsApp, who built the fantastic mods and inspired the us, to build the new version of GBWhatsApp and extend the life of GBWhatsApp.

Hey Mods are re-thinking mod features and continue bringing the latest WhatsApp base and features for the Whatsapp Mod users by providing Universal WhatsApp Mods by HEYMODS.

For New Updates :


Note:- All Packages are With different Name & Package Name but have same features and Size. You can install all to run multiple Number of WhatsApp in a single Phone.

HeyMods WhatsApp Latest Version November 2022:-

APK NameGBWhatsApp , YoWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, Unclone Whatsapp
APK versionLatest
Last Updated On26 November 2022
WhatsApp BaseLatest Updated Version
Required Android4.4+

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Download HeyMods Whatsapp 2022 Mods Below:-

Updated GbWhatsApp By HeyMods ANTI-BAN Download

com.gbwhatsapp Download Link: Discontinued (Use FM Mods)
GbWhatsApp Uncloner : Discontinued (Use FM or Fouad Mods)

WhatsApp Plus By HeyMods ANTI-BAN download

com.whatsapp Download Link :

HeyWhatsApp By HeyMods ANTI-BAN download

com.heymods Download Link :
HeyWhatsApp Unlconer :

Latest YoWhatsApp By HeyMods ANTI-BAN Download

com.yowhatsapp Download Link :
Yo WhatsApp Unlconer :

How To Install Hey mods Whatsapp?

Just install any version of above apk as you install other apk and use it like Normal Whatsapp.

What is Whatsapp Unclone or Uncloner ?

If You wish to use com.whatsapp package name or want to replace original WhatsApp you can use uncloner Version on any Yo,GB,HeyWhatsapp.

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Whatsapp HeyMods Version History:-

  • ????  What’s new in v14.02.0

????  Release Date : 18 / January / 2021
????️  Base: (Google Play)
???? Size : 41.8 MB
???? [Base] Update WhatsApp Base to
???? [Enabled] Disappearing Messages
???? [Added] Unlimited conversation pins (Home Screen Settings)
???? [Fixed] Dark mode color in back page
???? [Fixed] Some Crash

  • ????  What’s new in v13.32.2

????  Release Date : 18 / December / 2020
????️  Base: (Google Play)
???? Size : 39.1 MB
???? [Added] Added New Dynamic Themes
???? [Added] Unlimited Pin
???? [Added] Option to disable self destructive message in settings
???? [Optimized] APK size reduced ~6%
???? [Optimized] Update success rate
???? [Fixed] Dark mode for setting page
???? [Fixed] Crash while reading status
???? [Fixed] Update dialog bug
???? [Fixed] Minor bugs

  • ????  What’s new in v13.20.0

????  Release Date : 2 / December / 2020
????️  Base: (Google Play)
???? Size : 41.4 MB
???? [Added] Added New Dynamic Themes
???? [Added] Smart Update : Save internet traffic while update
???? [Added] More interesting status (Brazil Only)
???? [Fixed] Crash bugs fixing

  • ????  What’s new in v13.10.2

????  Release Date : 24 / November / 2020
????️  Base: (Google Play)
???? Size : 41.4 MB
???? [Added] Added New Dynamic Themes
???? [Added] Message Scheduler
???? [Fixed] Fixed emoji missing issues
???? [Fixed] Irregular incorrect theme color
???? [Fixed] Fixed background of Hide Chats page
???? [Fixed] Dark mode / light mode settings

  • ????  What’s new in v12.11.0

????  Release Date : 14 / October / 2020

????️  Base: (Google Play)
???? Size : 43.1 MB
???? [Perf] REDUCE ~60% APP LAUNCH TIME !
???? [Added] Custom launcher icon
???? [Added] Optimize theme store
???? [Added] Translation Feature (Please install plugin)
???? [Fixed] Fixed cannot send location link
???? [Fixed] Samsung J series launch crashes
???? [Fixed] Fix crashes

  • ????  What’s new in v12.00.5

????  Release Date : 17 / September / 2020

????️  Base: (Google Play)
???? Size : 42.4 MB
???? [Update] Update WhatsApp Base to
???? [Added] GB Unclone / YO Unclone (com.whastapp)
???? [Added] HeyWhatsApp (com.heywhatsapp)
???? [Added] Optimized APK size
???? [Added] Incorrect theme layout
???? [Added] Fix crashes

  • ????  What’s new in v11.20.3
    ????  Release Date : 14/September/2020 ????️  Base: 2.20.189 (Google Play) ????Size : 41.6 MB

    ???? Added] Download Profile Picture
    ???? Added] Show ‘@’ in converstiaon while you are mentioned
    ???? Added] User online history
    ???? Fixed] Update Protouguese Language (thanks J.D.M)
    ???? Fixed] App update mechnism
    ???? Added] Fix crashes
    ???? Added] Fix tick color
    ???? Added] Text color in Hide Chat

  • ????  What’s new in v11.10.1
    ????  Release Date : 14/August/2020 ????️  Base: 2.20.189 (Google Play) ???? Size : 41.5 MB

