Who does Sophie end up with in School for Good and Evil ?

Who does Sophie end up with in School for Good and Evil : Netflix Fantasy movie The School for Good and Evil is creating buzz all over the internet. The popular characters in the film are also creating a lot of curiosity in mind of audience. One Such question is “Who does Sophie end up ?”

What happens in the end of the story. The movies left so many questions unanswered creating trouble for the viewers. But don’t worry we are going to decode everything this article about this end up problem. So, just keep scrolling.

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Who Does Sophie end up with
Who Does Sophie end up with

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Who Does Sophie end up with in School for Good and Evil ?

Sophie and Agatha are in uproar after being sent to the wrong schools and complain to the School Master (Laurence Fishburne), who reassures them that no mistakes have been made and that if Sophie is truly good, she must have a true love’s kiss, something a villain never usually achieves.

They work together to find Sophie’s Prince Charming while learning at their respective schools, where they also get glimpses of the evil villain Rafal (Kit Young) who has a plan for Sophie’s newfound powers.

After believing that Agatha betrayed her in the Trial by Tale, Sophie embraces her villainous side thanks to Rafal’s brainwashing and she accepts his blood magic to become truly Evil.

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They join forces to destroy the schools and Sophie eventually transforms into a witch. 

The Evers (Good) go to The School of Evil to destroy Sophie, but as the heroes attack first, the Nevers (Evil) turn into the Good, while the Evers become Evil.

But during the fight between Tedros & Rafal to save Agatha. Sophie get injuries and about to die if something magical is not going to happens.

Luckily, neither Sophie nor Agatha dies in the film, thanks to true love’s kiss. What?! Yes, Agatha kisses Sophie to revive her, proving that a friend’s love is just as powerful, if not more, than the love of a romantic interest. Agatha’s kiss opens a portal back to Gavaldon, so the two friends head home, and Agatha leaves her crush, Tedros, behind.

So, it means the school for good and evil who does Sophie end up with answer is “Her Friend”. Sophie end up with Agatha leaving all evils and finally they return home.


We have you have got some grip over the ending of the story. Actually Netflix ended the movie in very vague manner. The true and complete story can be find the the Book “The School for Good and Evil”.

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There is also one more part of the book but Netflix created whole fantasy on part 1. So, whether it gets The School for Good & Evil second part is a mystery till now. If it get success Netflix may release a second part clearing all the doubts and conspiracy.

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