    ???? Added] Home Page Header Style (in DIY Theme)
    ???? Added] Home Page Bottom Style (in DIY Theme)
    ???? Added] Chat Head Message Beta (Settings > Universal Settings > Others)
    ???? Added] Online Status
    ???? Added] Separate Chats / Groups (Settings > Home Screen)
    ???? Added] Use my name as home Head (Settings > Home Screen)
    ???? Added] Dark mode shortcut
    ???? Added] Icon for Anti-delete messages
    ???? Added] More Status options (Settings > Universal Settings > Status)
    ???? Fixed] Who can call me
    ???? Fixed] Online Toast
    ???? Fixed] APK Size
    ???? Fixed] Dark theme in Android 10
    ???? Fixed] Incorrect Theme color

  • ????  What’s new in v10.50.0 / GBWhatsApp v10.43.5
    ????  Release Date : 7/August/2020 ????️  Base: 2.20.189 (Google Play) ???? [Base] New Base Upgraded to 2.20.189

    ???? Size : 43.3 MB
    ???? [Added] Emoji Variants
    ???? [Added] More Languages Supported:Arabic、русский язык、Türkçe、اُردُو
    ???? [Fixed] Dark mode in Android 10
    ???? [Fixed] Optimized APK size
    ???? [Fixed] Restart App Failed in some devices
    ???? [Fixed] Video Call Crash
    ???? [Fixed] Quick Reply in Video Call Crash
    ???? [Fixed] Hide Chats Notification Crash
    ???? [Fixed] Banned Issues

  • ????  What’s new in v9.90.0 / GBWhatsApp v10.42.0

    ????  Release Date : 14/Jun/2020

    ????️  Base: 2.20.140 (Google Play) ???? [Added] Hide Chats (click WhatsApp to enter)

    ???? [Added] Add Restart WhatsApp to menu
    ???? [Added] About Page
    ???? [Fixed] Remove annoying theme images in gallery
    ???? [Fixed] Multiple Crash Fixed
    ???? [Fixed] Fixed bugs in Arabic lang
    ???? [Fixed] Some UI issues

  • ????  What’s new in v9.80.0 / GBWhatsApp v10.41.0
    ????  Release Date : 4/Jun/2020
    ????️  Base: 2.20.140 (Google Play)

    ????  [Added] DND Mode ! Do Not Disturb Mode

    ????  [Added] Animated Gif2Sticker ! Now you are having unlimited animated sticker database !!
    ????  [Added] Enhanced theme preview
    ????  [Added] Forward mesaage upto 300 conversations
    ????  [Added] Description in settings
    ????  [Fixed] Online toast is now showing contact name instead of a number
    ????  [Fixed] Split status issue
    ????  [Fixed] Fixed crashes
    ????  [Fixed] Some UI issues

  • ???? What’s new in v9.70.1 / GBWhatsApp v10.40.1
    ???? Release Date : 27/May/2020 ????️ Base: 2.20.140 (Google Play) ???? Locate your friend, find out where your friend is by sending a link

    ???? Fixed chats / status error on Android 10
    ???? Fixed cannot download themes
    ???? Fixed crashes
    ???? Fixed some ui issues

  • ???? What’s new in v9.60
    ???? Release Date : 18/May/2020 ????️ Base: 2.20.140 (Google Play) ???? 8 people video chat

    ???? Real-time stickers and filter effects in video calls
    ???? Fixed Dark themes
    ???? Fixed Some ui bugs

  • ???? What’s new in v9.50
    ???? Release Date : 29/Apr/2020 ????️ Base: Updated to 2.20.47

    ???? Message a number directly without adding contact
    ???? Send photo in best qaulity (upto 100M pixels)
    ???? Increase send media / status MB limit
    ???? Send a super long (5-minute) status
    ???? Send media as many as you want
    ???? Send status in high quality
    ???? Fixed some crashes

  • ???? What’s new in v9.40

    ???? Release Date : 20/Apr/2020

    ????️ Base: Updated to 2.20.47

    ???? Fixed some crashes
    ???? Optimized the bubble style
    ???? Fixed the issue of the distance between bubbles
    ???? Fixed the problem of bubbles displaying pictures
    ???? Fixed the problem of incorrect color of bubble text
    ???? Fixed the status download problem
    ???? Fixed the style of unread message bubble on home page
    ???? Fixed the problem that the wrong home page slide color
    ???? Fixed the problem of importing yo theme
    ???? Fixed the problem of chat background being compressed
    ???? Optimized the size of the installation package

  • ???? What’s new in v9.30
    ???? Release Date : 8/Apr/2020 ????️ Base: Updated to 2.20.47

    ???? One-Click to create a new group chat, on home interface or while you are chatting with your friend you can easily pull a new group chat.
    ???? Translate function, translate the selected chat text into the current language of your mobile operating system.
    ???? FIXED the bug while restoring chat history
    ???? FIXED some UI details

  • ???? What’s new in v9.20
    ???? Release Date : 28/Mar/2020
    ????️ Base: Updated to 2.20.47

    ???? Dynamic sticker enabled (Open the app after the update, Wait for
    a while & Force back and the dynamic sticker function will be
    ???? Dark mode available
    ???? Customize your caller ID exclusively
    ???? Video call with beauty effect

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GB Whatsapp Heymods FAQs:-

1. Where to get Latest Version of Hey Mods WhatsApp?
You can check this article of our NAYAG website for latest version with most advanced features.

2. Is Heymods GB Whatsapp Free ?
Yes, it is completely free. Thanks to developers to make this happen.

3. Which Whatsapp is best and have Most Features out of all available Mods ?
Whatsapp by Heymods and Fouds Mods has most Features. You can check Fouad Mods from Link below Table.

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